Are Gaming Chairs Bad For Your Back? – Gaming Chair Posture Guide

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Due to the pandemic, most people work from their homes and spend lots of time on computers. In this matter, the gaming chair plays a very crucial role. People who are using traditional chairs often feel back pain, mood swings, and demotivation. Hence, sitting in an uncomfortable position can affect your overall health and back posture.

So the question arises- are gaming chairs good for your health? Or Are gaming chairs bad for your back? Gaming chairs are really a hot topic among gamers and computer users. They seem classic and trendy but do they really do the job? Let’s dig in and find out the essential information.

What is a Gaming Chair?

A gaming chair is specifically designed for gamers that resembles the racing car-style seat with remarkable inorganic features. It is equipped with a padded backrest, neck pillow, adjustable seat, and adjustable arm sets. It keeps your body in better alignment and boosts energy for commuting.

Are Gaming Chairs Bad For Your Back?

In this pandemic, most people are opting for gaming chairs. You will often see people talking about how they feel lethargic or having headaches or back pain – it is primarily due to the type of traditional chairs they have been using. Hence, a cheap chair leads to poor back posture. Let’s look into it in detail.

Ergonomic Features

Often in an office chair, you will usually find your posture in an awkward position. Why? That’s because office chairs do not contain ergonomic features. While gaming chairs are ergonomic, that means that they include adjustable features that relieve your back posture and allow plenty of movement while you’re sitting.

Padded Cushion and Neck Pillow

The padded cushion in the gaming chair provides additional support to your back, and the neck pillow provides relief to your neck and spinal cord. A good gaming chair keeps your muscles in a place and also boosts your overall energy.

Also, gaming chairs contain durable leather and a cold-forming pad that provides you a comfortable sitting position. It also ensures relaxed hip and spine alignment. That means, even if you sit for a long time, it will ensure good comfort for your back.

The neck pillow of a gaming chair is adjustable. You can adjust it based on your height. Hence, it provides natural support to your back, and it also relaxes your muscles. Moreover, gaming chairs also come with a lumbar support pillow for the lower part of the back. Our back has an inward curve, so often sitting on traditional chairs for hours leads to severe back pain, and you will find yourself in a slouching or leaning position whenever you get tired. In this case, this back pillow reduces back pain and puts less stress on your back.


Gaming chairs are equipped with a backrest to support good posture. Gaming chairs contain a high back that ideally provides good support to your back, neck, and shoulder. Compared to that, cheap chairs will lead to shoulder pain and severe strains on your muscles. All in all, the backrest ranges from 30 to 33 m in height, which provides protective support to your torso.

Backrest in gaming chairs also allows you to tile, recline, and rock however you want. As a gamer, you need a lot of movement while playing. In that case, a gaming chair is a perfect option for you. Hence, it provides you with flexibility. In other words, you can alter the muscles however you want. Also, it keeps your mind engaged and makes you more active.

Movable Armrests

The arm sets in a gaming chair allow you to move freely. Unlike traditional chairs, gaming chairs take off the burden on the lower back and provide extra support to your upper limbs. All in all, it reduces the weight of your arm by giving relief to your spinal cord. As a result, it allows an excellent neutral, upright position without over-exerting your muscles.

Good Posture Benefits

While you have a good posture, your productivity level increases. Moreover, a gaming chair helps you feel more motivated. You won’t be facing any more poor blood circulation or migraines. Further, the gaming chair aligns your muscles altogether.

Good posture offers excellent cognitive function. In other words, it improves brain functions. Also, you will feel more alert, and your overall concentration also enhances. As a result, it also increases your computing experience. Your eyes will be locked to your screen and will allow you to work more efficiently.


Are gaming chairs actually good?

Gaming chairs are equipped with ergonomics features that contain adjustable armrests, cold-foam padded cushions, and backrests. It provides you with a comfortable sitting position by putting fewer strains on your muscles. Further, it allows you excellent movement that, in turn, makes you more active.

Are gaming chairs better than office chairs?

Office chairs do not contain ergonomics properties. It will pressure your back and sound, which will make you sluggish and decrease your concentration zone. While gaming chairs have ergonomic features that provide a maximum comfortable posture. This, in turn, increases your productivity level and improves concentration.

Why gaming chairs are so expensive?

Gaming chair utilizes high-quality material which in turn will have a higher cost. High-quality fabric means it will have long-lasting durability, breathability, and more comfortability. At the same time, inexpensive chairs have low-quality material. That means it will be less durable.

Are gaming chairs bad for your back?

It is evident now that gaming chairs are suitable for your back posture. It has ergonomic features that provide you with a remarkable sitting position. In turn, you will feel more motivated and energetic. Also, a gaming chair provides relief to muscle pains and allows you to work for a longer time without feeling tired.

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Final Verdict

To conclude, a gaming chair improves your body posture as it is equipped with ergonomic features. It provides a high level of comfort and flexibility that allows you to work for hours. All in all, sitting in a good posture also improves your productivity and concentration level. Want to say goodbye to severe back pain? Then you need to opt for a gaming chair!

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