Are Massage Chairs any Good and worth the Money?

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Massage is an effective method to relieve stress, tension, and normal daily life backaches and leg pains. Since early times massage was performed by human massage therapists, who exactly know what to do during the massage and which part requires more focus. As time passes, the human being discovers easy and efficient procedures for its functioning. The massage was then reached its advanced level, and then in about 1968, there was an invention of massage chairs.

What are Massage Chairs?

Massage chairs are designed to copy all of the properties and qualities of a massage therapist. The chair is composed of several small parts specifically made to give you an experience of a real massage therapist. These massage chairs consist of rollers and vibrators that help feel like the real human-to-human massage. They use sensors to detect your neck and back and give you appropriate vibrations on the specific parts that are neck and back to help you get rid of stress and pains. The main focus of the chair is the neck, back, and legs.

1968, David Palmer, a massage therapist in California, created the first-ever massage chair named “a chair in a box.” It weighed 28 pounds and was created to give safe and Effective massages through chairs.

The short and complete answer to the question, Are massage chairs any good?” Is “it depends.”

Advantages of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs can do wonders for relieving pain and stress with easy access from home. It is specially designed to provide comfort and relaxation to the human being. There are reasons why you should go for a massage chair, as it is in the privacy of your home. It is an easy-to-access relaxation technique because once you buy, it’s always within your reach.

Some of the biological benefits of massage include increased blood flow and improved flexibility. Above all, the massage helps in releasing endorphins that are said to be the “happy hormones” that run in the body. When you increase their level, you naturally feel good. Increased level of endorphins is associated with quick recovery, reducing pain, and reduced anxiety level.

Massage chairs work on the same principles of massage. They increase blood levels through rollers attached to them. They provide convenience in your body’s posture that gives you quick relaxation. Massage chairs can scan your neck and back with the help. Of a body scanner and can easily perform proper functions to the body. If the massage chairs are used properly and the way they are told, then you can get all the benefits of a simple person-to-person massage.

Disadvantages of Massage Chairs

Massage chairs, no matter how efficient they are, but there is a big difference between massage chair roller balls and human hands. Hands always provide a softer touch, whereas a Machine could be harsh, and it does have more movement sessions. At times there are hard-to-find surfaces on your body where only the human being’s hands can approach. For this purpose, the massage chair is inefficient.

Massage chairs are unable to readjust your body positions. Once they are detected, the chair can’t adjust your body’s new position if you move your body. And then the working of the machine is affected. When you get your message through a professional massage therapist, you can also have a specific, targeted massage. Whereas when you have a massage chair, they are programmed earlier. You can not opt for proper specific massages.

It comes to the cost of a massage chair, and it’s a debate on whether massage chairs are worth this much amount of money or not. They lie somewhere in between thousands of dollars. It depends on you whether you want to go with the efficiency of a human being or think of others as easier to access and prefer your privacy with methods such as massage chairs.


Can you sleep in a massage chair?

Yes, it’s possible for you to sleep in a massage chair but make sure to turn its functions off. They only work when they are turned on. So, when they are turned off, you can easily sit on them and relax.

Are massage chairs good for you?

They can be a good purchase and can not be the one. It totally depends on what the cost is and how frequently you use the chair. When you focus on all of the features before buying, it would be an effective purchase.

Can Massage Chairs be Harmful?

With the given guidelines and proper use, you can get the highest amount of comfort and relaxation through the chair, and you can also get incredible health benefits with it. Excessive use could be harmful to your muscle damage and inflammation.


Are the massage chairs any good? The answer to this question also depends on what you’re looking for in a massage chair and how much you are agreeing to spend. No matter how expensive and better the massage chair works, human hands will always be in favour. Nothing can replace them. Because the massage chair can work according to the system, but human hands work according to the brain, and the brain can definitely work more efficiently than any machine. Massage chairs work very effectively on your backaches or leg pains, but you cannot compare them with a human massage therapist.

Keeping in view all of the above mentions pros and cons, you can go with whatever you think is the most appropriate and suitable for you.

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