10 Best Gaming Chairs for Back Pain (Reclining for Posture)

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Are you a gamer and love want to enjoy the best games that are coming? But then you also have back pain which might destroy your gaming experience. Is that the case? Probably you are here to find a solution to this. So, sit back, relax and keep reading as we are here to make your computer gaming experience filled with fun. We have brought the complete package to relieve your back pain. Do you want to do something about your back pain and enjoy the gaming experience? Then the first thing to consider is the type of chair you are using. If you select any of the best gaming chairs for back pain, you may thank us later.

The type of chair has to do a lot with your back pain. If you have a chair with poor support, then back pain is inevitable. Also, your sitting position is essential in this regard. But then again, it has a lot to do with your chair. Due to this reason, you see many gamers and office working individuals complaining about back pain. If you grab an excellent ergonomic chair with a good support system, you can have excellent fun gaming.

We are sad to mention that back pain is considered one of the important reasons leading to disability. Yes, this observation is shared on a global scale. So, we care about you, your health, and your money. It’s time to say goodbye to the back pains. Yes, we have worked hard to make a simple guide and review the best gaming chairs for back pain. The list is not random but compiled with great care to benefit you in an absolute sense. Read on and select the best gaming chair which suits you. So let’s get started.

10 Best Gaming Chairs for Back Pain

Having back pain and the urge to play can be a bad combination. But we are here with a solution to your problem. It’s time for you to get rid of the back pain and enjoy the games you have always wanted. Have a glance at the top ten gaming chairs, especially for you if you are an enthusiastic game player and back pain patient.

1. GTRacing Gaming Chair -Rreclining Gaming Chair

If you are looking for the best gaming chair for back pain, we have a piece of good news for you. GTRacing gaming chair comes with all the good features. That too is a minimal price which will be very budget-friendly for you. It is best for you if you have back pain because it has an advanced backrest. Also, you can now tilt the GTRacing gaming chair. You can recline it horizontally at an angle of 170o.

So which feature makes it the best gaming chair for back pain? In short, the best reclining features. By this, we meant you could easily continue to game and relax at a time even if you have set it at the maximum reclining angle. While in other gaming chairs, you may not have this feature. With this fantastic feature, your back will move continuously. These movements will be micro-movements.

So, you will feel less pressure on the tailbone. Thanks to the adjustable 3D armrests. Now you can adjust them for height. Also, you can now quickly pivot them in the inner and outer directions. They will provide support whenever you type anything during the game.

  • Perfect tilt and reclining
  • 3D armrests
  • Good adjustability options
  • Produces sounds

With a set of beautiful features, the GTRacing gaming chair is your next chair for an amazing gaming experience. With the good adjustable features and 3D armrests, you can have a good comfort level and ease of playing. The price of this chair is also very minimal and affordable, making it further suitable. So, you should not do any further delays in grabbing it.

2. CORSAIR T3 Rush Gaming Chair – Gaming Recliner

CORSAIR T3 rush gaming chair is one of the best gaming chairs for back pain. It is the most recent addition to the list of gaming chairs. We needed this revamp. So thanks to the manufactures. CORSAIR T3 rush gaming chair comes with an unmatched level of comfort. Are you curious about what makes it so unique? Then let us give you a brief account of the features of this chair.

The comfort you will feel in this chair is extraordinary. It is because it has a lumbar pillow with memory foam. The fabric of this chair is soft and breathable. The manufactures did not use faux leather to avoid breathability issues. So, as a result, you will stay relaxed and comfortable. There will be no buildup of the heat. So, if you sweat a lot, then you may go for this chair.

CORSAIR T3 can recline up to 180 degrees. Therefore, you can easily lie back in it. Enjoy your comfy nap, and then jump-start your next session of computer gaming. Reclining is the feature which many gamers see in a chair. So, the wait is over; you can grab CORSAIR T3. Another good news is that it can support up to 120 kg of weight.

  • Perfect reclining
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Good breathability
  • Slightly expensive

The amazingly softer gaming chair will make your gaming experience the best. Now let’s say goodbye to back pain and at the same time enjoy your gaming session with the CORSAIR T3 rush gaming chair. There is no buildup of heat in this seat, even if you sweat. Also, you can recline it to a greater extent and take a power nap before your next gaming session. So, go and grab one!

3. Nokaxus Large Gaming Chair – Best Gaming Chair for xbox one

You may be wondering why we placed Nokaxus’s oversized gaming chair on the top of our list? Because it is the best gaming chair for back pain due to its features. This chair is very suitable for bigger guys with good height and weight. We mean, if your height is above 1.80 m and your weight is exceeding 50 kg, then Nokaxus oversized gaming chair is your best companion. It will help relieve your back pain and enjoy your games by sitting on it comfortably.

What’s more interesting about the Nokaxus oversized gaming chair? You will be glad to hear that the price range of this chair is very budget-friendly. Yes, you can grab it for under $250 in 2021. In terms of design, this chair is very durable. You may use it for years. And guess what? It has a frame of sturdy steel. That means it can easily and comfortably support you even if you are up to 350 pounds. Well, we have another good news for the taller buddies.

Now you can easily set it higher in comparison to other chairs because taller guys have longer legs. Also, this chair comes with several adjustable features. It also has a wider back, seat, footrests, and armrests. In addition to this, you will have less back pain due to the presence of a massaging lumbar pillow.

  • Good quality PU leather
  • Extra-wide backrest
  • Durability
  • Unsuitable for shorter guys

This fantastic gaming chair with a retractable footrest in stock for you. The most exciting thing about this chair is the massaging lumbar pillow. Now you can easily plug this pillow and enjoy instant massage. However, you must be careful not to roll or trip over the cored during the massage.

4. DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair – Gaming Recliner Chair

DXRacer formula series gaming chair is your best companion if you have back pain. We have included it in the best gaming chairs for back pain because of its user-friendly design. Especially if you are fond of playing computer games for extended durations, you need a comfortable chair. The comfortable headrest and lumbar support are going to help you in relieving your back pain. So, there are no worries, even if you are using it for many hours in a continuous manner.

Are you curious about other features of the DXRacer formula series gaming chair? Well, let us help you. This chair comes with an excellent seat and a comparatively higher backrest. Also, it has cushions. These features are adjustable. Therefore, you can move them as you like matching your requirements. This chair has an ergonomic design that will make you enjoy the best computer gaming experience.

DXRacer is manufacturing several computer gaming chairs. These all come in different colors. However, you are going to love the all-black model of the DXRacer formula series gaming chair. You can go for the vibrant red color also.

  • Perfect adjustability features
  • Good cushioning for the body
  • Unmatched comfort level
  • Limited reclining

So, are you planning to grab this fantastic chair for making your computer gaming experience unforgettable? We hope you will. This chair can support up to 90 kg of weight. Therefore, it is good for you even if you are a heavy-weight guy. Also, with the adjustability options, you can set it the way you require it. Based on these features, we highly recommend this chair, considering your back pain.

5. AutoFull Gaming Chairs Good for Your Back

If you are a gamer and want to purchase the best gaming chair for back pain, then here you are. As a gamer, you must always prefer the tilt features in one chair over another chair. You may also choose a firmer chair over a comfortable one as you do computer gaming. So, we have a piece of good news for you. AutoFull gaming chair is the more athletic gaming chair you can have. It has a backrest of rigid mesh. Therefore, there is no padding.

Well, now don’t sit back and think you are sitting over a rock. It’s not like that. It is a comfortable gaming chair. AutoFull gaming chair comes with good contouring. It gives good support, so the pressure on the hips and thighs is minimal. Also, the back made from mesh is good for ventilation and the removal of excess heat. So, enjoy your gaming and stay cool. What are additional features are you looking for?

AutoFull gaming chair is straightforward to clean because it has PU leather. So, don’t make much effort; just grab a piece of wet cloth to wipe it. Also, the manufactures of this chair give a money-back guarantee and that too for 30 days. Well, now it is clear that this product can undoubtedly satisfy your back pain with its sound quality.

  • Comfort and firmness
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Good breathability
  • Seat comparatively lower

Based on astonishing features, we recommend you grab an AutoFull gaming chair to relieve your back pain. It will give you a matchless level of comfort. It will support your body posture and make you healthily enjoy gaming. Also, you can easily clean this chair. Enjoy gaming in AutoFull gaming chair, remarkable, and thank us later!

6. Hbada Gaming Chair – Racing Style Computer Chair

Are you suffering from back pain and searching for the best gaming chairs for back pain? Then nothing to worry about as we got you. You must now grab the Hbada gaming chair racing-style computer chair for enjoying our gaming experience with comfort. Thanks to the larger area of the seat. It provides better comfort as you sit over it. So, now you can also enjoy the longer gaming sessions as you have them.


It comes with the perfect headrest and lumbar. What’s more? These headrests and lumber have to cushion. This cushioning in the perfect places gives you comfort as you play computer games for long hours. The manufacturers have used durable leather made from PU. You can also remove some parts if you want—for example, headrest and lumbar support.

In terms of reclining, you can recline it to 155o. So you can easily adjust it to use it in a sitting position. Or you can also set it according to the desk style. So, your back pain is automatically relieved if you used the Hbada gaming chair racing-style computer chair. Hbada chair aligns the neck and back in a proper way. The good news is that it can endure weight up to 136 kg. So, it’s your chair, even if you are a big guy.

  • Perfect ergonomic design
  • Durability
  • Easier swiveling
  • Seat size needs enlargement

Hbada gaming chair racing style computer chair is the best gaming chair for back pain. With so many of the fantastic features, you can have it for enjoying your computer gaming experience. That too in a comfortable manner. You have numerous options to adjust it as you like and require. So, why are you waiting? Have it to enjoy your long gaming sessions.

7. Goplus Massage Gaming Chair – Best Gaming Chair for Bad Back

Goplus chair comes with different options for holding your stuff. You can now place other things in the side pouches—for example, cups, a glass of wine, snack packs, etc. In addition to this feature, it also has a softer reclining backrest. Not just these, but you will get an adjustable footrest.

It comes with a reclining angle of 140o. You may be curious about the word massage in the name of this chair. So, let us throw some light on this. The manufacturers of this chair have embedded a massage system in this chair. The massage system is an 8-mode-massage function. You have free options to set them for time, mode, strength, and position. When you use it, you will feel comfortable because it promotes blood flow.

We assure you that it will be more comfortable and valuable than you have expected. Also, it has a wide footrest. This footrest has thick padding. So when you activated, you will see your lower limbs feeling comfort and support. Therefore, it beats any other gaming chair in the level of comfort and supports it offers.

  • 8-mode-massage function
  • Cup holder and side pouch
  • Durability
  • Fixed seat

Well, who would go for another chair if Goplus is available? We mean, everyone enjoys massage. But you need a massage if you are a gamer with back pain. So, it is a perfect choice if you are fond of both gaming and massaging. We recommend that investing in this product won’t disappoint you.

8. X Rocker Pro Gaming Chair – Gaming Chair Back Support

X Rocker Gaming Chair is going to be your best companion if you are a gamer with lower back pain. Your back is absolutely in comfort in this durable chair. If you are a regular gamer, you may have used gaming chairs with speakers. You will be delighted to hear that the X rocker pro gaming chair comes with five speakers.

So now, have fun with your gaming and better sound at a reasonable price. In a more specific manner, these speakers are present at the base of the chair. They are present in the control panels and rear side. Also, you will enjoy good quality sound due to the speaker in the headrest.

The comfort level and quality of sound of the X rocker pro gaming chair will blow your mind. It is the perfect example of a chair that will relieve your back pain. In addition to this, it will give you the best gaming experience with rocking sounds. However, don’t turn up the volume beyond the suggested limit for undistorted sound.

  • Highly durable
  • Wireless audio system
  • Perfect speakers
  • Weaker armrests

A perfect gaming chair for back pain, good subwoofer, and comfort; what else are you looking for in the best gaming chair for back pain? Based on the features, we highly recommend you invest in this chair for a good gaming experience. The level of comfort it offers and durability is truly matchless. We hope you will not regret it.

9. Arozzi Forte – Racing Style Fabric Gaming Chair

Arozzi forte racing style fabric gaming chair is another best gaming chair for back pain. It is best when it comes to molding it as required by you. In this chair, you can touch the floor using your feet. So, it aids the posture and gives you comfort as you reach the keyboard.

With an Arozzi forte racing style fabric gaming chair, curling up is so easy. That means now you can use it without stressing for a longer duration. So, your back pain will be relieved, and the pressure on the joints will be minimal. Arozzi is suitable for short-height individuals. They will get proper back support in this chair.

Are you wondering about other features of the Arozzi forte racing-style fabric gaming chair? We are glad to tell you that it comes with a pillow for the lower back. So as you use it with a lower back pillow, your back will be in perfect alignment with your posture. So, what do you get as a result? Ultimate relaxation! Say goodbye to back pain and fatigue.

  • Perfect quality
  • Highly adjustable
  • Neck and back pillows
  • Comparatively expensive

Are you fond of long gaming sessions? If yes, then you must be facing fatigue and back pain. However, we are here with a piece of good news for you. Grab your Arozzi forte racing-style fabric gaming chair. It is enduring up to 120 kg weight. You will have matchless comfort and relaxation in this chair. Also, your back pain will start to disappear.

10. OFM Essentials Gaming Chair – Best Gaming Chair for Posture

We opt OFM essentials gaming chair as the best gaming chair for back pain because of its valuable features. It is an ergonomic gaming chair. This chair is highly affordable. This chair will give you comfort and relaxation. It is because it comes with considerable padding. The seat of this chair is flat. It has segmented padding. So you can enjoy longer gaming sessions in it.

Thanks to the manufacturers who used soft thread leather for making OFM essentials gaming chairs. Now you can easily recline it to many degrees. So when you are tired from extended gaming sessions, you can recline and have a power nap. After that, your back will be in a good position, selecting for and you can start your new gaming session. So no aches, no pains as you have an OFM essentials gaming chair.

This chair comes with armrests. You can easily flip these armrests to enjoy a good level of comfort. However, this chair can be for individuals of any size. But you are going to especially love it if you are a smaller and skinny gamer. In either case, you will have immense peace and comfort using this chair. What’s more? The manufacturer gives you a warranty for 90-days. So, if you break it, quickly then there are options for repair and replacement.

  • Good padding
  • Good reclining option
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Short footrest

We suggest you purchase the OFM essentials gaming chair. Because investing in it will benefit you. It will relieve your stress and back pain. Eventually, no more fatigue as you have an OFM essentials gaming chair. You can have it in any color as a variety of colors are available in it. So, what are you waiting for? Grab it to have the best gaming experience.

How to Opt the Best Gaming Chair for Back Pain?

If you cannot see quite the gaming craze, and you are also suffering from back pain, then you must do something about the latter. However, you should not worry as long as you can opt for your best gaming chair for back pain from the available variety. Choosing the right option will help you enjoy the gaming sessions. Also, you will be able to say goodbye to the back pain. However, the question arises, how to choose such a chair? Well, sit back and keep reading as we have compiled few factors. These factors will help you make the best selection. Have a glance at these points before you decide to purchase your next gaming chair.

Padding and Support for Lumbar

The most crucial factor to consider while buying a gaming chair is the lumbar support it offers. You can understand this because your back is constantly under pressure while you are playing. Therefore, if you ignore the lumbar support, then you may end up with back pain. Chairs with inadequate lumbar support put more pressure on the sensitive tail bone. This makes you experience nagging pains.

To avoid the buildup of the strain in the lumbar region as you play for extended hours, you need to have a good chair. Also, the type of padding in a gaming chair will affect your lumbar in a good or bad manner. It gives you comfort. If the pain in your back is severe, then you must go for extra padding. Padding in the back is essential, but it is also good in the armrests for extra comfort and relaxation.

Backrest and Seat | Mesh Woven Design

We all know that playing games on your computer are great fun. Therefore, most of the time, you spend hours playing them. If you use a leather-based foamy chair for hours, heat builds up. It is not suitable for your health. Also, it is highly discomforting. Therefore, the second important point is to go for mesh woven chairs. Yes, you should consider good quality mesh because it will keep you relaxed and calm.

When we talk about mesh woven gaming chairs, we suggest this in terms of the backrest and full seat. It will improve your health and back pain by keeping you in good posture without heat buildup.

Seat Edge | Waterfall Type

Imagine your gaming experience ruined by the pressure on the body; it is, for sure, undesirable. To reduce this pressure, the waterfall design is there. Chairs with a waterfall design over the seat edges are good for circulating blood in the body. But what is the underlying technology? Let us tell you briefly. This design takes off the pressure on your lower legs and gives you comfort.

So, how are they different from the normal chairs? When you use the normal chair, there is a rise in the pressure on your lower legs. As a result, the blood circulation is poor. This can lead to pain in the body, especially pain in the back and legs. Therefore, you must pressure chairs with this design, e.g., DXRacer formula series gaming chair.

Higher Degree Swivel

The difference between a regular gamer and an office guy working for hours is not much. Therefore, like office chairs, gaming chairs should also be flexible. By this we mean, you must go for chairs with 360 degrees swivel feature. By using this feature, you can easily move your legs. Free them and grab a cup of wine. You may also be able to arrange the table you are using for gaming. But this is only possible if you purchase a gaming chair with a higher degree of swivel. Only then will you be able to enjoy this type of comfort. So, let’s not feel the stabbing back pain again with this feature.

Tilt Locking System

Games these days are not just games; they come up with amazing features. Especially if you are addicted to 3D gaming, you love to recline and lock yourself in a favorable position. Therefore, the tilt-lock mechanism is an important feature to consider when buying your next gaming chair. Tilt! Lock! Enjoy!

Reclining will give you comfort, and your back pain will disappear. Tired body parts will relax in this position. Especially the back, shoulders, neck, and arms will feel absolute comfort. Here, we have good news for you. You can find a lot of gaming chairs with a tilt lock mechanism to ease your back pain. So, the wait is over; you may go and purchase the one with the best features.

The capacity of the Gaming Chair

Have you bought a costly chair? Still, you have those bad back pains? Then you probably overlooked an important factor. You must check the weight a chair can endure. If its capacity is good and other conditions are being fulfilled, there is no way you have back pain.

As you check, you will see, gaming chairs are available for nearly all individuals. So, no worries, if you are a heavier and taller guy, you can have one of your choices. If you are a short and petite guy, even then, you can opt for the chair suiting you in the best manner.

Headrest and Armrest | Adjustability is Important

You should never ignore this factor. At the start, you might be excited to use your new gaming chair. However, your back and body pain won’t go away as long as you ignore this feature. Thanks to the good brands. They are offering a lot of adjustability features. You can adjust and customize your chair the way you like. This is important because your hands and other body parts need relaxation as you play for extended hours.

In addition to the option of adjusting your headrest and armrests, there are other options too. You should go for the chairs, in which you may adjust the height. If your gaming chair comes with wheels, then you can easily move. So, all these factors have a collective effect on relieving your back pain.

How to Opt the Best Gaming Chair for Back Pain?

Quick Checklist for Opting Your Best Gaming Chair

We hope you have clearly understood the merits to look for in your next gaming chair. However, many of you won’t like to go into the details of the buyer’s guide. You may be in a hurry. So are you looking for a quick guide? If yes, then this section is for you. Keep reading as we present the quick check to see as you go to buy your gaming chair. Have a look at those points:

  • Padding and support for the lumbar: The chair you purchased, or are you going to purchase is comfortable enough? The material of the chair needs to make you relax. It must give you good lumbar support.
  • Mesh woven design for backrest and seat: Is your chair good in terms of breathability? Mesh woven chairs are best; they present heat buildup and keep you relaxed.
  • Waterfall type seat edge: The design of your gaming chair must increase blood circulation. In this way, you will not have any pain in the back or legs.
  • Higher degree swivel: Flexibility is the key. A gaming chair with a 360 degrees swivel is always best for you.
  • Tilt locking system: The tilt lock mechanism will help you to recline and lock yourself. You must consider this feature as you purchase your gaming chair.
  • The capacity of the gaming chair: The gaming chair you intend to purchase must be good for enduring any individual’s weight. You can opt for the one suitable for you.
  • Headrest and armrest: Remember, adjustability is essential. You need to adjust your headrest and armrest as you play. Therefore, this factor is also important.


Why do I need a gaming chair if I have a standard office chair for playing games?

If you have just plunged into the sea of games, then asking this question is fair. You may use the regular chair for a few days, but you will feel a great deal of discomfort and health issues. Pain in the legs and back is the most prominent of those issues. Therefore, you need a comfortable gaming chair. So that you enjoy the long gaming sessions, also, in this manner, you will not compromise your long-term health for short-term enjoyment.

Will the cheaper gaming chairs help if I have back pain?

Well, the short and straightforward answer to this question is: no. Based on experiments and experiences of different gamers, we found you need to invest more in your health. It’s not like that you will not find any comfortable chairs in the market. You may find them under $100. But you may regret it as you see that it becomes uncomfortable after few weeks of use.

How can a gaming chair help me to improve my gameplay?

For having perfect gameplay, you need practice. After practice, you need a comfortable chair that keeps you in good health and allows you to practice more and more. Also, you may go for chairs with additional features—for example, built-in speakers, adjustability, mobility, etc.

Bottom Lines

After this detailed review and buyer’s guide, now it’s time to wrap up the discussion. We are glad to mention that gaming chairs as a whole are not bad for your back. In fact, they provide support to it. However, you must understand that physical activity is a must for your overall health. We may suggest the best chairs for your back pain, but exercise and walk are also a must.

You may choose any gaming chair to enjoy those long-lasting gaming sessions. Considering all the features required for easing your back pain, we are here with the top three recommendations. Here you go:

  • GTRacing gaming chair due to its perfect tilt and reclining, 3D armrests, and good adjustability options
  • CORSAIR T3 rush gaming chair due to perfect reclining up to 180o, adjustable armrest, and good breathability
  • X rocker pro gaming chair due to the presence of 5 speaker system, wireless audio system, and durability

If you have previously struggled to find a comfortable chair for gaming, then this review is for you. The study and tips for selecting the best gaming chair will help you enjoy your gaming sessions. Also, it will facilitate you in choosing a product good for your health. So, go on and purchase the best chair suiting you. Play! Enjoy and have good health!

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