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Regular chairs are hard and are often the cause of increasing neck and back pain among consumers. Hence, manufacturers have designed specialized office chairs with a high back and adjustable headrest as an alternative to their former counterparts. These equipment are not only performance efficient but budget-friendly as well.

These new tools are characterized by pneumatic controls, reclining abilities, adjustable back and headrest, tilt and tension adjustment, seat width and depth, seat height, and lumbar support. This article offers the ten best office chairs for neck pain based on comfort, lumbar support, reclining abilities, and pneumatic control.

10 Best Office Chair for Neck Pain

1. AKRacing Office Series – Chairs With Neck Support

AKRacing Office Series is one of the most expensive products included in the list of 10 best office chairs for neck pain. The unit is made up of high-quality fine leather on the front and PU leather on the back. The leather is not only comfortable and soft but also extremely easy to clean thus, is perfect for daily use. The user-friendliness of the apparatus is also attributed to the easy maintenance and adjustable features.

The adjustable headrest and lumbar support lead to a marked reduction in neck pain over continuous usage and are evidence of the ergonomic design of the product. This, coupled with the 4D armrest, adds five stars to the performance of the object and allows you to move it in multiple directions and rotate it in various directions.

Along with this, the advanced mechanism with modifiable rocking function and lockable tilt position allow you to adjust the equipment according to your requirements and then lock them to prevent further troubles. The durability of the object is attributed to the metal frame with an anti-corrosive coating. This makes it ideal for outdoor as well as indoor usage and increases its lifespan to a great extent.

  • Anti-corrosive nature
  • 4D adjustable armrest
  • Lockable tilt position
  • Improved lumbar support
  • Leather-based construction
  • Expensive

AKRacing Office Series is perfect for office and home usage and is exceptionally durable. The tool features a 4D armrest that can be moved in various directions when required. Furthermore, the lockable tilt position and improved lumbar support contribute to the reduction in neck and back pain and improve the overall properties of the model.

2. La-Z-Boy 45783A Office Chair – Ergonomic Chair With Neck Support

La-Z-Boy 45783A Office Chair is another outstanding unit included in the list of 10 best office chairs for neck pain. This tool is multifunctional and can be used as a computer chair or an office desk chair, depending on your needs. The ideal ergonomic design coupled with the high-quality construction enhances the overall outlook and performance of the chair and is—also the reason for its high market demand.

Along with this, the enhanced lumbar support is the highlight of the item and offers a perfect sitting position for long sitting sessions. Lumbar support is characterized by a reduction in shoulder, neck, and back pain that are the most common issue of most consumers.

Furthermore, the leather-based construction offers enhanced comfort and allows you to fully relax while working. The seating is also well-cushioned and offers a comfortable sitting area for your waist and lower back. Hence, the product is ideal for daily usage and is highly recommended.

  • Excellent lumbar support
  • Inclusion of memory foam
  • Tilt function with modifiable seat
  • Leather-based construction
  • Ergonomic design
  • Difficult to clean

La-Z-Boy 45783A Office Chair offers exceptional lumbar support and is included with memory foam to offer enhanced cushioning. The tilt functioning combined with the adjustable seat allows you to customize the equipment depending on your requirements. Moreover, the leather-based construction and the ergonomic design are admired by a wide variety of consumers and are associated with its high market demand.

3. Lorell LLR86205 Swivel Chair – Ergonomic Office Chair With Neck Support

Lorell LLR86205 Swivel Chair is specially designed for prolonged sitting activities and is a perfect addition to your office furniture. The tool features a specialized high backrest that not only keeps your spinal cord in a perfect position but also offers support to the neck. Hence, contributing to a marked decrease in neck pain after continuous usage.

Furthermore, the spinal support promotes proper spinal alignment from the head to the waist and thereby leads to a reduction in rigid body muscles and unwanted back pain. The multi-functional mechanism of the equipment allows you to adjust the apparatus independently. Thus, now you can adjust the backrest and seat of your tool depending on your requirement.

Apart from the above-mentioned features, another remarkable attribute of the object is the height and width adjustable armrest, which prevents the build-up of pressure around the neck and shoulders. Therefore, it leads to a decrease in neck pain associated with improper sitting position. Last but not least, height and tilt adjustment are various other benefits of the specified product and add five stars to its performance.

  • Enhanced air circulation
  • Convertible armrest
  • High back and neck support
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Stable base
  • Armrest might feel unstable

Lorell LLR86205 Swivel Chair is associated with mesh-based construction that allows for better air circulation and increases breathability. Additionally, the adjustable armrest and high backrest offer perfect back and neck support and relieve you from unwanted sore muscles and pain. Moreover, the equipment is durable and lasts longer than most of its other counterparts.

4. Amazon Office Desk Chair – Back And Neck Support For Office Chair

Amazon Office Desk Chair, similar to its above-mentioned counterparts, is made up of mesh and offers enhanced air circulation. This helps in keeping your body cool even during extreme temperature conditions and prevents you from sweating. The mesh also imparts durability and sturdiness to the whole object.

The pneumatic seat design, along with the high backrest, contributes to the reduction in pain associated with poor sitting posture and lack of support near the spinal area. Similarly, the seat included in the system is well-padded and offers comfort around the waist and lower back area.

The seat can also be adjusted depending on the user’s height and thus, makes the tool perfect for individuals of varying heights. The apparatus has a maximum weight carrying capacity of 225 pounds which is perfect for an adult. The amplified weight carrying capacity is attributed to the high-quality construction and pneumatic design of the material.

  • Pneumatic design
  • Mesh-based construction
  • Breathable and durable
  • Enhanced weight carrying capacity
  • Inexpensive
  • Difficult to maintain

Amazon Office Desk Chair features a pneumatic design that allows for seat and height adjustment depending on the consumer’s physique. The mesh-based construction imparts durability and sturdiness to the system while allowing enhanced air circulation. Therefore, it is characterized by less sweating during the summer season. Finally, the item is capable of carrying 225 pounds of weight and is perfect for adults.

5. Modway Edge Mesh Office Chair – Best Desk Chair For Neck Pain

Modway Edge Mesh Office Chair is a renowned unit admired by the majority of consumers due to its unrivalled performance efficiency and high-quality features. The item offers functional comfort and features a perfect ergonomic design to fulfil your daily needs. In addition to this, the backrest included in the system is specifically designed to mimic the curvature of your spinal cord. It offers enhanced comfort that is not associated with any sort of back or muscle pain.

Thereby offering natural support for your back and preventing improper posture, which later on contributes to the reduction in neck pain and rigid muscles. Similarly, another advantage of the back is the mesh construction that offers durability alongside breathability and prevents you from sweating even during the hottest months of the year. Hence, keeping you cool through the working hours.

Along with this, the well-padded armrest provides additional support and prevents the build-up of unwanted pressure around your shoulders and neck. Thus, relieving your neck from underlying pain and discomfort during long-term sessions. The armrest can be flipped on the requirement to further improve the properties of the item.

  • Mesh-based design
  • Breathable and durable
  • Comfortable seating
  • Perfect back support
  • Well-padded armrest
  • Difficult to assemble

Modway Edge Mesh Office Chair offers an ergonomic design coupled with a mesh-based back. This allows consumers to use the model during extreme weather conditions without worrying about sweating. Moreover, the back support keeps the pine in the correct position contributing to the perfect sitting posture. Lastly, the armrest offers support to the shoulders and neck and thus reduces the neck pain associated with long-term sitting sessions.

6. CLATINA Ergonomic Chair – Desk Chair Neck Support

CLATINA Ergonomic Chair is an extraordinary and performance-oriented tool that offers a perfect solution to your neck issues. The equipment is specifically designed for office use and is ideal for prolonged working hours. Integrated with tunable seats with respect to height and depth, the model allows you to modify the apparatus depending on your requirements and body size.

Similarly, the adjustable armrest allows you to comfortably place your arms while working, thereby relieving your shoulders and neck pressure. The lumbar support, when combined with the backrest, allows for tilt and tension adjustment and offers a comfortable sitting position. Similarly, the high-quality breathable material used for the construction of the object allows better air circulation and keeps you sweat-free.

The well-padded interior, especially around the waist area, offers enhanced comfort and prevents back issues among consumers of different age backgrounds. This 360 swivel chair also displays back reclining features and can be reclined from 90 to around 135 degrees without any inconvenience. Hence, making it a perfect alternative to regular office chairs.

  • Tilt and tension adjustment
  • Breathable and durable
  • Better air circulation
  • Back reclining abilities
  • Comfortable and well-padded
  • Expensive

CLATINA Ergonomic Chair is made up of high-quality breathable material that allows the air to pass through its pores. Additionally, the item features tilt and tension adjustment and is incorporated with back reclining abilities that allow you to rest comfortably. The headrest is also supportive and is characterized by a reduction in neck and shoulder pain.

7. Sadie Office Computer Chair – Office Chair Neck Support Attachment

Sadie Office Computer Chair is an excellent addition to your office furniture and does not disappoint you in terms of performance and quality construction. The apparatus is renowned for its adjustable lumbar support, which offers a perfect resting platform for your lower back and relieves you from spinal problems.

In addition to this, the durability of the chair is attributed to the high-quality construction and the inclusion of durable wheels that are capable of withstanding huge amounts of weight. The smooth-rolling casters allow you to move and rotate the chair from one place to another without any difficulty. Similar to others of its kind, this version of the Sadie office chair also displays mesh construction and is suitable for use in the summer season.

The reason for this is the breathable nature of the fabric that allows better ventilation and prevents you from sweating. Another advantage of the mesh-based substances is the low absorption of sweat inside the chair, which prevents odour formation in the long term. The back and armrest can also be adjusted and prevent neck and back pain among users.

  • Mesh-based construction
  • Modifiable lumbar support
  • Low seat absorption
  • Better air circulation
  • Rolling casters and wheels
  • Armrest adjustment issues

Sadie Office Computer Chair is an excellent and performance-efficient product available across the market. The unit is made up of mesh-based fabric and is associated with easy maintenance and low odour production ratings. Moreover, the chair features rolling casters and durable wheels and can withstand huge amounts of pressure without getting damaged.

8. VECELO Office Desk Chair – Office Chair With Head Support

VECELO Office Desk Chair is specially designed for office use and is one of the outstanding products included in the list of 10 best office chairs for neck pain. This ergonomic tool is associated with enhanced lumbar support and offers a comfortable sitting position. The well-padded interior supports the lower back and contributes to the appropriate body posture.

The breathable mesh back prevents sweating and is highly recommended for the summer season. The 24-hour comfort is attributed to the PU padded cushion seat and mesh-based back that imparts durability to the system while maintaining an enhanced level of comfort. Similarly, the dual wheel nylon casters embedded in the material ensure smooth rolling and allow you to move around the space effortlessly.

The armrest can also be modified in various directions depending on your needs and relieves the pressure around the neck and shoulder areas. Thus, allowing you to relax your muscles during your hectic routine tasks. The apparatus is available with an instruction manual that guides you regarding its assembly and maintenance.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Exceptional lumbar support
  • Reduction in neck and muscle pain
  • Well-padded interior
  • Breathable mesh construction
  • Not the best backrest

VECELO Office Desk Chair is another unit that is budget-friendly and performance efficient at the same time. The increased demand and customer appreciation are attributed to the remarkable lumbar support, reclining backrest, and rolling casters that provide comfort without restricting mobility. Lastly, the ergonomic design and health benefits are the highlight of the office chair and are admired by the majority.

9. HON Wave Mesh Office Chair – Computer Chairs With Neck Support

HON Wave Mesh Office Chair, as the name indicates, is made up of breathable mesh fabric and is highly durable. Thus, it offers comfort and durability at the same time to keep you cool and safe. The ergonomic construction of the item features a modifiable back, head, and armrest that can be adjusted depending on individual preferences.

The features can be modified on the basis of height, depth, and angle and, therefore, contribute a lot to the excellent performance of the product. The reclining back allows you to rest and relax after hectic working sessions and help to maintain an ideal spine position. Similarly, it is also associated with a decrease in neck and back issues and prevents muscle rigidity.

This version of the HON office chair allows you to swivel around your workspace without exerting much effort and hence, improves its overall properties. The durable and sturdy wheels are capable of carrying a large amount of weight without getting damaged and are responsible for the amplified demand of the object around the market.

  • Amplified mobility
  • High backrest
  • Decrease in neck pain
  • Reclining back
  • Improved comfort
  • Well-cushioned interior
  • Heavyweight

HON Wave Mesh Office Chair features an ergonomic design that contains a tunable backrest, arm, and headrest with increased lumbar support. Hence, the tool is known for its extraordinary performance in reducing muscle rigidity and its health benefits. Apart from this, the well-cushioned interior, especially around the waist area, supports the back and increases the comfort level.

10. Smug Desk Ergonomic Office Chair – Spinal Chair

Smug Desk Ergonomic Office Chair is another cost-efficient piece of equipment. The object performs exceptionally well despite its low price and is made up of high-quality materials. The chair is perfect for those that spend more than 6 hours sitting in their room on a daily basis. Prolonged sitting is characterized by muscle rigidity, neck and back pain and often is an indicator of deteriorating health.

However, the Smug office chair offers an ideal alternative to these issues and contributes greatly to the improvement of consumers’ health. This is achieved by the inclusion of a padded pillow and reclining back support. The reclining feature allows you to lay back on the chair and relax your muscles to prevent soreness.

Apart from the back support, the headrest and armrest integrated into the system can also be adjusted upon requirement. The armrest is multi-directional and can be moved in multiple directions to relieve the pressure build-up around the shoulders and neck. Similarly, the pneumatic control allows you to effortlessly raise and lower the seat and improve the user-friendliness of the substance.

  • Pneumatic controls
  • Ergonomic design
  • Mesh-based construction
  • Multi-directional armrest
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not the best cushioning

Smug Desk Ergonomic Office Chair is an inexpensive, budget-friendly item available in the market. Another prominent attribute of the system is the high-backrest which extends up to the neck and keeps your spine in a perfect position, i.e., starting from the neck to the waist. Therefore, if you are looking for an alternative to your uncomfortable, hard regular office chair, this model is highly recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my neck from hurting when I sit at my desk?

There might be a variety of reasons for neck pain. It is important to identify the underlying cause and then look for the solutions to the problem. However, minor issues can be prevented by practicing a good sitting posture, adjusting the monitor height according to your position, and moving around in between the working sessions. It is also recommended to invest in a good office chair to support your sitting position and reduce back and neck issues.

Is it worth purchasing a chair with neck support?

Office chairs with neck support are indeed worth the investment. These tools are specially designed to offer support around the neck and spine area. This is possible due to the incorporation of back and headrest in the system with padded pillows. These features prevent pressure build-up around the neck and keep the spine in a perfect position while maintaining a proper sitting posture.

How do I choose the right office chair?

There are a variety of factors that must be considered while looking for the best office chair for yourself, including the seat height, adjustable back and headrest, reclining abilities, tilt, and tension adjustment, lumbar support, seat width and depth, pneumatic controls, base and wheels, casters, and price. Hence, you should carefully analyze these attributes and select the appropriate unit for yourself.

You can also get more info from the guide to make an office chair more comfortable here!

Wrapping Up

Best office chair for neck pain is characterized by improved lumbar support, modifiable back and armrest, pneumatic controls, durability, stable base, and rolling casters, increased weight carrying capacity, and unrivalled performance. Thus, based on these features following products have surpassed their competitors.

  • AKRacing Office Series due to its anti-corrosive nature, 4D adjustable armrest, improved lumbar support, and lockable tilt position.
  • Modway Edge Mesh Office Chair because of its mesh-based design, improved back support, comfortable seating, and well-padded armrest.
  • La-Z-Boy 45783A Office Chair for its excellent lumbar support, tilt function and modifiable seat, leather-based construction, and ergonomic design.

Hence, they are highly recommended for those looking for cost and performance-efficient office chairs for neck pain.

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