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Do you always have people over but due to lack of space they have to sleep on the couch? Or worse, on the floor?! Most houses don’t have spare rooms that you can label as a “guest room.” Luckily, if you do have an extra room, it will probably be for kids or used as a home office. What does one do that will save up space and ensure your guests have a good night’s sleep? Here is when sleeper sofas come to the rescue!

What’s more, you can choose from different sizes depending on your space as well. Sleeper sofas come in all sorts of dimensions to be accessible for everyone. You can get a single-seater, chair size, or a loveseat. If you happen to have a lot of space, then you can even get one in a queen or king-sized bed. Furthermore, they even come as sectionals.

What has made sleeper sofas stay relevant since their invention in the 80s is that they’re very straightforward to convert. There are many styles of conversion. Some you can pull out like a trundle, while others can fold flat, and some simply pull out with a hassle. With all this in mind, shopping for one can be very hard, especially under a budget. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best sleeper sofas under $1000.

Best Sleeper Sofa Under $1000

1. Lilola Home Lucca Reversible Sleeper Sectional Sofa – Highest Rated Sleeper Sofa

Lucca from Lilola Home is a unique and classy sleeper sofa. This sofa is made using durable material from the frame to the upholstery. This means that you will have it with you for a long time. Furthermore, the linen fabric used for upholstering gives a soft feel to the sleeper, adding to its comfort.

Furthermore, this chic sofa comes in two classic shades of gray-steel and light. If you want the light gray, you might have to pay more, though. The chase that comes with this sectional can be placed on either side you wish to. This feature is excellent as you won’t have to move your things to make space for this couch.

What’s more, it will get delivered in three boxes, making it extremely easy to move, especially if you live in an apartment building. The assembly is effortless and can be done within an hour. For the assembly, all you need is a screwdriver (not included). Once you’re done assembling, you’ll realize that it’s as it was in the picture.

  • Durable material
  • Chase acts as extra storage
  • Easy assembly
  • Comfort for great value
  • Break-in period
  • Small for tall people

Lilola Home’s Lucca is an excellent choice if you want a modern sleeper that won’t break the bank. This sleeper is exceptionally comfortable and has loads of storage. Additionally, the assembly is very straightforward, that you’ll be done in less than an hour.

2. Merax Sleeper Sectional Sofa – Best Inexpensive Sleeper Sofa

Merax offers you a sleeper sofa that turns into a full-size bed. Yes, you heard it correctly. A full-size bed for less than $1000! In addition to that, the chase doubles as storage and can be placed on the left and the right. It all depends on how you want to assemble it.

The assembly is very simple as well, and the cherry-on-top is that it comes with the tools and the hardware needed for it. Furthermore, the seat cushions not only have foam but also pocket springs in them. This means that this sleeper is comfortable and firm.

Moreover, Merax has this couch delivered in three boxes so you can carry it without breaking your back. The company also gives you a twelve-month warranty, so that’s an added bonus. Additionally, they’ll also make a great statement piece in your home. They have an elegant design with nailhead trim and tufted back cushions and seats.

  • Reversible chase
  • Extra storage
  • Elegant design
  • 12-month warranty
  • Sleeper portion off-set

What makes the Merax Sleeper Sectional Sofa one of the best is that it gives you many benefits under $1000. This sleeper is elegant in its built with a reversible chase that you can place on any side you desire. Moreover, the chase can also be used as storage to tuck away unwanted things.

3. Merax 80.7” Reversible Sleeper Sectional Sofa – Best Affordable Sleeper Sofa

Want a sleeper sofa that functions as more than just a sleeper? Merax has your back. This sleeper is soft and very easy to convert into a bed. Moreover, the chase acts as storage, so you can use it to put away anything. This means you’ll have more open space, which is a blessing if you live in a snug apartment.

This article of furniture from Merax also has a reversible chase. But what really sets this sleeper apart is that it has two cup holders. That’s pretty cool, and genius as you won’t have any liquids spilling on you or the couch. Moreover, this sleeper can withstand up to 900 pounds and doesn’t deform easily.

Due to the high-density foam, this sleeper is comfortable but also provides you with support. Cleaning this sofa is also very easy as all the back cushions can be removed. In addition to that, you won’t have to wait too long before you can experience this sofa for yourself because the delivery is quick.

  • Reversible chase
  • Storage
  • Cup holders
  • Easy assembly
  • Comfort and support
  • On the small side

To put it shortly, this reversible sleeper sofa comes with cup holders to put it shortly, so your beverages remain secure. As the chase is reversible, you can put it on the left or right. Furthermore, the assembly is very easy as well as the conversion. It is highly durable and won’t deform easily.

4. Signature Design by Ashley – Best Sofa Chaise Sleeper

This sleeper sofa from Signature Design by Ashley is timeless with a minimalistic design. Because of its chic aesthetic, it’ll easily be the eye-catcher in the room. But looks aren’t all this sleeper sofa has to offer. This sleeper sofa is made using high-resiliency foam for its cushion, while the upholstery is of a cozy polyester.

Furthermore, the legs are of faux wood, which has been tapered for added glam. The pull-out is so easy that even kids are able to do it without any issues. Once you pull it out, it firmly sits on a metal frame. The cute, petite size makes this sleeper perfect for small spaces like game rooms and home offices.

As the piece doesn’t come assembled, you have to do it yourself. Don’t fear because the assembly is very straightforward. What’s more, is that the company sends this couch with all the necessary tools and hardware. This sleeper is solid and heavy, which shows that it’s high-quality.

  • Easy assembly
  • Easy pull-out
  • Comfortable as bed and sofa
  • Fabric collects hair

Signature Design by Ashley gives you a sleeper sofa that is timeless in design. The pull-out is so easy that even kids can do it. Additionally, it’s comfortable as a bed and a couch that is very rare when it comes to sleeper sofas. Due to its petite size, it’s perfect for small spaces that can’t fit bigger couches.

5. FDW Sleeper Sofa – Best Cheap Sleeper Sofa

This L-shaped sectional turns into a comfy and spacious sleeper sofa within minutes. Because it comes unassembled in three pieces, it easily fits through even the snuggest doorways. Moreover, this sleeper sofa is exceptionally firm yet comfortable due to the padding in the cushions.

Furthermore, the hoop on the side makes it easy to pull out. This sectional pulls out trundle style so you can rise up to turn it into a bed. You can also leave it without raising it and use it as a leg rest. In addition to that, because it has a longer chaise, you have more space so two people can comfortably fit on this sofa.

Moreover, the lower armrest can be used as a side table as well as a pillow for a quick nap. What’s more, is that the suturing gives this sofa a comfortable feel. The wheels on the sleeper are also very smooth, so you can move it, if necessary, without worry. All of this makes it one of the best sleeper sofa that won’t break the bank.

  • Firm and comfortable
  • Longer chase
  • Comfortable for tall people as well
  • Aesthetic
  • Boxes may arrive 1/2 days apart

In short, the FDW sleeper sectional sofa is a fantastic budget-friendly option. It is easy to assemble, is extremely comfortable, and even looks exceptionally chic. It’s impossible to believe that all of this is available for under $1000. Moreover, the lower armrest can be used as a pillow for a quick nap.

6. HALOWAY Modular Recliner Sleeper Sofa – Best Affordable Sofa Bed

HALOWAY’s modular recliner sleeper sofa is one of the best sleepers under $1000. What adds to this sleeper’s allure is that it is constructed using solid wood for its frame, high-density foam and S-shaped springs in the cushions, and lastly, upholstery of polyester fabric. Because it’s upholstered using polyester, it is highly durable and better resistant to dust.

Furthermore, the design of this sleeper is exceptionally elegant and modern. This makes it a perfect furniture piece which you can place wherever you like. You can put this sleeper in a game room, home office, studio, or even your living room. The single chase even doubles as storage.

In addition to that, you can design this sleeper however you like. Want to turn the single into an ottoman? Sure, go ahead. Maybe you want a coffee table, and you can even use it like that. Because this sofa piece is built to last, it is incredibly comfortable and sturdy. What’s more is that not only is the product excellent, but so is the service.

  • Chase has multiple uses
  • Extra storage
  • Elegant design
  • Built to last
  • On the small side

HALOWAY Modular Recliner Sleeper Sofa will satisfy the hard-to-please. This sofa comes with a chase that doubles as storage. In addition to that, the chase can even be used as an ottoman or coffee table. The elegant and modern design fits right into your home like it was made for it.

7. Lilola Home Kipling Sleeper Sectional Sofa- Best Sleeper Sofa For The Money

If you’re on the hunt for a budget-friendly sleeper sofa, this is the one for you! This sleeper comes in a deep, dark brown color and classic design. It’s constructed using metal, plastic, wood, foam, and microfiber. Because it’s upholstered using microfiber, it is highly durable and stain-resistant.

Furthermore, it has to be assembled and can easily be done by one person in under an hour. The chase has tons of storage to put away anything you don’t want out in the open. Moreover, this is a very convenient piece as you place the chase on either side. Because of this feature, incorporating this sofa into your home is very easy.

Additionally, the pull-out is so simple and straightforward that even kids can do it effortlessly. And once pulled out, two people can comfortably sleep a good night’s sleep. This sleeper is firm yet comfortable and will last you a long time. Furthermore, it doesn’t stain that easily, and dirt wipes away without a hassle.

  • Stain-resistance
  • Storage
  • Reversible chase
  • Effortless pull-out
  • Might be too firm for some

The Lilola Kipling sleeper sofa will leave you without complaints. This sofa is easy to assemble and pull out. Moreover, it doesn’t get easily stained because of its microfiber upholstery. The chase can be placed on either side and doubles as extra storage.

In Conclusion

The average cost for couches is between $1000-$2000. Keeping this in mind, finding a sofa that does more for less is very hard. Sleeper sofas are great when it comes to saving space, but what about money? While buying a sleeper sofa, there are many things you need to make sure of.

Firstly, the sleeper needs to be comfortable for your guests to sleep on. Secondly, it needs to fit your space without looking out-of-place. Lastly, it should be aesthetically appealing, and storage is an added benefit. This concise list of sleeper sofas gives numerous options, all under $1000. You can choose any that fits your requirements.

  • Lilola Home Kipling Sleeper Sectional Sofa is stain-resistance and built to last, with an easy pull-out.
  • FDW Sleeper Sofa is a spacious sleeper sofa that will comfortably fit people taller than 6 ft. You can use the sectional’s lower armrest as a pillow too.
  • Merax 80.7” Reversible Sleeper Sectional Sofa is the fabulous sleeper that comes with a cup holder and tons of storage. It’s easy to assemble as well.

These are some of the best sleeper sofas available under $1000. They offer you comfort while saving you space and money. Additionally, the form of the sleepers is just as appealing as the function. The majority of these sleeper sofas also double as storage which means that they’re giving your more benefits in less money.

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