4 Best Wooden Dining Chairs – Top Picks of 2022

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Best Wooden Dining Chairs

Childhood memories bring me back to those homely dining table discussions over different subjects. I have had a nostalgic bond with living chairs and the sacred family time ever since. These well-worn seats make strong families, so I always look upon some best wooden dining chairs for their strength, resilience, and sentimental vibes. Days of digging and surfing lead me to some picture-perfect log dining seats, so I took this window of online blogging to share my suggestions with you guys.

An absolute wooden chair features a modern look, excellent build quality, a snuggly seat rest, and a comfortable backrest. Choosing one that doubles up your living area’s aesthetics is necessary, so I added a handy buying guide to provide you with an extra piece of assistance. I’m pretty excited about this instructive and practical discussion, so let’s commence!

1. Ashley Owingsville Dining Chair – Best Overall

Rating: 4.5/ 5

Ashley Owingsville Dining Chair

I found these signature modern dining chairs great primarily for their all-wooden frame and nicely crafted edges.

Ashley is an American furniture store that sells premium quality wooden furnishings. The company has a firm grip on home decor items, too, for the style they put in their products. This dining chair’s sturdiness and modern style stimulated me to consider this product.

Whenever I buy a chair, the first thing that knocks my mind is the build quality, as it will tell how long a product will last. The chair is not something one can repeatedly buy because it costs you a minimum hundred dollars, so it is a good idea to have your hands on a durable only like Ashley signature chair.

It is composed of veneers and manmade wood material: The synthetic or manmade wood is a natural wood processed in mills or industries with resin, giving more strength and stability to the furniture. On the other hand, veneers are layers of thin sheets of wood that are typically stuck over core woods to provide a smooth appearance.

  • Sophisticated Design
  • Multiple Colors
  • Comfortable Form
  • All Wooden
  • Lacks Quality Control
  • Tough Frame

This product comes in a set of two best wooden dining chairs and is available in two colors: black and white. The chair’s backrest has a ladder design, while the sitting area is sophisticatedly composed with a wooden appearance. Overall, the look is quite casual and compatible with every interior, especially wooden floors. However, there are no arms!

2. East-West Norfolk Dining Chairs – Back Rest Pick

Rating: 4.7/ 5

East-West Norfolk Dining Chairs

I trusted Norfolk’s modern dining chairs for their range of color choices and worthwhile stability.

My favorite East and West furniture LLC is the second choice on this list! The company has a modest range of products, including luxury dining chairs that are stylish and equally reliable. When it comes to furniture, I usually trust American stores as per my experience.

The Norfolk set of dining chairs boasts an innovative and attractive design that will enhance the aesthetics of your dining room or kitchen. I love that manufacturers maintain the glossy texture from head to toe of this stunning chair. It has a slatted backrest and skinny yet stylish legs. You can choose a color that suits your living interior; well, I found Nfc-mah-w (brown shade) excellent!

There are different kinds of woods used in making furniture, but hardwood is the header for its longevity, strength, and effortless maintenance. This premium-quality Norfolk chair set also brings you all those advantages because it is composed of Asian hardwood material, which is also called rubberwood. If you’re searching for something that lasts for years, I strongly suggest East-West chairs!

  • Extremely Stable
  • Seven Color Choices
  • Slatted Backrest
  • Long-Lasting
  • Lacks Detail
  • Short-span for Bigger-Bodied

Over that, these chairs follow an innovative “cutting edge technology” that adds more smoothness and sleekness in the crafting of this product. I consider the softness in the chair’s base too because it makes maneuverability effortless and quick, and thankfully the Norfolk chairs didn’t disappoint me. So, are you ready to renovate your living area with these remarkable chairs?

3. Walker Edison Dining Chairs – Designer Armless Pick

Rating: 4.4/ 5

Walker Edison Dining Chairs

I strongly recommend the Walker Edison chair set for premium quality construction and modern design.

One should purchase furniture wisely because your home space defines your personality, way of living, and more. Therefore, I always consider branded ones, offering supremacy in design and durability. In this way, Walker Edison is my go-to furniture company because the brand is held by a very popular market investor, “Lincoln Group”!

I always prefer the best wooden dining chairs because of their extravagant durability when it comes to dining chairs. But some people think having these chairs compromises the style and fanciness of your dining interior. Guess what? The Walker Edison modern farmhouse chairs have proved you all wrong by launching these elegant ladder-style chairs, which are trendy and likewise hardwearing.

Besides their appearance, the best thing about this chair is that it is not flimsy, like many other stylish seats in the market. According to manufacturers, the wooden material used in making this chair belongs to their luxury quality materials, which is why it is incredibly stable, robust, and resistant. Even after years of usage, these chairs remain similarly stylish and rugged.

  • Premium Quality
  • Ideal for Farmhouse
  • Promising Weight Capacity
  • Modern Design
  • Vague Instructions
  • Tough to Assemble

I want to appreciate the seat of this wooden chair! Let me clear you guys; all wooden seats aren’t the same in terms of comfort level because the ease or solace varies with the class of wood used in making a specific seat. The Walker Edison chairs offer endless comfortability and relaxation because producers have utilized the same premium wood to make every inch of this product! Plus, the seat is promising enough to carry around 250 lbs. weight, which is colossal!

4. Poly and Bark Weave Dining Chair – Durable Pick

Rating: 4.7/ 5

Poly and Bark Weave Dining Chair

I tested this mid-century dining chair and found it best for its modern profile, stability, and robust frame.

Poly and Bark is an American company that delivers remarkable quality home decor items and furnishings worldwide. The primary strength of the brand is stylish and trendy designed dining chairs and sofas, which are highly demanded these days. Here I am going to review the best wooden dining chair set that has a weave-style seat!

The Poly and Bark hemp seat comprises solid wood material and woven rope. Solid wood is a term used to express freshly cut organic wood which is not being engineered in factories or mills. Of course, natural wood is better than synthetic in terms of quality but costs you a little more because it is additive-free. The wooden parts are held together with high-quality adhesive to form this elegant Poly and Bark chair!

When you’re buying a dining chair, dimensions should be considered so that chairs sit with your table quickly. The Poly and Back chairs are 20.8 inches in diameter, 21.5 inches in width, and 30.5 inches in height, while the seat proportions are as follows: 16 inches in diameter, 19 inches in width, and 18 inches in height. In a few words, this chair is quite roomy and wide, giving you an excellent space to sit comfortably.

The seat of this chair is different from others in terms of construction as it is composed of woven rope. The rope seats are pretty fashionable these days, but their resilience varies with the type of rope used in their making. The Poly and Bark seat is built with hemp rope, one of the strongest ropes worldwide, usually used in sailing ships. The rope seats are softer and more comfortable than wooden ones, and you also get the advantage of replacing the seat afterward.

  • Unique Design
  • Stable and Sturdy Frame
  • Comfortable Sessions
  • Hemp Woven Rope
  • Relatively Expensive

I love the addition of sophisticated armrests in this chair which provides good comfort to your elbow while sitting. In short, this chair is so fulfilling in every way, but it is a little more expensive than other options on this list. Buyers should consider this trendy, robust, and sofa-like comfortable chair for whom budget is not a matter of concern.

Buying Guide

Here are couple of things you should keep in mind when buying wooden dinning chairs.

Chair Size

Having a wrong-sized chair that will not fit your table is just a waste of time and money! In this way, it is essential to consider the chair size while buying dining seats. To purchase like a pro, measure your table first using inch tape and note down all the measurements, including length and space beneath. Keep the size with you for shopping for the best wooden dining chairs!

According to the standard rule of thumb, a chair seat should be 12 inches far from the tabletop so that you can sit and stand effortlessly without hurting your knees. Secondly, there should be a difference of a few inches between every chair to come out quickly. Finally, make sure how many seats would fit in your dining table space easily, don’t overload chairs, please!

In addition, the size of seat rest and backrest also matter; for instance, small seats are not comfortable for big people. People facing backaches should consider those with long backsides as they are more supportive. I hope you’ll find an ideal purchase this way.

Build Quality

In general, build quality refers to the material used to construct a product. It determines how sturdy, long-lasting, and stable a chai will be; therefore, taking material quality into account is obligatory. Wooden chairs are, of course, better in terms of durability and resilience than plastic or any other material. You might be wondering we are only talking about wooden chairs there. For your information, wood is of different kinds and qualities that affect the seat’s excellence and overall condition.

There are various kinds of wood used in furniture-making; amongst all, hardwood is the front-runner because of its robustness, resistance, stability, and durability. Always consider the best wooden dining chair that features all-wood construction, including legs, so that you won’t have a flimsy chair. I also like woven rope seat edition in wooden chairs, which is expensive but highly comfortable and soft.

Arm Rests

There are two kinds of dining chairs: one with arms and the others armless. The best wooden dining chairs with arms offer extra comfort by providing good rest to your elbows while sitting. But, these chairs demand a large room and provide limited space to sit in. In contrast, the armless chairs are limitless, trendy, and come in a sophisticated design. These chairs can fit in minimal space, too but are not very comfortable. In conclusion, the choice depends on your suitability and preference.


Are wooden dining chairs comfortable?

Yes! It is no more than a label that wooden chairs aren’t comfortable. However, comfort and relaxation depend on several factors, especially the material used to make a particular chair. In other words, all wooden chairs are not equally comfortable, so make sure to choose wisely.

How long do wooden dining chairs last?

The longevity of any product depends upon how you use and maintain it. In terms of dining chairs, wooden or metallic chairs are more long-lasting and robust than plastic ones. The best wooden dining chair can last for years if you shield it from exterior impacts like water, heat, etc.

Do dining chairs need to match tables?

It was considered good to have a matching chair with a dining table in the old-school days. But, with years, trends have changed, and now it is unnecessary to buy a ditto copy dining seats. A slight color and style difference looks modern and more classy!

Final Thoughts!

Furniture is a symbol that represents your living style and status. Therefore, I never compromise on having the best quality with style, especially when it comes to dining chairs because every guest will have that seat, right? I have shared my favorite choices from today’s wooden home furnish market, which are worthwhile and classy. Amongst all, my go-to best wooden dining chair choices are the following:

  • Ashley Owingsville modern chair for its sophisticated design and ideal crafting.
  • Poly and Bark weave chair for its modern design and stable frame.

Here comes the end to this informative discussion over the best wooden dining chairs! I hope that this article will help you find the most promising partner for your dine-in space. Please make sure to read the handy buying guide explained above to have your hands on the right product!

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