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Are you in a dilemma of choosing an office chair or a gaming chair? It is, however, quite tricky to decide which one to get. To make this easy for you, we will provide you with a detailed guide about the difference and comparison between an office chair and a gaming chair reviewed and tested by us. Your comfort zone must not be compromised whether your profession is gaming or working in an office for long hours. Both of these professions require sitting for a long time that may affect your posture and back.

If you work from home, then you have the liberty to choose between the two. Due to the pandemic, nowadays, most of us have to work from home because of social distancing, so working without the right chair may lead to back issues and discomfort. Buying a cheap chair will not do any help either. You need to get a chair with ergonomic features. Both gaming and office chairs are available with ergonomic features.

For some people, all chairs are the same. Whether it is a gaming chair or an office chair, since both are used for sitting, however, some differences may not appear at a glance. Still, the design, comfort level, reclining, etc., are key differences that need to be considered while purchasing a chair.

Gaming Chair Vs. Office Chair


Office chairs do not differ when it comes to design. The only difference comes in the type of material used in the chairs. For example, we have leather office chairs and mesh office chairs that differ from one another due to the feature of breathability. Leather office chairs have a sleek and sophisticated design and mostly come in black color. They are pretty comfortable at first, but with the passage of time, the cushioning that supports the back becomes compressed when used often.

Also, leather comes or wears off quickly. In contrast, the mesh office chair offers more breathability as it allows more airflow and does not numb your back when it comes in contact with the seat’s back. It is ideal for hot weather. When it comes to gaming chairs, they are made with faux leather that only has a catchy and appealing appearance, but also, unlike real leather, it does not come off or wrinkles up quickly, which makes it durable.

The gaming chairs come in different vibrant colors since their design is inspired by racing cars. That’s why they have a bright color combination, and you can customize it if you want to match it with your PC theme. Although you can have different design features in a gaming chair, a gaming chair is much heavier and bulky in size than an office chair. So you need to see which of these fits your preferences.

Comfort And Ergonomic Features

When investing in getting a chair for your new desk, the vital feature a chair needs to possess is comfort. Since ergonomic features such as height adjustability and back recliners are offered by gaming and office chairs, gaming chairs might provide more comfort than an office chair. It provides fuller back reclining compared to a standard office chair that offers back relining with small motion. A gaming chair can recline to the point that it may become parallel to the ground. However, an office chair does not feature this much reclining.

So you should consider this feature if you are a person who likes to lean or rest your back on a chair a lot while working or watching movies and games. A standard office chair has a waterfall seat, while a gaming chair has a bucket seat. The specialty of the waterfall seat is that it relaxes your lumbar spine as it provides support to the back and legs. Other than quality, a waterfall seat only adds to comfort level and freedom to move about in a chair. In contrast, the bucket seats offer a snug feeling as their design and style come from racing cars.

This feature also satisfies the aesthetic sense and offers immersive gaming. The gaming chairs are often congested, and you do not have much freedom to sit in different positions, like sitting cross legs. The feature of headrests is fixed in both the chairs. Nonetheless, some office chairs provide adjustable headrests, whereas a gaming chair includes a pillow that adds comfort. It is beneficial when leaning back as it adds support to your neck and rest if you are a long-hour computer user. Well, the added cushion in a gaming chair is much better than fixed headrests.


Both gaming and an office chair features adjustability of armrests with swivel functions. Armrests come in different types that determine the level of comfort and cost. The first type is static armrests that are static and do not feature moveability. The second type is an adjustable armrest that allows adjustability in height only, and some feature padded armrests.

The third type is 2D armrests allow adjustability not just for height but also sides ways. The top of the armrest includes a padded cushion with a bit of bent on the front for hand adjustability. The fourth type is a 3D armrest; as the name suggests, it offers adjustability in 3 dimensions: height, sideways, backward, and forward direction. This one, too, provides a padded cushion on the armrest.

The fifth type is 4D armrests allowing adjustments in all four dimensions and rotation. For precise adjustments, a button is added for the directions with a padded cushion on the armrest. This will enable you to maneuver the adjustments of the armrest. These tyes are included in both gaming chairs and office chairs. So if you want to have a comfortable arm and shoulder position, you can consider a gaming or an office chair while bearing these types in mind. However, the gaming chair tends to be heavier than the office chair.

Lumbar Support

Working from home or at the office or playing games may require sitting for many hours proves to be harmful to your back and posture. It also leads to many back problems. To avoid such issues, get yourself a comfortable chair. Almost every standard or office chair comes with fixed lumbar support to promote a healthy posture.

Only leather office chairs may not give you lumbar support and comfort. The feature where the office chair wins over the gaming chair is lumbar support. A gaming chair kind of lacks this feature because of its flat backrest design. It consists of a small pillow for neck support. However, it is not ideal for lumbar support as the pillows flatten quickly within a short period of use.

Similarly, the strap or other attachments do not stay in place, which proves to be the downfall of the gaming chair. The office chair has more adjustability and lumbar support as they have the most comfortable backs with a curve and mesh design that offers support to your back.

Additional Features

If you are out to haunt for luxury with extra features other than comfort and support, you may think about getting a gaming chair. The gaming chairs come with these features only, and an office chair does not provide them. However, with all fancy and luxurious designs, the gaming chair also promises to give maximum comfort, adjustability, and support.

So if you prioritize having customized fancy style chairs with deluxe features regardless of cost, then a gaming chair is a good option for you. The additional features may include extra cushion support, Bluetooth speakers integrated into the chair’s headrest, which might be handy while gaming, and listen to your favorite songs while working. That’s not all. Some gaming chairs also offer vibration, which is a feature of massage chairs. However, they are more costly than regular gaming chairs.


Office chairs are designed to provide your back some support and adjustability and appearance similar to that of the chair. They are primarily black with a sleek finish as per office decorum demands. The simple design does not satisfy the aesthetics sense of an individual. While gaming chairs are the total opposite, the design and appearance are given more priority. You can customize the chair with different flashy colors. You may notice that each design is different from another, from logos to stitching.

Aesthetics is one of the reasons why gaming chairs are expensive compared to office chairs. Nonetheless, the price may vary from another in both gaming and office chairs because of the features and quality. Gaming chairs are also expensive as they offer different features. Whether you get an office or gaming chair, you should consider the budget in mind. You can get a budget-friendly gaming chair or an office with decent functions and comfort, which needs much consideration before purchasing one.

Best Gaming And Office Chairs

The above comparison between a gaming chair and an office chair may clear your doubts and hopefully helps in making your mind for buying either of the chairs. If you are contemplating purchasing a gaming chair or an office chair, here are some of the best gaming and office chairs with decent features and functions with budget-friendly.

1. Gaming Chair Racing Style

GTPOFFICE presents a racing car-inspired gaming chair that allows experiencing full immersive gaming and partners with your deck for official work. It offers an adjustment feature as it includes a handle under the seat. With the help of this handle, you can recline your seat to 90 to 155 degrees by turning this handle.

It also features adjustability and movability of the armrest in the vertical and horizontal direction by pulling the button. It includes a swivel function with 360 rotation and reclining of the backrest up to 90 to 155 degrees. It also offers height adjustability as well. It weighs about 47 pounds with 32 x 21 x 12 inches of dimensions. The gaming chair is famous for its appearance and material.

Similarly, GTOFFICE has integrated PU leather (polyurethane leather) which is water-resistant, durable, and can be efficiently designed in various colors. Gaming chairs are known to be bulky and sturdy. This gaming chair has a sturdy and durable base. The base is made of metal that offers more durability and strength to withstand a weight of about 260 lbs. For easy transport and flexibility, it consists of Omni-directional wheels.

  • Metal base
  • Omni-directional wheels
  • Swivel and reclining function
  • Hard to assemble

If you are looking for a compatible gaming chair as a desk partner for gaming and office work from home, then the GTPOFFICE gaming chair is a good option to opt for. It includes function features such as a reclining backrest, adjustment of seat height and armrests, and Omni-directional wheels for easy movability.

2. Dowinx Gaming Chair

Dowinx brings forth a gaming chair with a sophisticated design and deluxe features. It has integrated environment-friendly material and has achieved this sturdy construction that weighs about 50 pounds and 23 x 20 x 55 inches of dimensions. It has used PU leather material for durability on an alloy frame. It includes a high-density foam of about 8 inches and consists of 3 heavy-duty gas pistons for stability and consistency.

It offers a swivel function with wheels for smooth transportability. Its backrest reclines about 90 to 180 degrees with a retractable footrest. It also allows rocking about 20 degrees and tilting so you can play games, work, read, or even take a nap as well. Dowinx features adjustability of seat height and armrest and also includes padded neck and lumbar pillows. It has installed high-quality thick rubber foam for comfort and thinned side frame with a padded soft filing footrest.

It features a USB cable Power linked in the armrest, and it supplies a massager by connecting the USB cable to a power bank, computer, or laptop. So if you work for long hours, this massager can relax your back. It is compatible with both gamers and office workers due to its ergonomic features, massage, and lumbar support. Dowinx provides a One-month replacement and provides a 1-year warranty for parts.

  • Padded footrest design
  • Massager support
  • Durable
  • Squeaky sounds

Dowinx provides you comfort by featuring a reclining backrest, retractable padded footrest design, and height adjustments. It offers a massager that can be connected through a USB cable to multiple devices. It comes with a neck and lumbar cushion to offer comfort.

3. SP Velvet Office Chair

SP Velvet office chair is designed to offer comfort and support to your back. This chair is ideal for sedentary individuals as it offers a contoured backseat the provides good cushioning to your back and posture. However, it does not include a neck or lumbar pillow and headrest for support like gaming chairs, but its back is long enough to support your head. It is available in 8 different shades that you can match with office furniture or Pc theme.

The design and overall look have a nice finish due to the velvet material and are more comfortable than leather office chairs. The seat consists of a memory sponge with a thickness of 1.5 inches and has a well-padded backrest with reclining and rocking ability up to 30 degrees. The two armrests are padded with a velvet finish that can be flipped up and down.

SP office chair provides the seat’s height adjustment between 18.5 to 21.7 inches. This office chair does allow airflow, so you will not get heated like the ones with PU leather material. Due to this breathability quality, it can be used as a gaming chair and an office chair. It comes with a limited warranty and a 30 days money-back guarantee.

  • Velvet finish
  • Breathability
  • Available in different shades
  • No headrest

If you are a sedentary person, then the SP office chair is a good option for you to choose. It provides good back and seat cushioning to offer comfort. The adjustable seat height and armrest make it even more convenient to use. The velvet finish makes it appear more elegant.

4. STARSPACE High Leather Office Chair

Being a sedentary individual, you need to have a desk chair that has a long and wide back with lumbar support. Hence, Starspace has brought forth a comfortable desk chair with advanced features. It provides you ultimate cushioning support as it features a large, taller, and wide backrest, unlike other flimsy office chairs with limited cushioning. The large cushioning is suitable for all people with body stature.

It comes in black and brown shades, two elegant and sophisticated colors to fit the office theme. This chair weighs about 400lbs with 28.3 x 30.3 x 50.8 inches dimensions. It features a strong heavy-duty metal base with a seat plate. The sturdy structure allows you to work for many hours without harming your back. Starspace offers adjustment of seat height in up and down position and tilting along the long stem with knob and reclining of backrest about 90 to 120 degrees.

So you can lean on, take a nap or rest your back securely. It also features a swivel function up to 360 degrees and five durable caster wheels for easy mobility. This desk chair is covered with thick padding under the Bonded leather finish. The ergonomic features add to the comfort and provide lumbar support due to the double cushioned seat with built-in spring, padded armrest, and headrest with premium high-density foam. Starspace offers a 1-year warranty with good customer care.

  • high-density foam
  • Heavy-duty metal
  • Tall and wide dimensions
  • Time-consuming to assemble

Starspace is featuring a wide and tall desk partner ideal for people who work for long hours. It provides lumbar support with a padded back and headrest. It integrates five durable caster wheels and 360 degrees of swivel function for easy transportability and is available in black and classy brown shades.


Are gaming chairs better than office chairs?

A standard or office chair offers more comfort than a gaming chair. Office chairs allow you to move about in a chair and do not hug you while seated. A gaming chair can be uncomfortable since the seat hugs when you are seated and does not have the freedom to move about. So if you are looking comfortable chair, then an office chair is a better option for you. Still, the decision varies due to individual preferences.

Are gaming chairs bad for posture?

Bad posture may be a cause of buying a bad or poor-quality chair. A gaming chair other than its flamboyant appearance gives comfort and support as it includes more cushioning than an office chair. A gaming chair keeps your posture in check as it provides a padded headrest, neck, and lumbar pillow.

Are mesh office chairs better?

Compared to velvet and PU leather office chairs, mesh office chairs are a lot better office chairs since they allow more breathability and comfort. Mesh allows maximum airflow and does not heat up. Mesh material does not wear out, unlike PU leather office chairs, which makes them durable.

To Conclude

Both gaming and office offer their respective features. Their manufacturing is done by keeping the dynamics of each field. However, you can use both of them as your desk chair since their purpose is the same, which is to sit. The decision becomes challenging when you begin to compare and look for better features in either of them.

If you prioritize flamboyant and flashy style design over comfort, then, in that case, gaming chairs may be the option you choose, or if you want comfort being as a sedentary individual, you can opt for office chairs. The top three recommended office, and gaming chairs are

  • Dowinx Gaming Chair for its durability, massager support, and footrest design
  • SP Velvet Office Chair for its long backrest, breathability due to mesh material, and velvet finish
  • Gaming Chair Racing Style for its Omni-directional wheels, metal, and sturdy base, and reclining function

This was an in-detailed comparison review of gaming chairs and office chairs where both gaming and office features were elaborated. You can consider these features while buying a good-quality desk chair for yourself according to your preferences.

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