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If you are an avid gamer, then the chances are that you spend most of your time hunched over your gaming PC or slouched on a couch with your controller. We would venture to say that you often complain of back pain and muscle strains as well. Understandably such pains can be attributed to certain underlying conditions, but bad posture is the prime culprit in this situation. Sadly several gamers across the globe are menaced by this culprit, but not many of them know that their chairs and couches are the leading perpetrators of their postural problems.

If you happen to be one of the more seasoned gamers, you already know that specially designed chairs can allay the antecedent issues. Nonetheless, novices—or perhaps professionals as well—may have trouble choosing between different varieties or may not be aware of them at all. “What varieties are these?” a beginner may inquire. Well, a chair versus a recliner, to be exact.

Before we can weigh them up against one another by illustrating their pros and cons, let us first understand what mainly sets them apart.

What is the Major Difference?

For starters, one is a chair, and the other is a recliner, so the difference is quite stark. However, unlike an office chair or just any swivel chair, a gaming chair possesses added cushioning and is adjustable mainly when it comes to height. Nonetheless, in the same vein as an ordinary office chair, it offers excellent mobility and takes up very little space compared to a recliner. These qualities have made this variety popular among gamers with small living spaces.

Similarly, a gaming recliner differs from your grandfather’s good old recliner on account of certain additional features like side pockets for your controllers, a headphone jack, built-in speakers, a cup holder, and massage features, etc. This variety—referred to as the platform/pedestal/rocker type—may be comfortable but is usually abnormally huge for compact spaces and unsuitable for PC gamers due to its platform build.

With the primary distinction out of the way, let us look at some of their positives and negatives to help you make a more sound decision concerning your possible investment.

Pros of Gaming Chairs

Reduce Health Problems

Prolonged sitting often interferes with blood circulation and can cause spinal problems. Suppose your gaming style is framed chiefly by long sessions. In that case, these ergonomic chairs are just the thing for you because: (a) their edges improve blood flow to the legs and prevent numbness and nerve damage and; (b) their lumbar cushion support alleviates back pain by aptly filling the gap between your spine and the seat. Moreover, the adjustable armrests and foam density will also ensure that sufficient blood flows to your upper limbs and lessen cramps, respectively.

These benefits will, additionally, be conducive to concentration as well and accentuate your performance.

Augment Gaming Experience

Some models come equipped with integrated speakers that make the gameplay ten times more interesting. Enhanced sound quality will transport you—audibly on top of visually—to the realm of your character.


If you want your gaming room to look well put together, then investing in a gaming chair that ties in with the rest of your equipment will elevate its appeal tenfold. A plethora of such aesthetic chairs are available on the market. Some of which are inspired by renowned game franchises.

A snazzy gaming chair is all the more important if you plan to make a career out of gaming. Have you ever heard of a famous gamer with a squeaky office chair?

Low Maintenance and Durable

Even though they are a bit pricey, gaming chairs are made up of easy-to-clean fabrics and can last a long time if used sensibly.

Cons of Gaming Chairs

Prone to Smell

Most gaming chairs are upholstered in leather and are likely to stink up the place if not appropriately maintained. If you sweat a lot, we recommend you clean your chair as frequently as possible.

Moreover, heat and sunlight ruin the leather upholstery and need to be factored into your purchase and positioning as well.


Some first-rate gaming chairs cost an arm and a leg but are mostly all about their looks. Remember, not everything that glitters is gold. Similarly, a brand tag does not entail sheer quality but instead brings up the price by a few bucks. Thus, if you want to save your money from going down the drain, then thoroughly consult others in the gaming world and the internet before buying one of these flashy chairs.

Another thing to keep in mind is that several companies essentially spend on the packaging to make Youtube unboxing videos more sensational. If you have your eyes on any such remarkably packaged products, then they might turn out to be all bark and no bite.

Exclusive of Heavier Body Types

Like most other equipment on the market, gaming chairs do not cater to people on the heavier side. Sadly, If you are not lean, then there is a possibility that you will have trouble finding a chair with the correct dimensions.

As mentioned above, gaming chairs are a tad expensive; thus, getting a customized one to suit your needs might break the bank.

To make the discrepancies between gaming chairs and recliners more apparent, let us now look at the assets and liabilities of gaming recliners.

Pros of Gaming Recliners

Gaming recliners—variously referred to as console chairs—afford roundabout the same amount of comfort and adjustability as their upright counterparts. However, they possess some distinct redeeming qualities as well.


The biggest selling point of these chairs is the number of additional features that have been incorporated into their comfortable design. These features range from in-built speakers to a full-blown massager and are only a pipe dream for gaming chair users.

Cons of Gaming Recliners

Only Well-Suited to Console Gaming

Their low-lying platform designs are only suited to console gaming because they lack the swivel and mobility required for PC gaming.


On account of their mammoth sizes, these chairs are challenging to move around and clean. If you are looking for more space and a renter-friendly option, this chair is not for you.

These pros-and-cons lists should provide you with enough light to make your next purchase. Nevertheless, it does not hurt to check the specifications of different models and varieties before spending a huge wad of cash.

A Word of Caution

Cheaper chairs are usually a scam. The best way to avoid getting tricked is to always check the website for reviews and ask around on popular gaming platforms. Nevertheless, this does not imply that all economic chairs are fraudulent. As long as you are buying from a reliable website with plenty of reviews, you are good to go!


Do gaming chairs have warranties?

Yes! But unfortunately, they are relatively short in comparison to their hefty prices. The most you will get is two to three years precluding things like seating foam, base, and fabric.

Do the recliners come equipped with Bluetooth?

Not necessarily. Since the Bluetooth feature is not common to all recliner brands and models, you should check with the retailer and review the specifications before investing. The wireless varieties are more likely to possess a Bluetooth feature.

Are they available in a range of colours?

Absolutely! Their exquisite and innumerable designs and colours are what make them sell like hotcakes. Some of the more popular colours are blues, blacks, and red. A quick Google search will help you narrow down the design and colour that fits in with your set-up.

Are all recliners and chairs expensive?

No, some recliners and chairs also start at about $100. However, they are usually fashioned out of cheaper fabrics and fray or give out more quickly. Remember, buying cheap is buying twice. Furthermore, some of the additional features are only available in some of the costlier models.

Final Verdict

The myriad of health concerns mentioned above guarantees that gaming is not all fun and games. But these issues should not stunt your skills as a gamer or discourage you from becoming the next PewDiePie or Markiplier. That, dear reader, is where these chairs and recliners come in. Although they are pretty heavy on the pocket, they will ensure a healthy life—one you can then happily spend gaming for hours at an end. Moreover, the fact that they are suited to different mediums should not bar you from using a recliner for PC gaming or vice versa.

We have explained the two varieties in great detail and as best as we could, and you will be able to use the details like a map to pinpoint the one you really want or could easily incorporate into your gaming space.

Lastly, we would advise you to prioritize your health and not play for extended periods because there is only so little that a seat can do to restore your spine and muscles. Stay healthy and play stealthily!

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