How to Arrange Throw Pillows on a Sectional Sofa?

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Are you worried about the decoration of your sectional sofas? You must be looking for different ways for the best arrangements of your throw pillows on your sectional sofas. On a simple couch, the arrangement of these pillows is not a big deal but for sectionals, it can be quite tricky. As you know that sectional sofas contain multiple independent seats instead of a single continuous seat, a proper arrangement of the pillows is required for this purpose.

How To Arrange Throw Pillows On A Sectional Sofas

Before arranging pillows on the sectional sofa, the size and the style of your throw pillows matter a lot.

Different Sized Throw Pillows

Pillows or cushions of the same size do not look good for decoration purposes. You must get different sized pillows for their proper arrangement on the sofa. We also wrote a special guide on buying sofas as well. The biggest size of the throw pillow should be at least 24 inches. Then smaller-sized pillows of 22 inches and 20 inches should also be used. You can use different shapes of pillows as well, some of them can be square, round, rectangular, etc.

The variation in the size and shape of these throw pillows will need a proper arrangement. To give each pillow a complete chance to take a part in your drawing room’s beauty, its arrangement plays a huge role. You must follow these given steps properly to achieve the best end result to entangle any spectator in your drawing room’s magic charm.

Arrangement of Throw Pillows

1. Larger Pillows On The Back

You can also use smaller pillows for your sectional sofas, but smaller pillows do not look cool on the bigger sofas, as they leave lots of sofas uncovered. You must take a 24 or 22 inches sized pillow and place it on one corner of the sofa. The leveling of other pillows will depend on the first pillow that you are placing. So try to choose a pillow that would be according to the size of your sofa, not too big, not too small.

2. Leveling of Other Pillows

After placing a 24 inches pillow, start placing smaller-sized pillows on its front. Put a 22 inches pillow in front of the larger one, in a way that it does not block the view of your first pillow. Then on the other side of the larger pillow put a 20 inches pillow, to provide a good sequence to your pillows. The size-wise placing of pillows is necessary, not to jumble the whole sofa.

3. Setting

Proper setting of these pillows is also needed. You should not place all the same-sized cushions together in a row. If you are putting larger pillows first then avoid putting them all in a single line. You can adjust them on different corners. Make a group of different-sized pillows at all the corners to provide ample space for your guests to sit. If you will not arrange them properly then it can happen that there would be only pillows on the sofa but no space for your guests.

4. The Texture of The Pillows

While arranging the throw pillows on the sectional sofa, the texture or the design of the pillows should be kept in mind. You can use traditionally styled pillows as well. These pillows are similar in texture. For example, all the larger pillows would be of the same texture while all the smaller pillows of the same texture. On different corners, you can have the same style of cushions.

But you can use a variety of textures for your pillows. It is not necessary that you must have matching pillows on all the sides of the sofa. Nowadays, people like pillows with different styles and different prints as well which can be matched with the theme of the living room. If you are using a graphic-designed larger pillow then try to use a smaller pillow with a simple texture. Even in the texture of your pillows, you should stay alert!

5. Color Scheme

You must arrange your throw pillows according to the color scheme of your sofa. If the color of your sofa is darker in shade then the pillows must be of light colors or light textures. The same is the case with light color sofas, which should be contrasted with dark-colored throw pillows. For enhancing your pillows on the sofa, colors should not be jumbled up. If you will not focus on the color scheme then none of your sofa or a pillow would be complementary to each other. You can also match slipcover with the color scheme of cushions.


Why do you call them to throw pillows?

Throw pillows have taken their name from their random places on the sofas or on the beds. They are randomly thrown over the sofa to enhance the beauty or for decoration purposes, so they are thrown cushions or pillows. To cover the sofa from dirt or dust, a piece of cloth is usually spread over it. This piece of cloth is kind of thrown over the sofa, which makes it a throw cover. Throw pillows are also a sort of covering on the sofa.

What is the difference between throw pillows and cushions?

Usually, the small pillows in front of the collection of pillows on the bed are known as cushions. They are comparatively smaller and square in shape. They are used for comfort purposes. While throw pillows are mostly used for decoration purposes. You can call cushions to throw pillows as well if they are being used as a decoration piece on a sofa or a bed with no other use.

Wrapping It Up

To wrap it all up, different factors are involved in the setting or the decoration of your sectional sofa. If you are not aware of little things, then you can face different problems. Color, size, texture, shape, structure, etc. are the different aspects that you should follow to get the best arrangement of your throw pillows on the sectional sofa. If any one of them would be ignored, the deficiency would be vividly visible on the first sight of the sofa.

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