How to Clean a Gaming Chair?

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Accidental spillage of drinks and leftover food can easily damage your favourite gaming chair. These tools are specifically designed to prevent soreness and irritation while gaming and should be maintained properly for better efficiency. Thus, you should carefully follow strict cleanliness practices to ensure a remarkable outcome. Most products are available with a cleaning manual that provides the required information.

However, you can also include various other steps to improve the output depending on the type of chair. For example, leather is a sensitive material and might get damaged due to the use of detergent. Moreover, it is tough to clean mesh-based chairs, and hence, a vacuum cleaner can be used to aid the process. This article encapsulates a step-by-step guide on how to clean a gaming chair made up of leather and mesh.

How To Clean a Gaming Chair?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to clean leather and mesh-based gaming chair.

Step1: Identification of the Construction Material

The first and foremost step towards the cleaning involves the identification of the construction material. A gaming chair can be made up of substances varying from leather to mesh. Once you verify the material, you can adopt the correct technique and chemicals that can be used for the procedure.

The use of cheap chemicals and substances that are not compatible with your object will lead to further harm. Similarly, the plastic parts of the gaming chair and accessories might have different requirements. Plastic items are easier to clean as compared to stainless steel products. Hence, you should first visit the manufacturer’s website and read the user manual before beginning to clean the chair.

Step2: Collection Required Tools

After the construction material has been identified, it is time for collection tools that will aid your cleaning process. They can range from water buckets to specialized detergents for cleaning. Based on careful research about various models, the most common objects required for cleaning include a water bucket, soft cloth, or rug. Most stains can be efficiently removed using lukewarm water.

However, for stubborn stains, it is recommended to go for a specialized detergent that is mild in nature. The use of strong detergents might lead to discolouration of the fabric or might also damage some sensitive fabrics. Detergents can also be mixed with warm water to create a solution, which can be gently rubbed over the dirty areas with the help of a rug. Similarly, you can use other solvents as an alternative to water if the stain does not come off.

Alcohol-based solvents such as rubbing alcohol display unrivalled efficiency in this case and can be used to remove deep and stubborn stains. Apart from this, sponges and brushes can also be used to clean the equipment especially small areas that might be hard to reach otherwise. Thus, you can select all the tools depending on your requirements, and you are good to go.

Step 3: Elimination of Dust and Debris

Now is the time to practically begin cleaning your favourite gaming chair. Removal of dust and debris from the apparatus is the easiest part and does not require much effort on the user’s part. For this purpose, take a clean cloth and wipe off the surface. It is recommended to avoid using the water in this step as doing so would create a mess for yourself.

For leather chairs, it is advised to use a microfiber rag that will generate enough charge to attract the static dust particles, leaving a clean surface behind. Contrary to this, mesh-based chairs are difficult to clean. Mesh is a great absorbent in nature and captures more pollutants than its other counterpart. Hence, it will take a lot of effort to clean the corners and deep fibres. Therefore, you can use a vacuum to perform the task.

Handheld vacuums are an ideal choice for most users due to their compact size and lightweight nature. Moreover, they are battery-powered and hence are portable in nature. You can use a brush attachment with the vacuum cleaner for enhanced efficiency as it will suck away minute dust particles as well. For better results, it is advised to vacuum your mesh gaming chair once every week to avoid dust build-up.

Step 4: Cleaning the Upholstery with Water

Once you have completely wiped the dust from the surface, it is time for deep cleaning. This involves tackling the stubborn coffee and food stains that might have resided on your product for a long time. The longer you take to clean them after spillage, the harder it will be to remove them. Thus, this step will involve the use of lukewarm water to aid the procedure. As mentioned earlier, some stains can be effortlessly removed using water only, while others might require a mild detergent.

However, there are stubborn stains as well that can only be cleaned using solvents. So, you can mark them with a pen depending on their severity and can begin with the required technique for each. In addition to this, the use of water and solvent depends greatly on the construction fabric. Leather chairs are sensitive to detergents and solvents and thus, can be cleaned using water only. You can aid the process with a mild detergent.

However, using strong detergent or rubbing with more pressure might lead to discolouration of the item. Contrarily, the other fabric-based units are difficult to clean and thus, require the use of a good solvent with intense scrubbing to get the job done. Furthermore, in the case of mesh chairs, it is strongly advised to avoid rubbing as it will damage the product. Instead, you can blot the apparatus gently till it gets cleaned.

Step 5: Use a Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol can be used for stains that do not come off even after following the above-mentioned methods. Take a small cotton ball and apply a minute amount of rubbing alcohol on it. Afterwards, blot a small area with alcohol underneath the chair. Let the alcohol sit for some time—monitor whether the alcohol is compatible with the construction material of the chair.

If yes, you can use it for cleaning. Now use the alcohol-based cotton balls over the marks. Dab the surface gently. Remember never to exceed the amount of rubbing alcohol as it will damage the chair. Keep dabbing until a clean surface is left behind. After cleaning, you can gently rub the surface with a clean and dry cloth.

Step 6: Cleaning the Remaining Apparatus

After the upholstery, it is time to clean the remaining tools such as armrests, wheels, and the base of the unit. These items are relatively easier to clean due to their plastic construction. The procedure can be carried out using a sponge with lukewarm water and a small amount of soap. Dip the sponge soap and water solution and rub it over the polluted areas.

To prevent bacterial growth, a disinfectant can also be mixed in the solution. Finally, use a dry cloth to wipe the remaining water, and you are good to go. Apart from this, the process might differ in the case of stainless steel units. Hence for this purpose, you can replace the soap with a mild detergent. After cleaning, dry out the surface with a clean cloth to prevent streaking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the dirt out of a mesh?

Mesh is an absorbent and hence attracts a lot of dirt as compared to other substances. Moreover, it is often difficult to clean the dirt from the corners of mesh-based products. In such instances, you can use a brush to wipe away the visible dust. As for the minute particles, it is recommended to go for a handheld vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. Be extremely gentle while doing so to prevent damage.

Why do gaming chairs stink?

The most common reason for the production of odours is the growth of bacteria. Increased sweating while sitting on a chair leads to its absorption in the fabric, which over time supports bacterial growth. Hence, resulting in a smelly chair over time. Therefore, it is recommended to clean your product once every week for improved performance.

How do you get the smell out of a leather chair?

To remove the smell coming from a leather chair, you can use white vinegar. Take one teaspoon of white vinegar and dilute it in half a cup of water. Stir the mixture well and use it with the help of a clean cloth. Alternatively, you can also pour the solution into a spray bottle and thoroughly spray the chair. This will remove the pungent smell coming from your chair and leave it clean.

Wrapping Up

The method of cleaning a gaming chair is almost similar for all the products. The difference lies in the construction material used for each product. Plastic tools are easier to clean as compared to stainless steel tools which require the use of a detergent. Similarly, leather units must be cleaned with water only to avoid discolouration.

In contrast to this, fabric-based chairs can be intensely rubbed with solvents to remove the marks. The process differs greatly in mesh items that can not be rubbed; instead, they should be bloated until they are clean. Thus, you should carefully read the instruction manual and analyze the manufacturer’s website to avoid any mishap.

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