How to Convert A Sleeper Sofa Into Regular Couch?

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Sleeper sofas are an excellent option for people with small apartments. They are perfect place savers, a piece of two-in-one furniture which acts as a sofa in the day and a bed at night. However, if you have ever wondered if you can convert your sleeper sofa into a regular couch permanently, then the answer is yes! It is a bit technical, but yes, you can convert your sleeper sofa into a regular couch if you no longer need it as a bed and want to utilize it in your living room as a couch. In this article, we will demonstrate how to convert a sleeper sofa into a regular couch on a regular basis and permanently. Some disassembling and renovation of sleeper sofas are described here.

How To Convert A Sleeper Sofa Into Regular Couch

If your mom is not at home and has left you with a job to wrap up the sleeper sofa into a sofa, you are clueless about what and how to do it. Don’t worry; it is pretty easy; you don’t need any tool or back-breaking effort to do this. Follow these few and quick steps, and you would be done.

  1. Remove the pillow and cushion out of the sofa. Clear out the couch altogether.
  2. Now go to the lower third portion of the mattress and fold it so that it sits over the middle portion.
  3. Now take the folded part and fold it further over into the sofa frame.
  4. If your sofa has a lever or handles, push it to tuck the mattress into the couch frame fully.
  5. Ensure the mattress is finely, thoroughly, and properly tucked in. Sit on it to make sure it is flat and comfortable.
  6. At last, place the couch cushion back on the couch, and now your sleeper sofa is a couch.

How To Convert It Permanently

Converting a sleeper sofa into a regular couch permanently will need time and a lot of effort. So read it out clearly and properly. You need to understand the mechanism of the sofa first to do this properly. You will need a few tools as well to convert it into a couch. You have to remove the bed frame from the sleeper sofa, which will hold the mattress no longer and acts solely as a couch. To do so, let’s see the instructions you have to follow.

Clear Out The Sofa

We start with clearing out the sleeper sofa. Take away all the cushions, pillows, blankets, or any other stuff out of the couch so that it doesn’t make any hindrance in the process. Choose a spacious and non-slippery area for yourself to place the sofa there. A wide area will allow making your work easier. After this, extend your sleeper sofa. Pull out the mattress and extend it like a bed from the couch; this stretch will make it easy for you to remove the mattress from the sofa.

Remove The Mattress

After the sofa is in a fully extended position, remove the mattress from this stretch the sofa. Place the mattress aside so that you don’t slip over it and hurt yourself. Removing the mattress will allow you access to the inside mechanism of the sleeper sofa. You will see a bed frame, and that is our target.

Position The Sofa

The next step brings us to the positioning of the sofa. You will not be powerful enough to do this alone, so better grab a partner or a friend to do this with you. Position the sofa over a big table for better access or simply turn it upside down on the floor. Placing it in the upper position is beneficial; you will easily see the bolt on the frame and will be able to deal with it.

Removing The Bolts

After positioning the sofa, clean the bottom of the sofa as there must be dust on this portion. Locate all the bolt that is securing the bed frame in the sofa. After identifying the bolts and screws, take a screwdriver or a wrench to undo the bolts and screws. This will take at least 10 to 15 minutes to remove the bolts.

Remove The Bed Frame

Now comes the central part for which we made all the effort. After undoing the bolts, the bed frame will come loose and easy to remove. Slightly push the frame from the above and hold it from both sides. With another person’s assistance, pull it out of the couch and place it carefully on the side. Be careful so that you don’t break the frame or hurt yourself.

Assemble Back

Now that your sleeper sofa is free of the bed frame, turn your sofa back to its position. Place all the cushions on the sofa, and it is now your regular couch rather than a sleeper sofa. Store the mattress in a safe place, tuck-tape it so it doesn’t expand to its full size. You can attach it again when you need it.


There are two main precautions you have to take care of during this process. Firstly, do not do this alone. Your couch is heavy, and while positioning it over a table, you might drop it over your foot and injure yourself. It requires a lot of muscle work, so be careful you don’t strain your muscle in the process. Secondly, when you remove the cushion from the couch, don’t randomly throw it on the floor. Make sure there isn’t anything on which you might slip and injure yourself. Make sure your sofa is sturdy and fixed properly.

Wrapping It Up

In the end, it is your choice if you want to use a sleeper sofa as both bed and couch or convert it entirely into a couch. We have listed the instructions for both conversions. Personally, it is feasible to buy another couch rather than converting a double-purpose sofa into a regular sofa. However, if you want to convert it full-time due to a space issue, you can do it too. We hope our article helps you and guides you towards more accessible methods and ideas.

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