How to Disassemble an Office Chair?

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Are you shifting your office But you want to take your special office furniture with you, especially the chair you sit on? You don’t need to worry at all. Here is how you would easily be able to dismantle your beloved office chair without rupturing it. This method will help you deal with your office chair without getting any problems. Here it is.

How To Disassemble an Office Chair?

Why Do You Need To Disassemble An Office Chair?

The common cause of disassembling your office chair would most probably be the shifting of furniture. You are willing to change your office and you definitely would want to take your office chair with you. For this, you have to disassemble your office chair.

Another most probable cause could be that your office chair hits the ground and some part of it needed replacement. You should focus on the part which is alright and take it away from the chair to make sure you are not wasting the proper position, so there may be a need to disassemble your chair to remove that part and replace the one that is broken.

There could be another cause, that is if you’re going to buy a new chair for your office and the old one is entirely alright without any defects. You can disassemble it and can take it home or another workplace if you want. An office chair might look challenging to a takedown, but it is easier than you think.

Parts of Office Chair

It would be relatively more manageable for you to disassemble the office chair when you know what are the parts that are used in the making process and how they are joined. Primarily the office chairs consist of the chair, the wheels, the base, and armrests.


The chair portion is the central portion of the chair. It consists of a headrest. At times, the chair provides lumbar support if the support is made in this way and the seat where you sit on.


Wheels are a vital part. They are attached to the lowest part of the chair and are directly linked to the ground. Wheels are made to make sure the chair rotates and moves quickly.


The base is the part where all the chairs are fixed. It makes sure the chair is entirely balanced. It could be the most complicated part of the chair.


The armrest consists of its base and some controls that may be needed to make the chair move.

Disassembling Office Chair

There are almost the same procedures for the disassembling of the office chairs. No matter what shape, size, and brand they are. Some of the techniques always remain more or less the same. Every office chair consists of the same parts. When they are removed technically, the chair is disassembled. Here are the easiest and quickest ways to disperse your chair without breaking it in order to make sure you can assemble it later quickly and adequately.

4 Easy Steps To Disassemble The Office Chair

You need to trip the chair off the ground and make sure the back is hitting the ground with the wheels in front of you. It is an easy task as long as you follow the instructions carefully.

1. Start With The Wheels

The wheels come first when you start disassembling the chair. It would be best if you start with removing the wheel because wheels are attached to give mobility. If you do not remove the spins at the first stage, the wheels will be irritating when you draw other parts. So make sure to remove the wheels first.

Start with detaching the wide wheelbase from the chair. Once you have done this, follow it by moving the base upside down and removing each wheel separately. You can use the lever for his process if you want to or write in the manual book. Or simply with hands if you feel they are easy to rotate.

2. Remove the Hydraulic Stand

The hydraulic stand is the one that starts from the seat base and goes into the wheelbase. This stand looks like a cylindrical, long, and vertical shape. At this point, the adjustors of seat height are placed to ensure the size is according to your need.

After the removal of the wheels and wheels stand, you need to remove the hydraulic stand leaving behind the upper half of the chair. Now that half of the chair is already disassembled and is in parts. Make sure to put all the small pieces in a safer place.

3. Removing of The Arms

Now, as you have completed the procedures of removing wheels and hydraulic stan, you have already reached the middle of the process. At this point, you have already finished dismantling the chair base, which includes wheels, wheelstand, and hydraulic stand. It’s time to move on to the arms.

In most office chairs, the arms are attached with screws and their stoppers as a cover. These are easy to remove and detach. You only need to remove the lid, rotate the screw, lose it, and you have got it done. You can use a screwdriver also. They are regular screws, so you can easily remove them. After the removal of all the screws, you can pull the armrests, and it’s detached.

4. Removing The Back and Headrest of The Chair

Here now, you are only dealing with the central part of the chair, which includes the back and headrest of the chair. The back of the chair is usually attached to the headrest. It is easy to remove when you have removed the other parts.

Make sure you are placing every part in a safer place. In some types of the chair, after the removal of the lower part of the chair, you already got it done. The top automatically gets disassembled. But in some cases, you have to untie the screws, lose them and get it done by removing the headrest and back separately. Sometimes there is another screw that joins the headrest with the back of the chair, you only need to remove it, and both parts are separated.

Here at this stage, you are already done with the disassembling of the office chair and now can carry the spare parts easily anywhere.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Before disassembling the chair, keep in mind how the chair came. It would be helpful for you to link what you are removing and the parts when the chair came.
  • Make sure to disassemble only the necessary and significant parts. You don’t need to disassemble the tiny nuts and components which are not required for you. In this way, it would be easier for you to manage.
  • Please keep all the small spare parts in a sealed bag to make them secure and readily available for you when you are in need. Store them in some safe place or put them in the chair for your ease.
  • If you feel like you are not correctly disassembling the chair, you can go with the manual. Focus on how the chair is assembled, then follow the process in a reverse manner.


Can I replace the base of my office chair?

Yes, you can replace the base easily. It’s pretty easy to remove and replace the damaged or old parts of the chair and replace them with the new features to make them functional again.

What is the bottom of the chair called?

It depends on what type of chair you are talking about. If you’re asking about the office chairs, you can say base or the wheelstand to the bottom part of the chair.

Are our office chair bases universal?

You can say they are universal because almost all the office chairs are made on the same pattern. They also consist of adjustors so you can adjust the height of the chairs.


Make sure to handle the chair with proper care and attention so you wouldn’t be breaking any part. If you are having some problem during the disassembling of the chair, do not perform harsh steps to make it done. It would do more damage. Make it easy for you; go with the manual, or contact the manufacturer for complete authentic guidance. Try not to disassemble all of the parts, even unnecessary ones. Keep the above steps and points in mind to get it correctly done.

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