How to Get Hair Out of Office Chair Wheels?

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The peace that comes with sitting in your comfortable office chair is unmatched. The soft, cushioned seat and the smooth wheels that glide effortlessly over both carpet and floor are the key factors behind the contentment of having a comfortable chair in your office. However, when annoying strands of hair get stuck in the chair’s wheels and it refuses to budge from its place, it is super frustrating.

Hair strands stuck in the wheels of your chair not only jam the chair and render it unable to be moved, but they also give the chair a hideous look. Trying to get rid of the hair by pulling and tugging on them only worsens the situation. This makes a person wonder what to do? The only solution that may come to your mind will be to change the wheels.

However, there are also a couple of easier ways to remove loose strands of hair from your chair. We bring the answer to that dilemma in this article. There are many ways for you to get rid of unwanted hair that has been tangled up in the wheels of your chair and has jammed them. We have shared some of the easy ways with you in the article below.

How To Get Hair Out Of Office Chair Wheels

Remove The Casters

People mostly take care of the seat cushion and the back of the seat and neglect the wheels of their chair. This is a huge mistake as the wheels keep the chair moving. In order to get rid of the hair, the first thing that you will need to do is remove the carters off your wheels, if it has any. Put the chair upside down, with the wheels facing up, and take the casters off. If they are screwed on, you will need a screwdriver to get rid of them.

After the casters of your wheels are off, you can freely examine the situation. Get rid of the hair with the help of your hand. Pull any loose ends you see, but do not tug too harshly. Pulling roughly may worsen the situation by creating tight knots. This is a slow process, but you will get rid of most of the hair that is jamming the wheel.

Use Tweezers

Once the longer and more visible strands have been dealt with, then comes the time to deal with the small guys. For this part, you are going to need tweezers. Tweezers are a great and easy way to free your chair’s wheels from loose strands that have jammed it. They will help you get in any tight and small spot and pull the hair out of there effortlessly. They also help you catch small strands and pull them out.

Use Nail Clippers

Nail clippers are used if you are dealing with stubborn strands that refuse to budge from their place. Wiggle the pointed part of the nail clipper into any opening or crannies that you spot between the hair. Once the pointed part is fixed in between the hair nicely, it is time to pull it out. When pulled, along with it will come the stubborn strands. If you give it a little twist rather than pulling it out straightly, that will ensure that you pull out more hair.

Use A Piece Of Duct Tape

This is an optional step; some people prefer skipping it. However, it has been proven to be quite effective too. Take a piece of duct tape and wrap it around your hand with the sticky portion on the outside. Then place your hand over the hair and pull it up. Keep doing this until you get rid of all the hair. This method is more effective than tweezers because, with duct tape, you are not only getting rid of the hair, but you are also removing all the debris and dust from the wheels as that gets stuck to the tape too.

Burn The Hair With Lighter Or Blow Torch

This is another way to get rid of the hair from your office chair, but this needs to be done with a lot of care. Take a lighter or a matchstick and light it. Hold it close to the hair and watch those little annoying things burn and turn to ash in a matter of seconds. Even though this method is quite effective, it is also a bit risky as you may accidentally burn the wheel or your hand.

Be very careful and cautious while using this method. Make sure you are holding fire at a safe distance from the wheels. If you have access to a blow torch, then use that in place of a lighter. It will burn the hair more quickly, hence reducing the chances of you damaging the chair’s wheels. Once the hair has been burnt, you can use water to wash the ash off, and voila, your wheels will be unclogged and free from the shackles of annoying hair.

Washing The Casters

Before you pop the casters of your wheels back in their place, make sure to give them a thorough wash. A good wash with soap will tidy the casters up and eliminate all the debris that the duct tape failed to remove. Once washed, pat them dry and put some lubricant on the metal parts of the wheel. Now the casters of your wheel are ready to go back to their place. Put them back in their place, secure them tightly with screws, and there you have it; wheels that roll smoothly on the ground without getting jammed!


Rolling to and fro in your office chair is one of the few ways for you to keep yourself entertained while working. However, when annoying loose strands of hair and pieces of threads gang up on you and get stuck in the wheels, that fun activity gets stolen too. Instead of changing the wheels of the chair, get rid of the hair stuck in the wheels. We have shared some methods to remove hair from your office chair. I hope you found these methods helpful.

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