How to Make an Office Chair Higher?

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Are you confused about how to make your office chair higher without having an adjustable lever? Or you might be searching for an easier way to raise your office chair to end the discomfort during the long-hour work session. The importance of adjusting an office chair to the right height is undebatable, from working comfortably to the health benefits, it is crucial for all the reasons.

Fortunately, there are multiple and easy ways to raise the height of an office chair, even without an adjustable lever. You will find those in this article. If your chair is not adjusted to the right height for you, comfort is just a fraction of what you will have compromised. That temporary discomfort could result in a long-term compromise in health benefits.

From aching shoulder joints to back and restricted blood flow in the legs, there are too many potential bodily hazards. Go through this article to avoid such risks by knowing how to adjust an office chair to the perfect height suited to you.

Determine the required height

Determining the exact required height, you need to adjust your office chair according to is the primal necessity to get the task done. There are multiple factors that need attention in the matter, like the height of the occupant and the desk and screen. For that, you need to sit on the chair, of course, to ensure how high or low you need it adjusted.

You can know the right height of the chair by making sure that your knees are precisely at the edge of the seat while your feet are placed firmly on the ground. The knees should also be at 90 degrees with the thighs; if it’s more than that, your chair is too high, and if it’s lesser, it means it’s too low.

Adjust the Forearms According to the Desk Height

Another important factor to consider while adjusting the office chair higher is the height of the desk or workstation. While you sit, your forearms need to rest parallel to the desk on the armrest, aligned horizontally to the ground, and hands placed on the desk. The angle formed between the upper arms and forearms will be 90 degrees. Any other adjustment other than that can result in aching shoulders and back.

How to Make an Office Chair Higher

The Methods

There are multiple methods that can be used to make an office chair higher depending on the type of chair. Some chairs come with an adjustable lever, making fixing the height easy. However, some don’t. Though they can be easily fixed as well, the methods that don’t involve the use of lever are using the threaded post, a longer gas lift cylinder, and few others. Those methods are addressed below:

Using the Height Adjustment Lever

Using the height adjustment lever is the most commonly used method to make an office chair higher since it is readily found in most office chairs. The method is pretty easy; with just lifting up the lever, the height will be increased and when you get the required height, simply release the lever, and you are done.

Using Threaded Post

The methods without using height adjustment levers include the use of a threaded post, that is if your office chair has one. Start with lubricating the chair after putting it upside down; wipe out the oil with a cloth after lubrication; the dirt might also be the hindrance. Secure the chair, keep it from moving while you fix the height

Then, to raise the height, start spinning the base in an anticlockwise direction; the other way around will lower the height. Keep spinning till you have reached the needed height; make sure only the threaded post is moving and not the wheels. With every spin, about 1/4th of an inch is increased, so 8 spins in an anticlockwise direction will raise the height by 2 inches. When you think you are done, don’t haste; make sure to sit at the chair to avoid wasting the labor.

Using a Longer Gas Lift Cylinder

The gas lift cylinder also determines how high your office chair can go. Usually, gas lift cylinders have a stroke of 5 inches, some going up to 8 inches. If your office chair with a 5 inches stroke gas lift cylinder does not give you the desired height, you can get one with a stroke higher than 5 inches.

Replace the Casters

Bigger casters will also increase the height of an office chair to some extent. This is an affordable option that is easy to get done and requires less effort. Bigger wheels can raise the height of the chair to a few inches; make sure those are of rubber to avoid any damage to the floor.


What is the easiest way to make my office chair higher?

The easiest and one of the most convenient ways to increase the height of an office chair is to add a seat cushion or replace it if there is one there already. A high-density foam cushion placed at the seat will provide a firm rise in height. For comfort, you can wrap the foam into cotton batting.

What do I do if my desk is too high?

The desk needs to be the right height in proportion to the office chair. If the desk is too high and is not adjustable, increase the height of the chair. The easy way to do so is using a footrest; it will support your feet, keeping your lower legs in the right alignment with your thighs. Also, make sure there aren’t any items stored under the desk, causing it to be raised higher.

How high should my chair be at my desk?

Adjusting your chair’s height in perfect relation to the desk is crucial. The way to assure this is by checking that your feet are rested firmly and comfortably on the ground. The thighs should be parallel to the floor in this position. You can use a footrest if you can’t adjust the chair to rest your feet on the ground otherwise.


The need to make an office chair higher should be dealt with immediately; otherwise, it can affect one’s health. This article covers those methods using which you can increase the height of your office chair, depending on the different types of chairs. Using the lever on the chair is easy, but not all chairs come with a lever, the methods which don’t involve the use of lever are mentioned here as well. So you can choose what you deem easy for yourself or convenient, depending on the type of chair you have.

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