How to Make Your Couch Taller?

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Are you extra tall and facing difficulty because of short-sized couches? It must be difficult for you to raise your body easily from a short couch. There is no need for you to design a new heightened couch for your tallness. This issue can easily be solved by adding a little height to your sofa with the help of different successfully tested methods by a little disassembling and editing without any larger investments.

How To Make Your Couch Taller

Some of the highly inexpensive techniques or tricks to make your couch taller than its previous state are given below;

1. Use of Risers

As the name of risers suggests that they help in raising anything from its place. These risers are wooden or metal blocks that are used to give tallness to your couch. These risers should be selected according to your couch type. If you are using wooden-legged couches, then you must select wooden risers. Or if you are using steel or metal-legged couches, then buy a steel riser. These risers should be by your furniture type.


  • Provides height
  • Highly affordable
  • Variety of heights


  • Temporary attachment

In short, risers are highly recommended for couches or sofas rather than chairs. The slippery surface of your floor can increase the likelihood of slippage of these risers and cause the damaging of chairs. More weight of couches will prevent the risers from slipping from their place. This is why to increase the tallness of your couch you can successfully achieve the results by the use of risers.

2. Removable Legs

Many couches have the option of removable legs. Different people like different heights for their furniture. Removable legs help in removing short legs and can attach legs of different lengths. This will help in increasing the tallness of your couch. You may like a couch but its short length would be inappropriate for your choice. This option of the removable leg would be the best option to choose your favorite design of the couch.


  • Add length
  • Stability to couch
  • Add style


  • Inconvenience

Hence, not all couches have the ability to removable the legs. Before buying the couch, you must check the size of the legs of your couch but if it has the option of removable legs, it is still good to buy them. These removable legs not only increase the tallness of your couch but if you like shorter couches, by removing legs you can decrease the tallness as well.

3. Addition of Cushions

Cushions are the basic part of any couch. You would probably have seen couches with thin cushions while some with highly thick cushions. You can adjust the thickness of the cushion of the couch according to your need. If you have done everything, still you cannot have as much height as you wanted, then you can increase the thickness or the number of cushions for your couch. This will work successfully in getting maximum height.


  • Add height
  • Highly affordable
  • Looks cool


  • Couch looks stuffy

In short, cushions can be a great help in increasing the tallness of your couch. To increase the number of cushions for your couch keep one thing in mind, try to get new cushions instead of pilling already present cushions. Older cushions lose their sturdiness so they would not be of great help to increase the tallness. Instead, use new cushions with more sturdiness.

4. Elevate Platform

If you have bought the best-designed couch for your home decor, you must be wanting to make it a focal point of everyone’s attention. An elevated place for your couch will make it prominent among other furniture materials. You can also increase the height of the sofa through this platform. Instead of troubling yourself by adding risers or casters, you can get a pretty good height on your couch.


  • Elevation of couch
  • Stable ground
  • Centre of attention


  • Difficulty of set-up

In short, this elevated platform will be a decorative center for your living room or drawing room. It would be a creative method for lifting your couch to fulfill many purposes. You can also carpet it like a stage to get better results.

5. Installation of Casters

A caster is a sort of pulley which is used to move your furniture easily. If you like to change your home setting frequently, you need to move the heavy furniture with the help of these casters. As the length of these casters is almost 5 inches, by their installation to your couch you can get an extra 5 inches of height for your couch. You would be thinking that how can someone rely on casters for the size. Its locking feature has solved this issue of sliding or instability of the couch on casters.


  • Add tallness
  • Easy mobility


  • Risk of sliding

To conclude, if you have an interest in aesthetics then you would be more into artistic things and innovations. Instead of buying the typical risers to increase the size, you can use your aesthetic sense to use different methods to achieve the results. It will help you in getting creative ideas from your surroundings and from within as well.


Are all sofa legs removable?

Removable sofa legs can change the whole style of your furniture and make it attractive. But the issue is that not all the sofas or couches available in the market have removable legs. Some low price or normal price sofas mostly can remove their legs with new legs. Expensive and high-quality couches mostly contain built-in legs. Hence to maintain the originality of furniture, expensive sofas are not made with removable legs.

Summing It Up

To conclude, the tallness of the couch can be achieved by up given methods. You may like methods but before buying the couch, you must Drawbacksider different necessary factors. You must Drawbacksider the structure of your house in your mind. Either your floor is deep or elevated. If it is a deep floor then you need methods or techniques to make it taller. If the floor is regular then you need to remove legs to make it even to your floor.

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