How To Pull Out A Sofa Bed?

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Got a new sofa bed but having trouble pulling out the bed frame? Did you buy an unconventional sofa bed and cannot figure out how to properly convert it into a bed? Well, don’t worry because in this article we are going to be teaching you how to pull out a sofa bed properly so that you can utilize it to its fullest.

How To Pull Out A Sofa Bed

What is a Sofa Bed?

A Sofa bed is a special piece of furniture that features a sofa that can be converted into a bed. Because of this, a sofa bed is a great choice for those living in smaller homes or apartments as it helps you save a lot of space. This is because you do not have to buy an extra bed in case you have guests staying over. All you need to do is simply pull out the bed frame from the sofa and your guests are provided with a spacious place to sleep in. And once they are done using the bed, you can convert it back into a compact sofa that fits perfectly in your living room.

While this bed feature is extremely useful, many people can find it somewhat difficult to actually operate it and successfully pull it out, especially if they are new to sofa beds. This is because it has a lot of heavy-moving parts that can be quite dangerous to you if you don’t know what you are doing. Furthermore, there are various types of sofa beds and not just the conventional pull-out one, and each of them operates differently than the rest. And so in this article, we are going to be teaching you how to safely and effectively pull out each type.

How To Pull Out a Conventional Sofa Bed

The most iconic type of sofa bed is the conventional pull-out sofa bed. Its design features a sofa with a hidden compartment under the seat cushions that holds a foldable metal frame covered with a thin and flexible mattress. While this sofa bed comes in various sizes, the standard one elongates into a queen-sized bed that can house two adults comfortably, with plenty of personal room. This is why when trying to pull out the bed can be quite intimidating as being quite large the mechanism can be a little heavy and unstable to operate.

To properly pull out this sofa bed, first, you need to remove the seat cushions of the sofa along with any other additional pillows or throws you may have on it and place them aside. This will expose the metal frame of the bed folded into the sofa frame. Towards the front edge of the folded bed frame, there would be a metal bar for you to grip on. If there isn’t a bar present then you can just grab onto the front edge of the frame, making sure that your fingers are not in the crevice where the bed frame folds over.

Once you have a firm hold, lift the frame slightly while slowly pulling it out until it cannot be extended further. Now gently set it down on the rear legs of the bed frame, making sure that your feet are out of the way. Next, you need to pull down the lower part of the bed that is still folded on its upper part. For this, grab the legs of the folded part and gently pull them towards you till the lower part of the bed starts lifting. Now, move to the side so that you are positioned out of the way of the bed and, holding its frame, lower it down till the legs are firmly set on the ground.

And there you have it, you have successfully pulled out a sofa bed. Now you can move on to setting your desired bedding on it to make it look more presentable and it is ready to be slept on. One thing that you need to remember during the pulling-out process is that even though the mechanism of most pull-out sofa beds is the same the design can vary. This is why some sofa beds have non-detachable seat cushions that remain attached to the bed frame even when it is pulled out. And so you need to be aware of the type of sofa bed before you try to pull it out.

How To Pull Out a Click Clack Sofa Bed

Another type of sofa bed is the click-clack sofa bed. These sofa beds have a relatively simple mechanism with the seat cushions joined to the back cushions that when leveled, form a bed. And although they might be easier to operate than a standard pull-out sofa bed, they are less comfortable. This is because they do not provide you with the amount of space that a regular-sized pull-out sofa can.

They can also be a little firmer if the cushions of the sofa are on the firmer side, as they do not have a separate mattress for sleeping in. But they also lack the metal frame of a pull-out sofa bed, which can sometimes poke you through the mattress as it wears down over time, which is a plus. And if the firmness of the sofa bed bothers you too much then you can just make up for it by having soft and comfortable bedding.

To pull out a click-clack sofa bed all you need to do is lift up the seat of the sofa up, which will lower down its back, till you hear a click. This click indicates that the back has been locked into place. After you hear the click, slowly bring the seat of the sofa down till you hear a clack indicating the seat adjusting back into its place. And this is all it takes to successfully convert it from a sofa to a bed.

How To Pull Out an Electric Sofa Bed

With everything getting motorized for our convenience, it is no surprise that many sofa bed companies have also taken this route and come out with various motorized models. A motorized, or electrical sofa bed has the design of a normal pull-out one with the exception that you can operate it with a remote. This eliminates the need for you to have to physically pull out the heavy frame and then forcing it back into its compartment after use. And so, this makes it a great choice for those who are too old to pull out a sofa bed or have back issues.

To properly pull out an electric sofa bed, first, you need to make sure that the sofa is empty and remove any sort of pillows that you may have on it. This is because to extend the bed from inside the sofa compartment, the seat of the sofa is folded downwards on the bed frame. And so if there is any sort of pillow, it will get stuck which can result in it ruining the machinery.

Once the sofa is empty, using your remote press the open button and the bed frame will pull out from the sofa frame. Make sure that the bed is completely out and the machinery has stopped before getting on to it. This is because if the mechanism has not completely stopped, putting a lot of load on it can damage it and cause it to malfunction. After the bed has been pulled out, you can place your bedding on it and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

How to Pull Out a Daybed with a Pop-Up Trundle

A daybed is another type of sofa bed that many have in their homes due to its stylish design and versatility as it is something that you can use to lounge in as well as take naps. A daybed is usually accompanied by a trundle which is a secondary bed that slides under it like a drawer would and its purpose is to either accommodate another person or provide you with a large sleeping area.

One type of trundle that comes with daybeds is the pop-up trundle. Unlike regular trundles that are at the same level after pulling out from under the daybed that they are while underneath it, you can pop this one up to the height of the day bed to provide you with more room as you sleep. The pop-up mechanism of these trundles has two types, one is through a lever and the other is manual.

The first type of trundle usually has wheels underneath it to make it easy for you to slide it out from under the daybed. The legs of this trundle have a crossing-over design which makes them collapsible. To extend the legs in order to have the trundle at the same height as the daybed, you need to grab the lever which can be either resting on top of the trundle or on the side and pull it back till it locks in place.

In the case of the other type of pop-up trundle, the legs will be folded inwards so that it is short enough to fit under the daybed. And so, after pulling the trundle out from underneath the daybed, to raise it to the appropriate height, you need to pull back each of the legs till they lock in place and the trundle is able to stand stably. After that, you can lay the bedding on the daybed as well as the pop-up trundle and enjoy plenty of space as you sleep.

How to Pull Out an A-Frame Sofa Bed

Another type of sofa bed that is slowly gaining popularity is the A-Frame sofa bed. One of the reasons for this is its stylish and modern look that elevates the appearance of any living room. Furthermore, as these sofa beds usually don’t have arms, they are a little more compact and space-saving than the ones that have wide armrests. A size double A-frame sofa bed can accommodate two people while a size single can one.

The mechanism to pull out an A-Frame sofa bed is opposite to that of a standard pull-out sofa bed, as instead of extending the front seating area into a bed, you extend the back. To convert an A-Frame sofa bed into a bed, you need to grab the font of the sofa from the bottom and slowly drag it forward while slightly lifting it. As you do that the back of the sofa, which is made up of two panels of cushions joined at the top, will extend to fill up that space. When the back is fully extended and is at the same elevation as the seat of the sofa, you are ready to sleep in it.


How do you pull out a sofa bed?

To pull out the bed frame of a conventional pull-out sofa bed, you need to first remove the seat cushions and any other extra pillows that there might be on the sofa. Next, grab the bar on the sofa bed frame, pull it upwards, and then outwards towards you. Once that part has extended, lift the part of the bed that is still folded and pull it outwards, lowering it down gently.

Can a sofa bed be taken apart?

Yes, a sofa bed can be taken apart by disconnecting the bed frame from the sofa frame and removing it from inside the sofa. You can disconnect the two parts by removing the bolts and the screws that attach the two frames together. This will reduce the weight of the sofa bed and so it will be easy for you to transport both parts separately.

What size bed is a pull-out couch?

The bed of a sofa bed can come in various sizes and depends on the size of the whole sofa bed itself. Usually, most standard-size sofa beds have a queen-sized bed that can sleep two people quite comfortably. But if you can buy a bigger sofa bed that has a king-sized bed, if you have enough space, or you can also buy a small sofa bed with a twin-sized bed if you want to save space.

Wrapping Up

Sofa beds are a genius invention as it lets you save a lot of space while still being stylish and functional. But pulling out a sofa bed can be quite tricky for many and can even result in injuries if not done right. And as there are multiple types of sofa beds available in the market all with different mechanics it can be quite difficult to figure out how to operate each. This is why this article teaches you how to pull out a sofa bed of all different types so that you are able to utilize all the aspects of your sofa bed with more confidence.

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