How to Put and Replace Casters On Office Chair?

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Are you worried about the wobbling of casters in your office chair, and you don’t know how to put and replace casters on your own? You have come to the right place. In this article, you will know the simplest way of replacing the office chair’s caster with the new one. It is effortless to replace the caster of a chair. You can do it by yourself by following the proper steps.

When we buy an office chair, we usually see the material, leather, and durability. We often overlook the essential part of the chair, which is the casters. While purchasing an office chair, one must keep in mind the use of the chair. Some casters are made for carpets, whereas others are designed for hard floors. Casters are the wheeled piece that is fixed in the legs of the chair. Casters help your chair in movement and roll from one area to another quickly.

Casters are made with mount, stem, and wheel. When your office chair starts to wobble, it is time to change your office chair casters. If you ignore this signal, you might be taking a risk because the wobbling of the caster can let you slip. You will be unable to move and roll. It will allow you to be stuck in one place. It damages the floor of your office. Here is an easy step-by-step guide for you to avoid certain situations so you can put and replace casters of your office chair in no time.

How To Put And Replace Casters On Office Chair

If the caster of your office chair is broken or wobbling, you don’t need to purchase a whole new chair. Instead, you can change the casters by following these easy steps, which you will find in this article. Just make sure you buy the right caster size and type for your office chair as there are various casters available in the market. Identification of the right caster size and kind is vital before purchasing.

The easy steps of putting and replacing casters on the office chair include; removing an old caster of your chair, identifying the new size and type of caster, purchasing new casters, removing all the remaining wheels, and installing the last step new casters in your office chair. These steps are now discussed in detail.

Removing Old Casters

For removing old casters of your office chair, you need to put the head of your chair downwards so that the wheels of the chair are in the air. It will give you full access to reach the caster that is at the bottom. You can also lay your office chair on the side, and it will also help you see the casters. If your office chair is heavy, you can always ask someone for help.

You must see the caster first. Is it a threaded caster or grip stem caster? Threaded casters will come out if you rotate them clockwise. To test the type of caster, you need to move it enough. If the caster comes out, that means your chair has a threaded caster. If it does not come out, that will give you an indication of the grip stem caster. Grip stem casters come out when you pull it with some force.

You can use a towel or glove for a firm grip on the casters of the chair. Grip the chair’s base with one hand while keeping your other hand on the caster and pull it. If you feel that the caster is stuck, you can use lubricating oil while pulling the caster out. If lubrication does not work, then try using a flat-headed screwdriver. Put the screwdriver in the area between the caster and the chair. Pull it outwards, so the caster starts moving.

Identifying And Buying New Caster

When you have one caster of your chair, you can quickly identify its size and type and buy another replacement. Verify the type of caster. Is it a grip stem caster or threaded caster? A threaded caster fits in your chair like a screw. Whereas the grip stem casters are more like a plugin, the socket. Now measure the size of the caster with measuring tape or vernier caliper if you don’t have these tools. You can use a ruler for measuring the caster.

After measuring, you can purchase a new replacement for your office chair. It is totally up to you what type of caster you need for your chair. You can have a single-wheel caster and a double-wheel caster. A single-wheel caster is more reliable, having few parts, whereas a double-wheel caster helps distribute your weight evenly. You must keep this in mind while purchasing a caster. Casters must be safe to use on all types of floors, like carpeted floors and hard floors.

Putting A Caster In Your Office Chair

When you have purchased new casters for your office chair, remove all the remaining casters of the chair by following the method already discussed. For installing a threaded caster, put the stem of a caster with the chair’s leg and rotate it until it stops spinning. For the grip stem caster, push the stem of the caster to the chair’s leg until it gets fixed. If you have trouble setting the stem of the caster, use some lubricating oil to make it smooth and then fix it. Your office chair is ready to use again.


Casters of the chair are a crucial element when broken or start wobbling. You have to find a solution to fix this problem. It is easy to put or replace casters on an office chair. You have to follow some steps which are discussed in this article. By following these steps, you will install the casters on the office chair by yourself. Learning new skills will help you in the long run. There are some points to consider while purchasing and installing casters for your chair. You must know the exact type and size of your chair’s caster for better placement.

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