How to Raise Office Chair Without Lever?

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Height adjustment of your office chair is essential. It should neither be too low nor too high for you because sitting in the wrong posture and at uncomfortable adjustments for a long time can potentially cause many health issues. It is effortless to adjust the chair’s height with a lever. But if your chair’s lever is broken or you have an old chair that lacks a lever, don’t worry; there are ways to adjust their heights as well. According to your need, we have jotted down some ways you can apply to raise or lower down your office chair’s height without a lever.

How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever

There are varieties of chairs in the market, and all work on different mechanisms. Some have a lever, some have clockwise and anti-clockwise Bolt Movement and back height movement. Check which one method would apply to your chair as per their type.

Clockwise And Anti Clockwise

Most of the old chairs work on this mechanism; they lack the lever that is why this is one method with which you can adjust the height of your chair. The steps are easy to follow. To adjust the height of these chairs, you have to stand up first. This won’t work while sitting on it as they are non-pneumatic chairs. After standing up, turn the chair in any direction and then keep turning it in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. You will notice while doing this; the chair will start moving.

Raise it or lower it to your desired height. Once you feel like you have brought it to the correct height, sit on it and check if it is right or not. This step is a must. Assure that you now can have a comfortable posture and height with the adjusted level. If not, then repeat the procedure. This procedure is effortless and quick, requires no tool, and is done manually. You won’t face any problem while doing this, nor will you need a second person’s help.

Under Bolt

The other types of chairs which have no lever are the chairs under the Bolt feature. The bolt is at the bottom of the seat. Adjusting these chairs is as simple as the other one. All you have to do is to stand up again; this is also a non-pneumatic chair, so you have to adjust it without putting weight on it. If you try turning the bolt while sitting on it, it will make it very difficult. Keep the chair light so that it is easy for you to turn the bolt manually.

Once you stand up, start loosening the bolt as you lose the bolt, watch the chair and stop it at the height you want. Once you feel like this height is best for me, stop at that point and tighten the bolt. Sit on the chair to check that the height is good for you and as it is as you wanted it to be. If you are not satisfied so don’t worry; it is not like you can’t repeat the process.

Back Height Chair

Some chairs have this cool feature of the back height movement. You can adjust the height of the back of the seat and bring it to the most comfortable height for your spine. If you have one of these chairs and don’t know how to raise it or lower it, then read on to find out.

This is as easy as an apple pie, hold the back of the chair and pull it upward; you’ll hear a click sound that means your chair height is raised to one point if that level is good for you, then stop at this point, sit on the chair lean back and see if you feel comfortable. If not, and you want to raise it more, pull it more upward you will hear a click sound again. You can pull it to the highest, and when it stops going any further, it means that’s the limit.

Other Ways

Suppose you have a chair that has none of the features mentioned above and has a lock at the bottom. Then you have to do another thing to adjust the height of this kind of chair. They are also old ones, and it has a lock at the bottom which is fixed so that the chair holds you at one place and does not sink itself.

To adjust its height, turn the chair upside down. See where the lock is; take a screwdriver and unlock the lock with it. Flip the chair and adjust the chair’s height accordingly, turn anticlockwise to raise it and clockwise to lower. After achieving the best height of the chair, put the lock back and tighten it again.

What Is The Best Height?

Knowing the proper height level for you is as important as adjusting the height. You should know which consideration you have to take while adjusting the height of your chair and determine which will work for you. First thing first, it is vitally important that your feet land perfectly on the ground; no matter if you are short or tall, you can adjust the chair.

If you are tall, then raise the chair and see that your feet are not bent similarly; they should never be dangling too. Some people might find it comfortable, but it is not at all healthy. So feet on the ground are a must. And it should be at 90 degrees level and keep the thighs horizontal.

Consider your table height or computer screen level as well; if you raise your chair too much that you have to bend down to reach the keyboard, then it is a no-no. That is why this is also important. The last thing is your comfort. You should feel easy and relax even if you spend hours on the chair.

Summing It Up

You must have searched the internet in worry to know how to adjust your chair’s height when it doesn’t have a lever, but now you know. We have listed some easiest options for you to adjust the height of your chair according to the type of chair. This guide will help you to find a solution to your problem.

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