How To Reinforce A Sofa Bed? | Ways To Fix A Sagging Couch

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Don’t you think Sofa beds are one of the most underrated pieces of furniture? Think about it! Sofa beds are one of the most convenient furniture articles that not only give you a two-in-one utility but help save space as well. No matter if you have a large house or a small apartment, a decent-sized sofa bed gives you the comfort of a bed while giving you extra seating for whenever you need it.

However, at times due to the dual-use, sofa beds may be subject to overuse. This can lead to earlier wear and tear and easy damage. But don’t you worry; in case of any damage, you can try fixing your furniture now at home as well! Here we bring you some simple and easy-to-follow instructions that will help you repair and reinforce your sofa beds at home in no time.

How To Reinforce A Sofa Bed

The first step is removing the pillows, sheets, and mattress from the sofa bed to reveal the structure. Once the sofa bed frame is visible to you, inspect it carefully to find the problem area. During the process, you may also observe other issues that may not be evident at first. Make sure to repair all the problems at once so that you do not have to go through the process repeatedly for every little damage repair.

In case the damage to the bed is not major, you shouldn’t have to go through the entire process of replacing the wooden sheets. In fact, all you need is a strong wood adhesive and some patience. Locate the cracks or gaps on your bed frame and use the pointed nozzle of your glue tube to reach within these cracks. Now squeeze the tube to fill in the gash with the adhesive.

Hold this for some time while applying pressure to close the crack. This is where you need to wait a while to let the glue do its thing. It is better to fill in all these cracks before they start opening up and causing more damage to the furniture with time. However, if the damage is more than a mere crack, you need to opt for some additional instructions mentioned as follows.

In case of major damage, firstly, you need to fetch a measuring tape and start carefully noting the dimensions of this sofa bed. Make sure to be very careful while noting the height, width, length, etc. Make sure to leave at least 2 inches gap between the individual components to allow the frame to fit in easily. Remember, any slight error in this step can result in a defective repair of the article.

Once you have the measurements, start plotting them onto a ½ inch plywood using a pencil or pen. Use chalk to connect the lines and make prominent straight-cut lines along the edges. This helps to make the cutting-out process easier. You can use a circular saw for this step to cut the wooden planks with better control and precision.

Once you have the three individual plywood boards cut out to exact measurements, it is time to fit them onto the bed frame. Remove the previous sheets and place the three new pieces in their specific positions. Now use a drill machine to make holes at a 1-inch distance from one another. Make sure these holes adjoin the attached piece of plywood. Using a bootlace, tie up the corners of these wooden sheets. This helps fold them when the bed is not in use.

Now that the wooden sheets have been replaced, you can put the mattress back on top to check the effectiveness of your repair. Lay down on the mattress to ensure the wood is capable of providing good support. Once you think the bed structure is firm and steady, remove the mattress once again. Also, put the three sections away until you need them.

Finally, put the mattress back on and set the bed sheets and cushions back in their place. Not only is your sofa bed now fixed and ready for use, but the new wood surface helps give better support too. Seating is much more comfortable; similarly, there is no more sagging in the new sofa bed.

Some Tips For Additional Comfort

  • To make your sofa bed more comfortable, try replacing your mattress with a better quality product. In case this is an expensive option for you, try filling in the uncomfortable gaps with extra pillows. Many people experience a better night’s sleep when using additional pillows.
  • Invest in good quality bedding. The bedding you use has a major impact on your bed’s comfort and, ultimately, your sleep quality. Therefore make sure you get the right size of sheets and covers for your mattress. Additionally, the mattress clips are helpful to keep the bedsheets in place. Hence you can use this as another easy way to enhance comfort. Ensure you regularly clean the mattress and bedding for a better sleep experience.
  • Sometimes, beds do not have the right kind of thickness and design to suit a specific individual. Therefore these individuals can try sleeping on a duvet. It helps give the necessary thickness and warmth needed for a better sleeping experience.


How can I make my sofa bed firmer?

You can make your sofa bed firm by the addition of a mattress topper. However, if the old mattress is worn out from frequent use, you might want to buy a new replacement for effective results.

How can I make my sofa bed more comfortable?

To make the sofa bed more comfortable, try flipping the mattress after regular use. Similarly, using a mattress topper and regularly changing bedsheets are some other ways you can try to enhance comfort in the sofa bed.

Can you sleep on a sofa bed permanently?

If your sofa bed has a high-quality built and durable design, yes, you can use it for permanent sleeping purposes.


Once you complete all the steps mentioned, you will have successfully reinforced your sofa bed. Whether the problem was saggy cushioning, broken wood, or any splits or cuts in the sofa bed frame, the problem is now solved, and your article looks as good as new. You can do this without having anyone take your bed to a shop or spending money on any home repair services! Now, this is called the smart saving of time and money!

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