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Are you thinking of buying a new office chair for your deck because the chair’s base is worn out or broken? Well, you do not need to invest a reasonable sum to get yourself a new chair for this reason because you can replace the base with a new one. Here is a perfect guide on how to remove the office chair base with effortless and straightforward steps that I have tested and reviewed by myself.

This will make your chair good as new and saves you money too. It is also helpful for those who have purchased an office chair recently and want to return it. So you need to disassemble the chair’s base along with the cylinder and other parts. Office chairs come in different materials, out of which leather material tends to get worn out if they are not appropriately treated. Office chairs are famous for providing comfortable long sittings. It features height adjustably, swivel, and caster wheels for productivity and transportability.

Most of these ergonomic features are located at the base of the chair. You might feel a faulty cylinder causing the seat to sink after using the chair for some time. Or stuck caster wheel that is hard to move, issues with height adjustability, and tilting. As the office chair gets old will the use, all these issues are common. However, this does not show that it is a sign to buy a new chair since these problems are fixable.

How To Remove An Office Chair Base

For this process, lay down your office chair on a newspaper, a drop cloth, or cardboard since the office chair integrates a gas cylinder mainly lubricated with grease. You might get that grease onto your floor if you lay the chair down on a bare floor. It will create a mess, and you will have problems getting rid of that grease from the floor. This should be your first step. As for the next step, when you are down the office chair, it should be upside down.

That will provide a better view of the center of the base and easy access. This position is straightforward to work with. Now the foremost step is to see where the center of the base holding clip is located. Grab a flathead screwdriver or needle-nose pliers to do the job of removing the holding clip. Open the clip by bending it to some degree and also slip away the piston. Next, the piston will have a washer around it, so remove that from the top of the base, due to which it will come off.

At once, turn the base in a counter-clockwise position and pull it out. The gas cylinder is embedded in the base, so on removing the base, the gas cylinder will also come out with it as one piece since the gas cylinder is integrated into the base, so you need to be careful with grease coating. Lastly, take your new base of the office chair and install it by reversing the steps.

Removing An Office Chair Cylinder

Height, arm adjustability, and back support are key features that an office chair should comfort. These features are dependent on the gas cylinder, so it allows your chair’s seat to move up or down for better height and arm adjustment. Over time, the cylinder loses its functionality, and that’s a call for some replacement. So for this task, you need the help of two essential tools: a rubber mallet and the other is a larger pipe wrench.

The first step is the removal of the base that requires the same steps. First, lay your chair in an upside-down position on a newspaper or a drop cloth to prevent grease on the cylinder from staining the floor. This is a precautionary step to avoid messy work. And place the chair in the position where its back is touching the floor or table provides a better and clearer view of the center of the base.

Then the next is to remove the chair’s base, which some clips or nuts hold. Use a screwdriver or a wrench and unclip or remove the nuts. Turn base in an anti-clockwise direction and pull the base of the chair. Moving forward to the foremost step, you need to place a large pipe wrench over the gas cylinder and spray it with WD-40 to grease out the cylinder. Oiling the cylinder will help in easy removal.

Remove the cylinder by pulling or twisting it out of the pipe wrench, or you can dislodge the cylinder from the base by using a rubber mallet or a hammer if the cylinder is stuck. Remove the cylinder from the column. You can find a new gas cylinder in the supply store. Buy a new one. But the new gas cylinder must match the old cylinder. Otherwise, it will not fit into the base. For that, when purchasing a new cylinder, take your old cylinder with you so that you can find an identical gas cylinder.

Once you get the new cylinder, install the new cylinder placing it into the base column of the chair, and twirl it into the base. However, follow proper instructions to install the cylinder as each cylinder may vary slightly from another. The last step is to place the base of the chair back to its position. Put your office chair the right way and check out the height adjustability by adjusting it to your desired height. Ensure that the chair’s seat does not sink in after using it for a couple of hours.

To Conclude

The wear and tear of mechanical are pretty common. There are ways to fix them at a low cost instead of buying a new one for yourself. The office chairs are expensive, so you cannot buy a new one after using it for two or three years. The review mentioned above about how to remove an office chair’s base can help you fix wear and tear issues.

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