How to Remove Gas Lift from Office Chair?

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Is your office chair acting up? Does it sink every time you sit on it, and it does not anymore hold your weight? Every time you try to adjust the height of your office chair, it fails to do so. It does not go up and down anymore, or even it goes up, it slides down back again all down. You might wonder what’s wrong with my chair and do I need to buy another chair now?

First things first, this is normal with regular use you face this problem in an office chair. But don’t be concerned, this problem does not mean that you have to buy a new office chair. It means it’s time to remove and replace your gas lift in your chair. This article will give you all information about how to remove/ replace a gas lift from a chair. And you will be ready to use your chair again in good working condition.

Why My Office Chair’s Gas Lift Sink?

The reason your chair keeps sinking is that your chair height adjustment feature works on a technique called pneumatic. The pneumatic chairs use gas in the cylinder underneath the seat and mechanism to adjust smoothly according to your height weight and help you move up and down. When there is a problem in the cylinder of the chair, it starts sinking because it can not retain the pressure anymore. The situation varies; some chairs start acting like this after prolonged use, while some can start sinking after a few months of use.

How To Remove Gas Lift From Office Chair

To remove the gas lift from your office chair, you require two tools readily available at your home to help you. What are these? Let’s look into them:

Materials Required

  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Rubber mallet

The gas lift cylinder is right underneath your chair’s seat (the mechanism), which you use to support your body and sit on. Then comes the gas lift, which helps you go up and down and adjust the height of your office chair. At last, comes the impressive bases of the chairs containing wheels which help in the movement. So basically, the gas lift is located in the lower body of the chair. Once you know the location of the gas lift, the next step is to understand how to safely and efficiently remove the gas lift without damaging the chair.

Remove The Mechanism

Starting the process first, place your chair upside down on a table. Then protect your floor with a cover so that in case the part falls, your floor is safe. Take the wrench and tighten it on the cylinder as close to the mechanism as possible. Once tightened, turn the wrench until the cylinder becomes loose. If your cylinder is attached to the mechanism with screws, then first remove the screws with the screwdriver, but if it isn’t, then simply pull off the cylinder when it’s loosening to separate it from the seat.

Remove Cylinder From The Base

Once the cylinder and the base get separated from the seat, place it upside down on the table. Ensure you stand a bit back, so the cylinder doesn’t hit your feet once it comes off. Hit the cylinder with the rubber mallet to dislodge it. After hitting it few times, the cylinder will quickly and safely come off.

Replace The Gas Lift

  • To replace a new cylinder in your chair first, you must buy the right cylinder for your chair which fits it. Every chair’s cylinders differ in size, so you can’t randomly pick one. Measure the size and diameter of the old cylinder and buy one accordingly. The average measurement of a gas lift is 1.1 inches gas spring, 2 inches diameter, and 4 inches stroke.
  • Once you get the right gas lift, next comes the installment part. Clean the sockets of the mechanism. Put the new cylinder in the mechanism and turn it around to fit it in the socket.
  • Once it is attached firmly to the mechanism, attach the chair’s base to the cylinder in the same manner.
  • You see, the changing of a cylinder is this easy. With just a few steps, your chair is given back a new life. You are saved from wasting your money on a new chair.

Tips To Make Office Chairs Last Long

No matter how expensive and top-notch your office chair is, it will never last forever. However, with some maintenance tips, you can make it last longer. The first thing to make sure of is that you do regular cleaning of your chair. Check underneath the seat, the mechanism, and unreachable areas of the chair where the debris gets stuck, and you can’t see it. Clean it thoroughly every month.

Lubricate the casters and chairs regularly. Lubrication is the key; it will prevent the chair from rusting. Especially, look after the castors; it is prone to debris, waste materials, hair, pet hair, and direct contact with any dirt on the ground. That is why vacuum them properly now and then.

Tighten the screws and bolts of the chair too after every 6 months. Ensure that there isn’t any screw sticking out of your chair; fixing it on time will help you a lot. However, even after tightening the screw, you feel your chair sinking, then you have to pay attention to the cylinder. Replace the cylinder following the steps we listed above. The last and the most important precaution that will definitely help your chair last longer is to prevent it from direct sunlight.

To Sum It Up

Removing and replacing the gas lift of an office chair isn’t that hard as it seems to be. There are few easy steps to follow which you can easily do at your home without any help from others. The cylinders are a bit costly but not as costly as having a brand new chair.

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