How To Reverse A Sectional Sofa?

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Sectional sofas are one of the best furniture pieces one can own. They are not only suitable for your family usage. But also, you can keep such sectional sofas in a limited space. Sectional sofas are more prominent and have the capability of adjusting a more significant number of individuals. This means they have an adequate seating arrangement. Some sectional sofas come with interlocking pieces that allow you to assemble them the way you want them.

Sectional sofas add to the beauty of your living room or office. It offers modification according to your choice and requirement. Therefore, you must have come across the words modular or reversible when it comes to sectional sofas. But the question arises how to reverse a sectional sofa? Well, please keep reading as we are here with a simple guide to make you understand this. We have explained those steps to you more quickly and straightforwardly.

How to Reverse a Sectional Sofa? | Essential Steps

As you know, there are different types of hooks and latches which help you to attach various parts of the sectional sofa. Thanks to the manufacturer for making such adjustable sofas. You can easily separate them. Also, you have good options of moving them around and rearranging them according to your space. When you are about to detach a sofa, you must locate the latches. These latches are holding your sectional sofa together.

You will also be glad to learn that you have a choice for removing the entire part of your sectional sofa. It all sounds fantastic, and we understand that you are looking for the way on ‘how to reverse a sectional sofa?’. The steps outlined here will enable you to change your sectional sofa. Therefore, let’s see and have fun reading more about this!

Step I | Remove the Cushions

In the first step, you have to remove the cushions from your sectional sofa. We are suggesting you do so because the pillows can fall during your actions. For example, if you are separating or moving your sofa. Also, there are chances that your sectional sofa design has cushions covering the handles. Or maybe they are at a place which you are considering selecting. So, it’s best to remove such cushions. So that handles will be easily accessible to you.

During separating or reversing your sectional sofa, keep cushions in a safer location. That will avoid these cushions to make a messy situation where someone may trip on them. Also, you need to remember the section of each cushion so that you can easily rearrange them. However, sometimes, you may have a sectional sofa having permanent pillows. That means you cannot remove them. In that case, you are suggested to work from the edge where you want to do disconnection. It will make your work easier.

Step II | Locating the Exact Corner

Well, it may seem complicated, but actually, it is easier when you do it. In the second step of how to reverse a sectional sofa guide, your task is to locate the exact corner. This corner will be at the square. Most probably, you will be able to connect the pieces of the sectional sofa at this square.

Because you will see maximum sectional sofas meeting on an exact location. You may consider this as the focal point as well. As a result of your effort, both sections of your sectional sofa will be bound together. In case of removing this corner, the remaining sofa will come apart.

Step III | Lifting Up the Sectional Sofa

In the third step, you need to hold the corner region of your sectional sofa. You may do so by using the handle of the sectional sofa. Or this is also possible with the lip of the sectional sofa. After that, you will be able to straighten up the sofa. If seen closely, you may find different sectional sofas coming with the design that offers you a specific place where you can hold that up. However, if your sectional sofa is not designed that way then you can go for another method. Sometimes, you will have a plastic lip at the square corner.

It is easy for you to stick your hand in this part. After that, you can go for lifting the piece in a straight position. It will detach from other attached sections of your sectional sofa. However, you must be clear that sectional sofas vary from one another and may come with different contact methods. In any case, you have to move it a bit. This is for assuring that you have disconnected the corner from all sections. Since it is easier for you to think that you have detached the parts. But they are actually still fully attached to one another.

Step IV | Checking the Disconnected Sections

In our how-to reverse a sectional sofa guide, an important step is to make sure that the parts you are trying to reverse are detached actually. You can find a number of sectional sofas coming with the three bits. In this type of design, there is an angle. While the other two attachments are present around it. However, you can easily break the seats or seating parts into different pieces.

You can do another quick test to do so. You may separate some test parts that are with the holes. Grab those holes and lift them up in a straightforward manner. Or you can also completely detach these sections. If you are particularly confused about your sectional sofa in this regard, then there is another solution. You can go to the website of your sofa’s brand and check the details.

Step V | Rearranging Your Sectional Sofa

Once you have separated different sections of your sofa, then it’s time to rearrange it the way you want. However, it’s totally up to you to leave them detached or reassemble them. You can understand it easily. In the case of an L-shaped sofa, it is possible that the right-facing part does is not suitable for your room. Then you can attach the two opposites by fitting them in the best manner. It is dependent upon the type of interior you have.

Step VI | Putting Two Parts Together

In the sixth step, you need to look for the segment for putting the two sections in a side-wise manner. In this step, you have to move the section fork inside the segment for pinning. As a result of this, you will hear the sound of a click. If you hear so, then good job! It means you are just done attaching the sections in a smooth manner.

If you don’t hear the click sound then it means your attachment was not correct. And thus you must do it again. However, do not worry about this. Because you can use a flashlight to find the fork and then you can position the sections in a perfect manner.

Step VII | Placing the Cushions Back

Well with step seventh, we come to the last step of how to reverse a sectional sofa guide. This is the most simple step in which you have a sectional sofa with all parts attached the way you wanted. Now again it’s time to place the cushions in the places where they belong. You may place them in the places indicated on your sectional sofa. Or you can try new rearrangements. So, the sectional sofa perfect arrangement is just here to make you and your family delighted. Therefore, relax and have fun on your beautifully arranged sectional sofa.


How can I reverse my sectional sofa to fit my living room perfectly?

Yes, you can reverse your sectional sofa. That is the reason many varieties of the sectional sofa are famous by the name of reversible or convertible sofas. They are present in the market in a wide range of varieties. You can choose different colours and sizes. Also, you can purchase them accordingly for a smaller space or apartment.

Should I prefer L-shaped sectionals for my house?

You may sometimes criticize L-shaped sectional sofas for their bigger size and bulkier weight. But actually, they are one of the best choices for a small-sized living room. Because it can accommodate a considerable number of individuals in a limited space. Also, L-shaped sectional sofas are very budget-friendly.

Final Words

Sectionals sofas are everyone’s favourite because of their good features and flexibility. A number of individuals prefer purchasing sectional sofas over traditional sofas. Because they have understood that the benefits of sectional sofas are surpassing the benefits of traditional sofas. We hope our guide on how to reverse a sectional sofa must have helped you in reversing your sectionals.

Sectional sofas never go out of trend because they are user-friendly and also budget-friendly. They are smaller in size if we compare them to the traditional sofas. Another good aspect is that you can customize them according to your requirement. Therefore, continue changing your sectional sofas arrangements and enjoy exclusive pleasure with your friends and family.

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