How to Set Up an Office Chair?

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A comfortable and complete workplace helps you feel and work your best. If you are among those who need to work hard by sitting behind the table, you need to take utmost care of your relaxation to get the ultimate efficient work. You can do this by getting an extra feeling of comfort while sitting. And for this different comfortable environment, you need to make sure the chair you are sitting on is appropriate for you, placed at a proper height, and arranged according to your need at the perfect angle. This can help you and your joints to feel easy while working.

Suppose an office chair is not set uprightly. It will not give you any good. Focusing on the adjustment of the chair with proper instructions and care is a necessity for you to set up a tremendously comfortable office environment. An excellent healthy chair always gives you an adjuster for the height. Adjuster for the seat depth and adjusters for the armrests. It gives you a favor to adjust your body according to your need to provide you with a perfectly comfortable office environment.

How To Set Up An Office Chair?

Before directly moving on to the setting up of the chair. Let’s focus on how to set it up.

Why Is There a Need to Set Up an Office Chair?

Why don’t you get the already assembled and fixed chairs? There is an answer. It’s not appropriate to buy a new chair that is already built and set unless and until it has adjusters in it. Those chairs that come in pieces to join mainly consist of adjusters in them. This makes sure you can adjust the chair’s height, the depth of the seat, and the angle of armrests according to your need. These adjusters make sure they can align the chair to your comfort. Here is a need to learn the complete and easy process of assembling and setting up an office chair for you.

Similarly, it would be easy for you to carry the chair if the chair is available in pieces rather than the whole chair to take along with. If you are shifting your office and want to take your most favorite chair with you, and you can’t take it as a single piece. You can disassemble it, only if you are sure how to assemble it again and set it up according to your need. This is where you should know how to set up your chair. If your office chair needs refurbishing, we have a guide on DIY refurbishing.

Steps On How To Set Up An Office Chair?

Starting with setting up your office chair, you need to look and read the manual thoroughly. The manual of the office chair always consists of the details on how to set up and adjust your chair. Please read it thoroughly and make sure you have learned all the steps.

Adjustment of Height

Adjust the height of the chair by sitting on the chair and aligning the angles. Just sit on the chair comfortably. Place your feet flat on the ground, and your legs form a 90° angle. Your knees should be in a straight line with your hips. Concentrate and feel the pressure. If you feel the pressure on the front of your leg, lower down the chair until the pressure ends, and if you think the pressure near the hips, raise the chair a little until pressure vanishes, with the help. Of this, you can adjust the height of the chair according to your need.

Adjustment of The Seat Depth

Some chairs have this feature where you can adjust the depth of the seat. The center of the middle means the heart by the backrest. There is a knob usually located in the same area where the car seat adjuster knob is located. Sit on the chair, make sure to keep your feet flat. Feel how comfortable you are. If you have too much room and your knees are sticking out, slide the seat and adjust. Make sure to finalize it according to your comfort.

Adjustment of Arm Rests

Your arm should be at elbow height. Adjust them according to your elbow. Make sure the armrests are not too high and not too low. You can even adjust your components according to your need. You can slide out and extend them while using the mouse, or at times, you can easily slide in a while using the keyboard. Until now, the foremost necessary adjustments and set up of your office chair has been made. Armrests don’t make much difference because you can adjust your arms whenever you want.

Adjustment of Back Support

A small plastic piece is attached to the back of the chair. Sometimes it’s adjustable. Slide the lumbar support so it fixes the natural curve of your spine. You may have to change the adjustment settings of your chair quite often because sometimes the taste of your relaxation and the comfort zone you preferred earlier is not the same you want now. It is probably possible that you need to change the setting in a day to make it comfortable and according to your shifts. No worries if you need to change the scenes more than once a day.

Adjustment of Wheels

Make sure to adjust the wheels tightly and properly if your chair is to be used on a hard surface. Find a chair with soft rubber wheels. Whereas if your office floor is carpeted, you can go with hard wheels to get the best support and fixation.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Before assembling and setting up your office chair, make sure to read the manual and understand it completely without any doubt.
  • Do not use harsh steps to set up a chair. As they can destroy or break the sensitive parts of the chair.
  • Make sure to adjust the chair according to your comfort level rather than casually changing it.
  • Match the alignment of the seat deck and armrests to get the best comfort out of them.

Keep in mind how long you have to use the office chair and if you have to use it for a long time, go with the detailed adjustment of the chair.

Keep all the necessary tools with you to set up your chair that may include a hammer, screwdriver and nut, and bolts of the chair.


Why does my office chair keep leaning back?

This may happen because of the damaged or broken casters. It may occur due to a loose seat plate or chair’s tilt tension. To make sure your chair is not leaning backward, replace the casters, tightens the seat plate, and adjust the seat tilt tension.

Is it hard to assemble an office chair?

It is not as hard as you might think. It’s an easy process if you follow the guide entirely, but still, if you feel like there is some missing or can’t do this, companies provide services for the assembling of chairs. You can contact them.

Are gaming chairs supposed to lean back?

Gaming chairs typically work on the same pattern as the office chair works. Adjust the lumbar region to fix precisely according to the curve of your spine. Then lean back; your back will be straight even in this position. Using neck support and headrests is optional.


Sitting inappropriately can cause various stresses on your body—especially the spine area. When you spend 1/3rd of your day in an office while working in front of a computer or desk sitting in a chair, your complete environment should be comfortable and relaxed to get the maximum output and positive health. The basic and the most important thing to be concerned about is the chair. You should contact the chair which is most appropriate for your back and sitting. For this, you have to make sure your office chair is the most comfortable thing around. Adjust your chair according to the need and requirements of your body. Following the procedures mentioned above, you can get the best out of the office chair.

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