Painted kitchen cabinets are a thing of beauty. When you first receive your kitchen doors they will already have received a specific surface treatment. This is usually done professionally using top notch equipment to remove any imperfections that can result from human error. But the question is, can you create the perfect look yourself?

If there are DIY enthusiasts out there who think it’s an inexpensive way to paint your kitchen cabinets yourself for a fresh look, maybe you should reconsider …

In this blog post, we discuss whether it is worth using your own strong will and persistence to do the job yourself.

It may take longer than you think!

You may think painting your existing doors is similar to painting your garden shed or fencing, but it isn’t. You can usually take a little less care of your varnished wood outdoors, with the sole goal of getting an even coat of paint in the end.

Although the units are smaller, they require a lot more precision so you inevitably spend more time perfecting your ideal look than you originally thought. Make sure your doors are in ideal condition to paint over as stains, blemishes, or general blemishes will likely still show through another layer and weaken your hard work in that area.

Do you have a steady hand

Not only are we talking about laser-like precision with your brush, but are you ready to get the sandpaper out like you did at school? Sanding is crucial in creating the perfect surface to paint on. As sleek as your existing kitchen doors may look, they definitely have incorporated rough edges that won’t go away on their own! It is important to have just the right degree of sanding so that a door can be built that is perfect for the best painted kitchens. This is often a daunting prospect for those who have been skeptical about painting their own units or doors as they fail to realize the multi-step process of creating such clean, clear surfaces.

Will it have your desired finish?

Of course, when you have a professional looking door, it’s worth all of this long, tedious job, right? In most cases this is unfortunately not achieved with standard paint and brush and you scratch your head why you didn’t just buy a new one! Sure, the idea of ​​painting your own replacement kitchen doors is a cost-effective way to change the look of your kitchen to a more desirable shade, but it can often raise more questions than answers, leaving you with a finish that doesn’t match the one that does Seen you online.

Is it worth?

Here at Kitchen Warehouse, we recommend going for brand new kitchen furniture and doors instead of painting them yourself. This avoids the potentially tedious task of making sure each of your doors is painted exactly the same and gives your space the consistency you want.

In this way, you can better imagine what your order will look like before it is implemented, and you can do so by purchasing a sample door directly from us! Painting kitchen doors at your own discretion may seem like a smart idea at this point, but if your aim is for the best results, it is best to trust experts like us at Kitchen Warehouse to make your painted kitchen ideas a reality.

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