Sleeper Sofa Buying Guide – Things to be Considered

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Do you want to purchase a sleeper sofa for your guests and do not know about the best sleeper sofa features? You have come to the right place. In this article, you will get all the information you need while buying a sleeper sofa. A sleeper sofa is the best option for you if your guests stay overnight, but you don’t have a guest room due to less space or if you want to cover an extra space in your apartment.

Sleeper sofas work best if space is less because it covers the minimum area and has the function of a bed. Sleeper sofas were not much comfortable, but with time, companies have worked on customers’ needs, and now you can find a lot more comfortable sofa beds for your home. With so many options out there, you may feel confused about what to buy is comfortable and affordable. Sleeper sofas come in so many options regarding their mattress, material, color, design, and durability.

Before purchasing a sleeper sofa, you must consider the comfort and material. As you will use it for sleeping purposes, a comfortable mattress should be your primary requirement while purchasing. If your apartment has less space, you should consider buying a sleeper sofa with a small size to adjust it properly. If you change the setting of your house more frequently than buy a lightweight sleeper sofa, you can carry it easily from one place to another. Choose your sofa according to the space you have for the sofa.

Sleeper Sofa Buying Guide

Types Of Sleeper Sofa

While purchasing a sleeper sofa, you will come across so many options in the market. It is better if you familiarize yourself with the types of sofa beds that are available. Sofa beds come in different styles like traditional pull-outs are more comfortable for sitting purposes because of their thin mattress. Futons are lightweight, easy to carry from one place to another and have a foldable backrest. Sleeper sofas are best if you are looking for sofas with built-in beds, having a comfortable mattress, and affordable prices.

Mattress Size And Fit

It is crucial to choose the correct size of a mattress. Most sleeper sofas come in queen or twin-sized mattresses. Sleeper sofas come with breakable or foldable mattresses. For taller people willing to buy a sofa, which folds at the head and foot of the bed, is not a good option. Try opening and closing the sofa bed before purchasing to see if it is easy to fold or not.

Check the metal bars of the sofa as they might be uncomfortable for a sleeper to sleep in a sofa having a thin mattress and large metal bars. It will not provide them with proper back cushioning. The mattress is an essential part of a sleeper sofa, as the mattress is thin primarily so you will not feel like an actual bed, but still, you can find the most comfortable mattress.

Carefully select the sleeper sofa having a comfortable mattress. In the market, you will find two types of mattresses. The one is an innerspring mattress that has more bounciness and more coils. The mattress can give you more comfort than those having fewer coils. The other one is a foam mattress. Foam mattresses do not have springs hence are more durable than spring mattresses. In terms of flexibility, foam mattresses are better for sleeper sofas.

Material And Frame

It is crucial to keep in mind the material of the sleeper sofa. It is not suggested to buy a sofa that is made with pine or softwood. Consider getting a sofa bed that is made with kiln-dried hardwood or plywood. Sleeper sofas are mostly made with metal or wood frames. Metal frames are more durable than wood frames. Yet, they are heavy to carry from one place to another. In contrast, wooden frames are not durable and can crack or warp over time.

Color And Design

While purchasing a sleeper sofa, you should consider getting the color that matches your home furniture. A sleeper sofa has so many color options. Getting a neutral or dark color will look clean as light color attracts dirt and stain more than dark colors. Choose a design that goes with your home decoration. Your sleeper sofa should not look odd with the rest of your home furniture and style.

Price And Durability

How much budget you allocate for a sleeper sofa depends upon your usage. Suppose you want to purchase a sleeper sofa for occasional guests. In that case, you should consider getting a budget-friendly sleeper sofa, but if you’re going to buy a sleeper sofa to use regularly in your apartment, that has less space for an actual bed. Then consider getting a bit pricey, more durable, and high-quality sleeper sofa.

Testing Sleeper Sofa

Before purchasing a sleeper sofa, you must try it to check its comfort. You do not need to sacrifice one over another. Try it as a sofa and check its ease, also try it as a bed and check the comfort of the mattress used in it. A sleeper sofa must be comfortable while you sit in it that must have a supportive rest back. For firm support and comfort level, check the depth of the seat and the location of the armrest.


While purchasing a sleeper sofa, check the warranty as it is a big purchase, and try it in a trial period to get complete satisfaction with the purchase. The product you are purchasing must be protected with a warranty so that you can exchange it in case of any defect. While shopping online, look for the delivery charges, online shipping, and other details regarding a sleeper sofa.


A sleeper sofa is a sofa cum bed that serves both purposes: a sofa and a bed. It is a big purchase, so you must carefully view what to check while buying a sleeper sofa. It is necessary to check its material, design, size, durability, and frame. A good sleeper sofa will offer you comfort as well as durability. Here is a buying guide that will help you to purchase a comfortable sleeper sofa for your apartment.

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