What Chairs Do Streamers & Youtubers Use?

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A comfortable and appropriate gaming chair is perfect for those that have to work in a stationary position for long hours. Most notable examples of such consumers include streamers and YouTubers. Incredible features such as adjustable armrest, lumbar support, flexibility, and cost-efficiency are various other reasons for their enhanced popularity among users.

However, this keeps us wondering what chairs do streamers and YouTubers use? Keep reading the article below for more information on the popular streaming chairs used by YouTubers and streamers available in the market at a reasonable price range.

Importance of a Comfortable Chair

It is extremely important to pick the right chair for yourself. By the right chair, I mean a unit that is not only comfortable but also provides flexibility and appropriate sitting posture. This is especially significant for those that spend more than 8 hours/day sitting on a chair and working unstopped. In these situations, posture issues become a common problem with backaches and muscle pain. Therefore, a chair with an adjustable arm and headrest offers unrivalled efficiency and is highly recommended for daily use.

What Chairs Do Streamers and Youtubers Use?

Before the revolution of the eSports industry, most players and office workers preferred the use of common inexpensive chairs for various purposes. These units, in the long term, contributed to body aches and muscle problems. Hence, it was recommended by professionals to use units that are integrated with adjustable arms and headrests.

A flexible and comfortable backrest supports your sitting posture and prevents you from developing wrong and stiff body posture. Mostly gaming chairs are considered best for long-term sitting sessions because of the presence of special pillows in the system to support healthy posture.

In addition to this, cold foam thick padding enhances the durability of the item alongside the provision of support for the lower back. This, coupled with the adjustable nature of the material, allows you to move around conveniently without hurting or spraining your back. Similarly, the preferred construction material for these chairs is breathable mesh as it is durable and prevents you from sweating heavily even in the summer season.

The most famous products available in the market in this regard include Clutch Chairz PewdiePie Edition Gaming Chair because of its adjustable armrests, durability, and quality construction. This is followed by the MARKUS Swivel Chair by Markiplier and the DXRacer Sentinel Series OH/SJ08 Gaming Chair. DXRacer is admired by a wide variety of consumers and is second to none in terms of performance and efficiency.

Gaming Chair v/s Office Chair

Gaming chairs are undoubtedly similar to office chairs in terms of appearance and performance. However, there are various differential features as well that separate both items. The major difference between both is the design and style. The focus of most gaming chairs is style over comfort.

Most consumers buy gaming chairs because of their cool outlook and remarkable style. Hence, compromising comfort over the design of the material. Contrary to this, office chairs and some gaming chairs such as PC gaming chairs fall under the category of tools that prefer comfort over style.

Hence, they feature flexible design with adjustment attributes that allow you to move freely while gaming and working. Furthermore, these items are more ergonomic as compared to the former ones and can be used for long time intervals without any discomfort. Another prominent difference is the appearance of both objects.

While office chairs tend to be simple in design with a common appearance, the gaming chairs seem luxurious and often display the flash look of a racing car. Moreover, gaming chairs possess high backs with bright colours and symbols, whereas their office counterparts are low profile and with lower backs.

Types of Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs, as mentioned earlier, are designed for professional gamers and are extremely stylish tools. These materials support your daily activities and contribute to a straight posture even after hours of gaming sessions. Hence, three different types of gaming chairs suitable for YouTubers and streamers are discussed below.

Rocker Gaming Chairs

Rocker gaming chairs consist of curved chairs that rest on the floor. These units allow for flexibility in movement due to their perfect balance that maintains the seat in a correct position. Additionally, the sitting posture is supported with feet that rest on the ground and make the model suitable for console video gamers. Hence, they are ideal for far-off gaming and multi-player games that require more than one player.

PC and Racing Chairs

These chairs mostly resemble the office chairs and show simple construction. They are also the most popular gaming chairs available in the market and are perfect to be used with desktop computers. PC chairs are the closest relative to the office chairs, while the racer version deviates a little bit from the simple design and is similar to luxury sports car seats. Hence, racer chairs feature well-padded backs with a sleek design and add five stars to the consumer’s performance.

Floor Gaming Chairs

Floor gaming chairs are extremely inexpensive products available in the market and thus, can be afforded by a diverse range of users. Furthermore, with their simplest design, these semi-structured chairs resemble floor cushions and are exceptionally comfortable. The well-padded nature increases the softness and comfortability of the model contributing to a relaxed gaming session, especially for console players.

Important Factors Contributing to Performance

Construction Material

The material of construction is of prime importance and contributes greatly to the performance of an object. It is also directly associated with maintenance and, thus, should never be neglected. Fabric-based chairs are durable and can be cleaned with the help of a detergent.

Contrarily, mesh-based chairs are sensitive to detergents and must not be rubbed while cleaning. Another advantage of the mesh-based items is their breathable nature which prevents sweating. Last but not least, leather material is soft and durable and must be cleaned with water only for unrivalled performance.

Lumbar Support and Armrest

Lumbar support and armrest also contribute significantly to the efficiency of the equipment and enhance its properties. A considerable amount of support helps maintain proper body posture and prevents muscle aches. Furthermore, adjustable armrests are also recommended as they allow flexible movements while gaming.

They do not limit your performance and enable you to rapidly tackle your opponent. Several chairs also feature advanced arm control that provides a separate platform for placing your wrist and palm while gaming. Hence, preventing sprain and other injuries due to sudden movements.

Player’s Height and Weight

Most YouTubers and streamers favour tools that fit their height and size perfectly. Suppose you are a tall person and use chairs with lower armrests. It will inevitably impact your health and posture and would lead to negative outcomes. Hence tall chairs with high backs and headrests are recommended for tall and heavyweight consumers.

Similarly, for individuals with short height, PC gaming chairs with lower backrests are ideal as they support their movement without causing inconvenience. Other important attributes that should be taken into account while purchasing a gaming chair for yourself include lumbar support, adjustable seat height, adjustable armrest, waterfall seats, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do gaming chairs last?

The life of a gaming chair depends on the quality of its construction along with its features—most gaming chairs manufactured by reputable brands last around 3 to 5 years. After which, they might start displaying performance inefficiency, rigidity, discomfort and might also contribute to health issues. Similarly, other inexpensive products usually have a lifetime of around 1 to 2 years.

What chair do most streamers use?

Most streamers prefer the Secretlab Titan gaming chair, which is renowned for its outstanding performance, enhanced durability, well-padding seating, adjustable arm, and headrest. This is followed by Herman Miller Embody chair and Herman Miller Aeron Chair. DXRacer Racing series is also an extraordinary choice for various YouTubers and streamers.

Are gaming chairs worth the money?

Yes, gaming chairs are indeed worth the investment, especially if you are one of those that spend long gaming sessions while sitting in a constant position. Common chairs might not provide the required lumber support to prevent body aches, and hence, gaming chairs are specially designed to overcome the limitations of the former one.


Wrapping Up

Youtubers and streamers spend more than 8 hours daily sitting on chairs. This often contributes to health concerns along with back and neck injuries. Thus, experts suggest using gaming or office chairs that are integrated with lumbar support to maintain correct posture and improve working efficiency. Another benefit of these materials is their well-padded interior that enhances comfort without increasing the weight.

Additionally, the palm rest supports the wrist and the palm and prevents injury while gaming. However, it is advised to consider the construction material before choosing a product for yourself. Most mesh-based items are favoured over their other counterparts due to their breathable nature that prevents sweating even in harsh environmental conditions such as summers and seasons with less humidity.

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