What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use?

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If you are a hardcore fan of Ninja and want to know what gaming chair he uses and its details, then put your worries aside because I have got your back by bringing forward this review to help you consider the features of Maxnomic Dominator Ninja edition.

Making a career in the gaming profession has now become a reality. You can be part of national and international tournaments and championships as a pro-gamer. The birth of virtual gaming paved the way for gamers and has given birth to the profession of gaming. It has not stopped, but instead, it is continuously and immensely growing day by day.

What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use

Who is Ninja?

You are probably familiar with Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja is quite popular in the gaming world for his Fortnite YouTube videos of Twitch streams. He has become a celebrity in the gaming circuit. He has formerly played as a Halo player for Luminosity Gaming, Cloud9, and Team Liquid. Ninja has become a streamer with groundbreaking records and played games with well-known figures like Marshmello and Drake.

He has a huge following, and viewers typically young gamers who look up to him and want to achieve the standard set by him. The highest concurrent viewers on his single stream and the most hours are some of his breakthroughs, with 15 million fan-following on Twitch, making him the most followed streamer on Twitch. Besides Fortnite streaming, he has been proceeding with his streaming career by playing games like Minecraft, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Apex Legend, H1Z1, and PUBG.

He has impressive hardware or gear gaming setup, which aspiring gamers want to have for their PC. Just like how many fans want to know, own, and possess the items their role models endorse and use. Similarly, Ninja has also advertised and endorsed a lot of gaming gear, and one of the gaming gear is the gaming chair he uses.

Many fans are interested in the gaming chair he owns and its features. He has used several gaming chairs such as Techni, Dxracer, and Akracing; however, he is currently using a gaming chair by Need For Seat and is called a Maxnomic Dominator gaming chair whose design he has customized with his logo and name.

Ninja’s Gaming Chair

One of the most highlighted gaming gear in Ninja’s streaming is his videos, a custom-designed gaming chair with his name and logo written over it in the blue and black color scheme. Besides flamboyant design and appealing appearance, it features comfortable sitting and adjustability. That’s not it. There are many features and functions which you cannot locate in traditional chairs. All these properties make it different from any standard chair and luxurious gaming chair that every gamer wants to own.

The gaming chair which Ninja is using nowadays is called the Maxnomic Dominator gaming chair, a product of NeedforSeat. If you are specifically looking for a gaming chair that Ninja owns, then it is suggested that you should search Ninja Maxnomic Dominator Edition gaming chair. NeedforSeat has a renowned reputation for producing gaming chairs with ergonomic features and offers a comfortable gaming experience.

Since gaming chairs are made for sedentary individuals and activities, that’s why manufacturers of this gaming chair prioritize design and comfortability. Prolong sittings can be detrimental to the lower back and reduce blood flow; however, the gaming chair comes with good back support and cushioning that prevents back issues and promotes blood flow in prolonged sitting.

Moreover, NeedforSeat offers a 2 to 3-year parts warranty and 30 days money-back guarantee when you buy the gaming chair. If you face any issues with the chair after purchase, you can contact the company to fix them for you free of cost within the warranty span.

Maxnomic Gaming Chair Features

Ninja’s gaming chair is a customized chair design that only he has, and that’s why it is different from other gaming chairs from the Maxnomic Dominator series. There is a logo and a gamer tag of Ninja in black and blue color combination on the backrest and chair. Other than this, the padding foam, upholstery material, and general design are different from standard Maxnomic Dominator gaming chairs. However, the standard variant of this gaming chair series does have the choice of customization of the chair to your liking and preference.

The design of the gaming chair has similarities with Ninja’s gaming chair, but the difference lies in the color scheme. You can buy a Maxnomic Dominator gaming chair in any color accent of your choice. The Maxnomic Dominator gaming chair integrates padding material of Cold cure foam that maintains the shape and structure of the chair. Cold cure foam padding material is mainly observed in the top-notch quality gaming chair. It can endure your weight pressure when you get seated on this chair.

The foam is covered with PU leather (Polyurethane leather). In contrast to genuine leather, PU leather offers easy maintenance and cleaning since it is stain-resistant. Unlike regular leather, PU leather is durable and water-resistant. The colors do not fade away quickly from chairs when they are upholstery by PU leather. It is also worn and tear-resistant. The lower base of the chair is an aluminum reinforced hat that makes it quite solid and sturdy. Like other gaming chairs, Maxnomic Dominator also features ergonomic features like adjustability, back reclining, etc.

The Maxnomic Dominator features five unique reclining positions like other Maxnomic gaming chairs. It also offers a locking tilt mechanism, so you can recline and lock the position in which you feel comfortable. The Dominator series offers height adjustability up and down with rotating and swivel movements. You can adjust the height of the chair to your desired preference and armrests with 4D adjustability. By 4D means that you adjust the armrest in the up, down, left, and right direction with the backward and forward movement of the armrests.

To support the physique, armrests are allowed to move in an inward and outward direction. For promoting more comfortable seating, the Dominator has a deep recess over the edge of armrests where your fingers can rest. If you prioritize aesthetics, then the Dominator gaming chair is a good option because it allows you to customize the design, color scheme, and logo. So whatever logo design you want to have on your gaming chair, Maxnomic does the job for you. Maxnomic Dominator gaming chair is sturdy and bulky and features easy assembly.

You can assemble it by yourself, but it will require a lot of time and may become a hassle, so it’s better if two people can assemble it. That way, it will be assembled much quicker. Unlike other gaming chairs, the Dominator does not feature any in-built lumbar support or additional lumbar pillow. However, it provides you with neck and back cushioning for support made up of the same material as the chair’s seat.


Maxnomic Dominator is quite costly, and that’s what is considered its major flaw. Almost all gaming chairs that Maxnomic offers are not budget-friendly. The Dominator gaming chair provides many features and has no shortcomings, but the price is pretty high. Other gaming chairs offer similar features or even better features at a low cost. When it comes to warranty, they are giving a standard warranty period. They should increase their warranty time since the rival companies are offering lifetime warranty of their products.

Alternatives Gaming Chairs

If you cannot get a Maxnomic Dominator gaming chair due to its high cost compared to other gaming chairs or the unavailability of this product in your area, or the seller does not ship to your country. Then, there are a ton of alternatives that you can opt for, which have the same features as Maxnomic Dominator and are used by Ninja.

DXRacer Racing Series

DXRacer Racing series gaming chair has the honor of being used by Ninja in his tournaments. DXracer racing series gaming chairs are famous for their comfort features, and the company is renowned across the world for the type of products they produce. They have some of the most flawless gaming chairs, which Ninja also considered himself. This gaming chair features an armrest and backrest to offer comfort and allow the ultimate gaming experience for prolonged hours. Being seated for so many hours can cause backaches and bad posture.

Compared to a regular chair, the DXracer racing gaming chair provides adjustability in height and armrests to eliminate back pains. It is designed in a way that follows the spine’s curves, thus promotes good posture. It also poses a sturdy and bulky base of the chair. Just like the Maxnomic Dominator gaming chair, the DXracer racing gaming chair also features a locking mechanism that allows you to stay in your favorite reclining position without any fear of accidentally tripping over and ensures stability.

It also offers some exceptionally comfortable padded seats that promote good airflow and blood flow. DXracer racing chair provides you additional headrest and lumbar cushion, which are absent in the Maxnomic Dominator gaming chair. It integrates Mesh and PU upholstery. Mesh is known for its breathability. They offer easy maintenance and cleaning, while PU leather gives a shiny and glossy appearance and satisfies the aesthetic sense.

Mesh material also keeps you seat-free and keeps you cool throughout the use. DXracer racing gaming chairs take pride in having a higher backrest, unlike standard office chairs, that protects your neck to pelvic. Thus it aims to protect the entire spinal column. With a DXracer racing gaming chair, say goodbye to back pains, and you can play long session games without any interruption.

It features an ergonomic design and features like the adjustability of the armrest and backrest adjustment. It offers 3D armrests where you can have armrest adjustments in 3 dimensions. So you can adjust sideways. The main aim of the armrest is to protect your wrist and shoulders and keep them in a comfortable position. DXraccer racing gaming chair offers a lifetime warranty of the chairs’ frame and a 24-months parts warranty. You can consult the manufacturers if you have any problem with a chair or its accessories under the given warranty period.

CORSAIR T3 RUSH Gaming Chair

Corsair T3 rush gaming chair may lack aesthetics, but it does not comprise features and functions. The black stitching complements the charcoal color fabric. Due to the bold and dark color scheme, it can also use it for office purposes. If you avoid a gaming chair because of its flashy color, this gaming chair is perfect for you.

The charcoal fabric fits well with the motorsports-inspired bucket seat. Corsair T3 gaming chair features 4D armrests, meaning it allows the armest movement in 4 Dimension. You can move the armrest outward and inward as well as sideways to support your elbows while playing games or typing. Similarly, it offers you height adjustability in the up and down direction. Corsair T3 gaming chair does not provide built-in lumbar support. However, it does give a separate lumbar pillow.

Corsair T3 gaming chair features plastic dual-wheel casters for easy movability. Since gaming chairs are pretty bulky and sturdy in stature, moving them from one place to another can be a hassle, so the caster wheels make your transportability job easy for you. Breathability is an essential feature for a gaming chair because constant sitting where your back comes in contact with the backrest can cause sweat, itching, heat, and less airflow.

Thus, the corsair T3 gaming chair incorporates a breathable soft fabric exterior that maintains heat. It has a steel frame chair’s base that offers durability and strength. It provides back reclining with rotating and swiveling movement. Corsair T3 gaming chair gives two-warranty after purchase.

To Conclude

The Maxnomic Dominator gaming chair that Ninja owns is customized for streamers. However, it is not available for the general population in the same manner. You can purchase the Maxonmic Dominator Ninja edition, which is based on this series. This was a detailed review, it shows you the features of Maxomic Dominator, its cost, and alternatives to consider.

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