What Gaming Chair Does TFUE Use?

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Are you a gaming person? Do you like gaming? Do you watch gamers? Have you ever followed them? If all of the questions asked above have the answer ‘yes,’ then you are the one who is completely inspired by gamers and their daily lives and follow them die heartedly. Suppose someone asks you about your favourite, most-watched gamer accessories or the things he uses for his gaming purposes. You would definitely want to be the one who has every knowledge of everything about their favourite gaming person.

Gaming is all about fun, entertainment, and confidence. It would help if you had a proper setup and a proper gaming console to help you with your gaming sessions for professional gamers. When you love games, you love gamers, and you must have a list of your favourite gamers all around the world. Your most favourite stars and their accessories are essential for you. You follow them unintentionally and intentionally both. Getting to know about the brands and products your favourite stars are using is of much interest. You focus, you copy, and you find inspiration and confidence.

Here in this article, you would be getting to know about your most favourite content creator Tfue who streams in the world and is a professional Fortnite player.

What Gaming Chair Does Tfue (Turner Tenney) Use?

Who is Tfue?

Tfue is the nickname of world-renowned player Turner Tenney who is a sensation in today’s young generation. TFUE is an American streamer and Escort player. He is a professional, most-watched gamer who also live streams during his gaming sessions and an entertainer on the video game platform ‘Twitch.’ He is only 22 years old and is said to be the most talented player of the Fortnite game. He started his live streaming of gaming sessions with Call of Duty, destiny, and H1Z1 games. But he didn’t get any popularity with that. Turner Tenney, known as TFUE, never really went to school to study. Since when he got admission to school, he went to middle school for a week and then left his school for his lack of interest. After that, he was only homeschooled.

He has a total of 12.1 million subscribers and 1.4 billion total views on YouTube, and 10.18 million followers on Twitch with 272 million total views. Turner Tenney’s net worth is said to be somewhere between $4-6 million.

What Accessories Does He Use?

TFUE uses extremely efficient accessories for its gameplay. He doesn’t compromise over the quality of the product and finds out best for him. He is quite conscious about his choice because he has to be presentable and appreciable for his followers to watch him regularly and follow him. The list of TFUE accessories is mentioned below:

  • TFUE’s streaming accessories consist of the ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q monitor.
  • His keyboard is of Taeha Types Custom Keycult No 1 brand.
  • He uses a Logitech G Pro mouse for his gaming.
  • Sennheiser HD 800S brand’s headset is the one he uses.
  • Webcam is of Logitech Brio Company.
  • Microphone belongs to the Shure SM7B brand.
  • The most famous and wanted streaming equipment TFUE uses is his gaming chair that is of Herman Miller Embody brand.
  • He uses a highly specialized PC for his gaming purposes and a second PC to stream. The whole gaming setup is worth $4000 to $5000.

Description of the Chair That He Use

In 2021, TFUE is using Herman Miller Embody’s chair for his gaming and streaming purposes. Previously he was using Maxnomic Commander S. TFUE sits Comfortably on his chair and uses it for streaming. He enjoys every part of his game sitting on it.

Other features and more information about the chairs are explained below.

Main Features of the Chair

1. It is durable and long-lasting. It comes with a warranty of 12 long years.

2. The layers of the chair are designed in a way to ensure proper breathability and reduce seated pressure.

3. The chair is properly aligned and adjustable to your spine and body posture. It supports your spine’s natural curve.

4. It ensures healthy body posture.

5. It provides three-zone support for thighs, sacrum, and thorax.

6. It came with comfortable armrests. You can easily move your arms up and down during play and can take a rest when you want.

7. The chair weighs approximately 22 kg only.

Look of the Chair

The physical look of the chair is highly attractive that making it the topmost choice of every gamer. It makes the gamer presentable in front of his audience. Like TFUE, many other gamers live to stream their games, and for that purpose, they should have good-looking and attractive accessories for them to inspire their followers. Your followers will appreciate your gaming setup.

Type of Chair

The Herman Miller Embody’s Chair is specifically designed for gamers to use in their gaming console. It doesn’t occupy much of the land. It is easily portable. It can easily be transferred from one place to another. It’s an easy-to-carry product that does not cover much space.

Brand of the Chair

The chair that TFUE sits on is from the brand name Herman Miller. It is a name of trust and confidence. It is a furniture brand that is quite expensive and specializes in office furniture, equipment, and home furnishers. They are renowned for making chairs that are perfect for posture to make sure your posture is accurate. It gives you the support. Back and wrist that prevents the pain that occurs because of long seating. The quality of the products is remarkable.

Specifications of the Chair

Healthy Body Posture

The shape of the back is made in such a way that it is adjustable and flexible in nature. It gives you a perfect back fit that decreases any pressure on the spine and back. It helps to make a more comfortable and suitable body posture while sitting and playing games. This Herman Miller Embody’s chair gives a peaceful place to sit and enjoy your every move during play or streaming.

Adjustable Arms

The arms of the chair are made in such a way that you can adjust according to your comfort zone. These adjustable arms make the gamer move his arms easily and quickly during the play and can provide rest and comfort when you want to relax.

Presence of 3 Zones of Support

This chair has a very flexible build-up and no rigidity. It avoids uneasy pressure on your lower body. This chair helps you provide 3 zones of support: your thighs, sacrum, and thorax. These features are perfect for full-time gamers.

Cost of The Chair

This Herman Miller Embody gaming chair is quite expensive. It is not affordable for everyone. It would be best if you thought twice while buying your favourite star’s gaming chair for the matter of price. It costs almost $1003.49.


Why do gaming chairs have holes?

The gaming chairs come with holes in them to make sure the airflow during long gaming sessions. They are also made for adjustment of straps to hold the pillow in place for added comfort.

Are gaming chairs bad for your back?

It’s a big No because gaming chairs mostly focus on improved sitting postures. They are very suitable for those with sitting diseases. It provides back support and strengthens your posture.

Why are gaming chairs so expensive?

Gaming chairs are made durable for your use. They use high-quality material that makes it expensive. The mire adjustable features we add to the gaming chair make it more and more expensive.

Concluding Remarks

If you still think why TFUE uses this specific gaming chair? It is to inform you that it is almost a complete package for pro gamers who spend long hours playing and sitting on a chair and streaming live for their videos. They need comfort, adjustment, and attractive, simple products for their gaming areas. This chair provides all of the above in one product. Additionally, for a gamer like TFUE, its cost is of no worry. The adjustable arms and easy back fit gives you the rest and comfort you ever wanted for your relaxation.

The selection of a gaming chair is not an easy task. It would be best if you were taking care of many of the other features in addition to the comfort zone. TFUE uses an expensive chair, but it covers every feature of a gaming chair. It has various adjustments and supporting specifications. You can go with this Herman Miller Embody’s chair if you are looking for a perfect back fit and easy, comfortable sitting during gaming.

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