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Adding a stylish sofa to your room does not just add oomph to the room, but it also makes more sitting space in the room. The tricky part is figuring out which type of material you want to use for the sofas. As every material brings a different look and adds different qualities to your upholstery, this part is essential.

However, despite common belief, what goes hand in hand with the sofa’s look is its easy maintenance. Nobody wants to own a sofa that will get damaged with a few water spills. This is why it is crucial that you spend your money on a sofa that has been constructed with material that is easy to clean.

Due to the wide variety of materials available in the market, it gets difficult to figure out which one to opt for. Worry not, we have got your back; this article contains a number of materials that can be used for sofas and are pretty easy to clean. You will no longer spend hours scrubbing your upholstery. And you can also learn about how to protect the sofa from bed bugs here!

What Sofa Material Is Easy To Clean

There are various materials available in the market that are currently being used for sofas and couches. Many of them add an appealing look to your living room while adding extra hours of cleaning to your daily routine, as not every material comes with easy cleaning properties. Each material listed below is ideal for sofas due to its easy cleaning properties.


If we talk about a material that adds an oomph to your room and is the easiest to clean, leather is on top of that list without a doubt. It is not just easy to clean and eye-appealing; the material itself is known for its durability and long life. Hence, if you invest your money in leather sofas, expect them to last you many years. This material’s versatility is why people are using it more vastly for sofas and couches these days.

This sophisticated fabric has water repellant traits, so it is ideal for those houses with kids. You will no longer worry about your kids spilling water or juices over the sofa; the leather material will not absorb the liquid. Hence there will be no deep stains. All you will need is a piece of cloth that will wipe the liquid away in a few minutes. Just make sure you treat the material once to a maximum of twice a year to keep its gleam alive.


Microfiber is another material that is ideal for upholstery in terms of easy cleaning. This is a synthetic fabric that comes with long life at a comparatively low price. This is not all, this material is stain resistant, so it is one of the best options for those who have kids running around the house. In case of a spill, all you will need is a damp cloth or a towel to clean your sofa. If a stain does form on the sofa, it can be easily wiped away with a wet cloth and a dish soap. You can also use a small amount of alcohol to clean it.

Low maintenance and easy cleaning are not the only good traits of microfiber. Another good quality of sofas constructed from microfiber is that they are claw-resistant. So if you have a cat or a dog in your house, you can forget about them damaging your new sofa with their claws. The material has been constructed in a way that makes it difficult for the animal’s claws to puncture through it. Lastly, microfiber can withstand heavy use, so that is another exceptional quality that you can get at an affordable price.


This material has many traits and qualities similar to leather, but it comes with a lower price tag, giving it extra stars. Vinyl material is known for its toughness and its ability to withstand cracks and scratches. The upholstery manufactured from vinyl is relatively easy to clean and requires low maintenance due to the material’s low maintenance quality.

Similar to leather, vinyl is water-repellent, so you do not need to worry about sodas or juices being spilt on the sofa. The sofa will not get damaged by liquid spills as the fabric will not absorb any liquid. You can quickly get rid of it with a piece of cloth. In case you have spilt a sugary drink, and it has left behind a slight tackiness, you can quickly get rid of it with a damp towel and some soap.


Believe it or not, velvet is also one of the materials that are easy to clean when used in sofas. Velvet material brings a certain sophisticated and stunning look to your sofas which then livens up your rooms. The material velvet itself gets damaged very quickly; however, when used for upholstery such as sofas and couches, the material undergoes a few treatments that make it stain repellent and easy to clean.

If the velvet on your couch has undergone a couple of treatments, then be assured that your sofas are stain and water-resistant, and no stain will form on the surface of your sofa. Along with that, the treatments make it easier to get rid of dust. The durability of velvet and the fact that it comes in a wide variety of attractive colours make it more suitable for sofas. Velvet can also be vacuumed on low power to get rid of crumbs and dust and keep the material of your sofa shiny. If you want a luxurious look, then velvet is the best option.

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Despite common belief, sofas cleaning does not always have to be tedious if you pick the suitable material for your sofas. Some materials may look good but are difficult to clean, making them unsuitable for sofas, especially for those houses with kids. There are many others that look good and are low maintenance. We hope this article gave you all the helpful information that you needed before getting a sofa for your room.

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