What To Look For In A Gaming Chair? – A Buying Guide

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Hey you! Are you looking for a gaming chair to ace your leagues? Well, you’re at the right place. Video games have become a part of everyone’s life. With modern technology, these games have become more intense and thus require proper equipment. Well, you can game in your standard chair or couch, but we can’t promise you efficiency or health. That’s why we have gaming chairs!

What are Gaming Chairs?

Gaming chairs are, as the name suggests, chairs specialized for gamers’ comfort. These chairs have a high backrest for supporting your upper back and shoulders. What’s more, these chairs allow greater degrees of adjustability compared to their office chair counterpart.

You can adjust the armrest, back, lumbar support, and headrest according to your body. This offers greater comfort and efficiency in your gaming. These chairs also optimize your posture and boost vitality due to better blood flow. This article will help you find the perfect gaming chair that will help you do all that and maybe more.

What to Look for in a Gaming Chair

We all know what we want, right? So how do you get what you want? Well, not by leaping before looking. So don’t buy the first gaming chair you get. Look through some options and see if they tick all the required boxes for you. That’s why we have made this list of “things you should look for in a gaming chair,” so you end up with the right one.


You must have heard this term being used a lot, but what does it mean? Ergonomics is the application of psychological and physiological principles to engineering and design. Through this application, manufacturers are able to produce products that can get the most out of you.

This is one of the most crucial features you should be looking for in your gaming chair. An ergonomic chair will not only increase productivity but also help give you a better posture while sitting. It also supports movements and helps reduce backache. What’s more, you have an improved reaction time sitting in an ergonomic chair.

Okay, so we’ve made it clear that an ergonomic chair is important. But how do you know a chair is ergonomic? If you want to know that, you have to check for certain features like adjustability. Ergonomic chairs offer great adjustability, so you can fix it up to suit your body dimension—the adjustable the chair, the more ergonomic.

Lumbar support is also key. The most comfortable ergonomic chairs are the ones that offer lumbar support. Some high-end chairs do this via adjustable backs. These adjust to fit the curve of your spine. In the end, you get good lumbar support from ergonomic chairs.

Make sure that the chair has a high curved backrest. This feature will give your upper back and shoulders the support they need while gaming. Moreover, a tilt lock and tension mechanism will ensure that you don’t fall backwards while tilting on your backrest. This also allows the chair to accommodate different sitting positions.

Other features of ergonomic chairs include breathability. If your chair has excellent breathability, it means that you won’t have to worry about swamp bum even after long hours of gaming. A 4 directional (4D) armrest is a great feature as well. If you want to know whether a chair is ergonomic or not, simply check the product’s specs or ask the seller.

Build Quality

You know what they say, “quality over quantity.” and if you get a good quality item, then you won’t have to get numerous of that one item. That’s why get yourself a high-quality chair, as it will last you longer. Quality is very much related to the budget. So if you are on a tight budget, don’t expect too much, but also don’t compromise on a chair that’s meh. Try to get the best quality chair you can within your budget.

You can check the quality of gaming chairs by checking the build. A good-quality chair will have a metal or durable steel frame. Those with a wooden or plastic frame won’t last as long. Make sure that the base of the chair is wide and made with aluminium. A narrow, nylon base is an indicator that the chair isn’t sturdy.

Furthermore, the coaters of the chair need to be at least 3” or above. Anything below won’t be able to balance your body weight as nicely. Additionally, the insides are just as important. Go for a chair that won’t deform within months. Mould shaping and cold foam are good quality and will last you longer.


It’s really important to get a chair with top-tier upholstery. Chairs come upholstered with many different materials like PU leather, PVC leather, or even fabric. The best material is genuine leather. Genuine leather is made by tanning rawhides and is expensive, so not many manufacturers use it. It is, however, durable and will last for generations.

A good alternative for genuine leather is PU leather. PU leather is made by coating split leather with polyurethane (thus the name PU). It’s not as durable as genuine leather, but it’s more cost-efficient. Also, this leather is more breathable than PVC leather while also being more realistic looking and feeling.

Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC leather is made by coating base material with a mix of PVC and additives, making it softer and more flexible. PVC leather is water-proof as well as fire and stain-resistant. Due to these properties, it’s very popular among manufacturers. Also, if you’re someone who loves to snack while gaming, this is the material for you. Because it’s stain-resistant, cleaning won’t be a hassle.

Fabric is a common upholstery material for office chairs, but it’s used in gaming chairs as well. It is more breathable than leather and will keep you cool and dry. Although it doesn’t retain any heat and is softer, its water resistance is meagre. Also, the fabric is a less durable option for gaming chair upholstery.

Mesh is the most breathable out of all the materials. This is why it is cooling even exceeds that of fabric. Alas! It’s the most high-maintenance. It’s very delicate, so you’ll need to get specialized stain removers to clean it. What’s more, the durability isn’t that good either.


If you’re a PC gamer, a good armrest is crucial for you. As a PC gamer needs to use their arm and wrist, these areas require ample support. This will give you faster reactions which will, in turn, improve your skill. As for console gamers, they don’t have to use a mouse or keyboard, so an armrest isn’t that important for them.

This is why you need to get a chair with the best armrest. A good chair’s armrest needs to be adjustable to your body dimensions. For a comfortable gaming experience, your shoulders should be rested. Also, your elbow should be in the right position, and your arm should be supported.

What’s more, the height of the armrest should be adjustable as well as the width. If you’re able to adjust your armrest’s width, it’ll give you wiggle room if needed. Some 4D (directional) armrests also flip up and out. This makes getting in and out easier.

Weight Capacity and Height

Due to the expanding market, companies are making good-quality chairs in all shapes and sizes. So make sure that you get the one that fits you. If you get a chair that can’t hold your weight, it might be a safety hazard as it can collapse and cause injuries. Chairs labelled “small” are suitable for people of smaller frames. “Big and tall” chairs are for you if you’re on the bigger side.

These chairs will be comfortable for your height and weight. Furthermore, heavy-duty chairs can handle up to 500lbs, while standard gaming chairs can hold 250lb effortlessly. If it isn’t mentioned on the website, don’t be shy to ask the seller about these specifications.


The gaming chair’s dimensions are also very important. You don’t want to buy a chair that won’t fit into your room or worse, and you fit into it! So make sure to measure your room’s dimensions and check if the chair will fit or not. Additionally, check the chair’s dimensions to see if it’ll fit you. A narrow seat can be uncomfortable for thick people. Check the seller’s list on the website and if missing, ask the seller.


Your budget is also very important when buying anything, not just a gaming chair. So make sure that you get a good quality chair within your budget. But if you have to splurge, well, a good investment is better than buying it again and again. Furthermore, there are many high-quality gaming chairs in the market, ranging from $100 to $10,000. Go for the one you want. But if on a tight budget, you might have to compromise on some things.

To Sum it Up

If you’re a gamer, you know that a good chair is just as important as a skill. Well, don’t just buy a chair. Make sure that it ticks some of these boxes for you. A good gaming chair should be able to give you comfort and support. Also, it should be made with durable material and shouldn’t break the bank.

All in all, this article talks about all these things in detail, so you’re well prepared when buying a gaming chair. If you still have any confusion, you can always check reviews about the product. You can check recommendations for items to see if they’re for you or not. Just make sure to get the right gaming chair for yourself!

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